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Event Art Guide: Step by Step

Event Art Guide: Step by Step

New to Event Art? For all inclusive event décor package then you need to take advantage of our Event Art Website. This Event Art Guide is for those of you who are first time users to our platform.

Event Art is the powerhouse sister company to Table Art. Working alongside our renowned range of table centres, we have developed a partner company that focusses on a full décor package. Designed for event planners, this event art guide takes all the usual planning hassle away. Delivering a one stop shop for all your event decorating needs.

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Need a Stylish Transformation to your event?

The first step and key building block is your event, got one coming up? Then this Event Art guide will help. Step away from the endless googling of suppliers and simplify things with a single visit to the Event Art Website.

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Short on Time & Budget?

We all know the plight of event planners. Clients want the world at half the price and have given you a week to get it done. Here at Table Art, we are masters of short deadlines and budget busting solutions. We are here to make your job easier- taking away the nerve shredding stress of working with endless suppliers. No faff or showboating here. We deliver all your clients dreams and let you bask in their gratitude. All you need to do is follow this simple Event Art Guide. 

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& Looking for Inspiration?

A typical stumbling block for any event planner is the client who doesn’t know what they want. “Just give me ideas!” “It HAS to be spectacular” and “I want something that has never been done before”. All nightmare phrases said by clients who are unsure of what direction to take. They are looking to you, the event organiser to bring the ideas. When you are juggling ten different clients and running a 20-hour day, ideas don’t always flow. This Event Art Guide is THE solution. We have an ever-changing range of event concepts that keep up to date with the latest trends.

When presented with a brief with a well-worn theme, it’s a temptation to go with what you know and choose traditional props. We have all be on events featuring large-scale fibre glass props with shabby paintwork have been the key feature. A let down feature that far from excites guests.

Old Fashioned Props are Tacky and don’t Deliver enough WOW.

It’s not just the old fashion styling of these props that’s a real event killer. The installation of these past-it props is simply painful. Not only are they a time sucker for the crew, they are also difficult to reposition should you want to alter the room at the last minute.

Finally, they are expensive. There I said it. A single prop can cost you thousands, stripping you of budget that can be used effectively elsewhere. Simply put, old school props are a thing of the past that need relegating to the event history books.

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Event Art is the Simple & Stress-Free Solution!

Every brief should be an opportunity to get creative, to do something special. With our twenty-five years of experience, our strength is our ability to read the market and lead a trend. We always have cutting edge concepts that competitors scramble to copy. There is only one Event Art. Trailblazers in our industry, we guarantee a five-star service with style to match!

“Used Table Art to support with an under the water themed evening and the room looked amazing. The Giant hanging Jelly fish – a real highlight / wow factor, supported by 30 amazing winter tree table centres to recreate a under the sea coral experience. Thanks to all the team who supported on the night to help create a truly magical experience…”

Matt Green | Rockitfish Ltd

Add Sizzle & Sparkle to ANY Event.

We have a loyal customer base who come back to us year on year to throw their themed soirees. It is that loyalty that spears us on to keep creating. Their faith in our inventiveness fires us up to keep developing new themes.  The design studio is an idea lab that never switches off! Headed by MD Gary, he combines his creative sensitivities with his passion for logistics.

“Motivated by both the new and the efficient, I am proud of the care we give our art, ensuring a stress-free transfer to the venue site. Transporting is just as important as the art itself. Process and art together give a great effect, and delivering it efficiently is at the core of what we do. It’s this capability that allows us to travel globally, respond quickly to requests.”

Gary Martin | MD Table Art

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Working Seamlessly with the Renowned Range of Table Art

I am sure if you are reading a Table Art Blog, you are aware of the core service we offer. Having built the business on a range of LED table centres, you will know that this is our business nucleus. We have an unrivalled collection of DMX-able centrepieces. With over 160 designs for you to choose from, we have a table decoration for every theme!

Criminally, table centres are an often-overlooked feature. The impact of a centrepiece on an event cannot be underestimated. Relatively inexpensive in comparison to other event elements, these are a real investment. At the heart of every table, it provides a hub for guests to be drawn into. It sets the theme with minimal effort. Sets a modern tone that guests will be excited by. It can be a fantastic focal point that can be drawn into the lighting design of an event.

All Event Art packages include centrepieces for your tables. We have a style to suit any theme. The centres will work seamlessly with the props and furniture. A coherent approach that will deliver a sophisticated aesthetic.

Log into our Website

The first step is simple. Follow our Event Art Guide. Log into our website. With a cup of coffee in hand, take a moment to run through our proposed event concepts. We have over 25 Styling packages for you to choose from. The only problem you will encounter is trying to pick just one theme! 

