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Supplier Spotlight: Ace Bar Events

Supplier Spotlight: Ace Bar Events

A closer look at our partners Ace Bar Events.

The event industry is taking a hard pause during the Covid crisis. As the saying goes, ‘the darkest hour is just before the dawn’ and although we may feel we are in a dark place right now, we are certain that better times are to come! Now, more than ever, it is vital to highlight suppliers and celebrate the achievements of our partners. When the industry rises from the ashes, we will all be stronger for our experiences. Forever bonded for sticking together through this experience.

This is the first blog of our Supplier Spotlight series. Today, we look at Ace Bar Events. Providing professional Bar services. Ace Bar Events work all over Europe, delivering unique experiences for guests. MD Andy heads up an enthusiastic team that are insanely talented when it comes to all things Cocktail…

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About Ace Bar Events:

First forming in 2008, the fledgling company started hosting events for Flair Bartending Competitions. The events became an immediate success and demand followed. Seeing a gap in the market, MD Andy Collinson recognised a need for high-end bar staff across the event industry.

“I wanted to create a superior bar experience, with a focus that reached beyond just the physical elements of bar hire. I wanted to create a customer-focused service that would ensure a fun and memorable event, whilst providing an unquestionably professional service every time.”

Andy Collinson

Years of honed service development followed. The result, a company that has gone onto dominate the UK Event Bar Industry Market. A professional service delivered with captivating style. Andy and his team prioritise stress-free experiences that are jam packed with fun, flair and smiles.

Table Art have had the pleasure of working with Ace Bar Events for the best part of a decade. From our own experiences, the team are the BEST in the business. Blowing away all expectations, clients and guests alike are always charmed by Andy and his team. They bring all the exuberance you could ever wish for- making every trip to the bar an absolute pleasure.  Their custom bar design is something to truly admire. Offering bespoke design services that allow you to include full branding across your drinks station. Unquestionably, branding on such a grand scale makes for a real impact on an event… more of that to come later in the blog.

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What their Clients Say:

We could go on forever about how much we admire Ace Bar Events but let’s face it, what their clients say is ten times more effective. For that reason, we have selected a few of their five-star reviews from Trustpilot for you to look at:

Trustpilot Reviews:

“The BVCA have worked with Ace Bar Events for the past couple of years on our annual flagship conference. The team work to a very tight set up time and deliver without fail on every occasion. Always willing to help with suggesting some great branding opportunities for our sponsors. This year they created branded orange peels for the cocktail reception, they are amazing! Definitely a very reliable and great team to work with.”

Nicole Clayton

“Look no further than Ace Bar Events! Andy and team are incredibly skilled and really great at getting the crowd motivated and involved. The perfect end to a corporate conference and set the mood for the rest of the night. They are so talented that we booked them for a further 10 events, delivery is perfect each time!”

Corporate Events

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MD Andy Collinson | The Man in Charge…

Starting his career as a Bartender, Andy has truly worked from the ground up. Having worked at every level within the industry, Andy has an indisputable understanding of how the business works. Knowing every inch of the service means that he is uniquely equipped to lead the team to success. Hand picking all his staff and running his events like a finely tuned swiss watch. Andy makes sure that every event is one that no guest will forget. His passion and enthusiasm led him to produce multiple high-profile events across the globe, from Shanghai to Barcelona.

The Team…

Their work with the