Choose your style and give us a call!

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New to 2020

Our latest release from the studio is a ‘Around the World’ theme with a Steampunk/ Circus styling twist. A charming combination of Victorian Circus styling with steampunk industrial styling.

Event Styling: Around the World

Hop on board with the man himself, Phileas Fogg is ready to take you across the Globe. Around the World Styling:


Time travel back to the year 1879 and join Phileas Fogg the British explorer on his balloon trip around the word within 80 days. With a combination of inflatable, flat pack-able props and battery powered, lit table centres. Your guests will take a journey among some of the marvels that explorers discovered during the reign of Queen Victoria. Realist 3m tall Circus elephants will tower over your guests and can be heard trumpeting as guest arrive for their travel adventure. A hot air balloon hangs silently in the air above the dance floor. Every table has a beautiful lit Victorian style table centre giving a warm glow. Oak barrel poster tables are dressed with parchment maps and more antique looking centres to extend the theme further into the bar areas.

Now things get FUN!

With your chosen theme, we put together a selection of packages for your consideration. We take your budget and venue into careful consideration and put forward three packages. In short, you get a below budget, on budget and above budget. A simple formula that easily presented to your client. It shows your client your ability to deliver a brief in lightning quick time. How quick you say? We can get packages cross to you within an hour of your initial enquiry.

Don’t feel you are in any way restricted by the packages; we are an adaptable bunch here at Table Art. Treat our proposals like a sweet shop counter. Pick your favourite elements and order as much as you like. We then take your list and work out a package price discount that works for all.

Before and After Transformation:

event art before
event art airship

Everything Arrives Flat Packed.

Making assembly and installation completely hassle free.

At the heart of everything we do is logistics. The set up and derig of any event is always a chaotic one. Rooms flooded with suppliers all over, fighting for space. MD Gary became keenly aware of this when he started the business. He didn’t want the company to be one of the pack, he wanted Table Art/ Event Art to stand out for its efficiency and professionalism.

The solution is simple. Firstly, to make everything flat-packable. Secondly to store and transport everything in flight cases. When you book us, you won’t see the usual rag tag bunch of crew bringing in scraggy cardboard boxes and cleaning products on site. What you get with Table Art is a smartly dressed team that roll in branded uniform grey cases. Every product carefully designed for easy install/derig. We will deliver your vision within an hour of arrival, every time.

event art van

Creating an Unforgettable Visual Display

Innovative styling solutions:

  • Printed Panels
  • Furniture
  • Inflatable Props
  • Variety of Audio Effects.

Inflatable Props

Looking at some of these pictures, it seems impossible to imagine how it would all fit into a single van. That is the magic of Event Art. We utilise inflatable technology and design to make large scale props that can be transported at a fraction of the size. Do you know what we hear commonly on event… “no way is that an inflatable!”. Yes way! Our design studio work with a variety of craftspeople to make sure that every prop has a high-end quality finish. These inflatables are great focal point to an event and always ‘pop’ on social media.

event art airship

Printed Panels

The printed panels we offer are always a key choice for any Event Art package. They provide an impactful backdrop to an event. We stock over 250 individual prints; we can say with confidence that there is no theme we cannot capture with these panels.

event art panels


Our range of furniture utilises the same DMX technology with use with our centrepieces. Being able to pair both the furniture and tables makes for a striking choice of lighting effects. A popular effect is to section off key areas by colour. A drinks reception set in cold blue hues to a dining room given a warm red glow.

event art steampunk


Finally, the sound scape effects. Event Art uses SONOS tech to bring a full surround sound experience. Ideal for those looking to create e a truly immersive experience. Draw in guests with a jungle sound scape or a space invader retro special. Whatever suits your theme best.


event art audio
event art furniture

The Big Event

Once everything is set up, our team will liaise directly with you to make sure you are happy with every detail. Want to move a prop last minute? No problem. Our guys stay on site until guests arrive. You can rely on us to help with the pickiest of clients.

The event having been a screaming success, it’s now down to the pack down. If you are the poor event planner still on site, you are about to be blown away. Event Art will be flashing across the room, packing everything back into the flight cases. We are almost always the first suppliers to complete derig and be out. One less supplier to worry about. One less supplier to jimmy along so the hotel can close its doors.


All done and dusted? Not quite. The following day you will get a quick thank you email from our team that includes a range of pictures taken on the event. Always nice to get a memento of an event, our images have always proved useful for event planners to use on their future proposals.

Well that’s the Event Art Guide. A modern approach to event styling. For the best in Table Centre Hire and Props- come to Event Art! 

Explore our Event Art site and get inspired. Our team are ready and waiting to take your call.

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Discover DMX

State-of-the-art lighting technology.

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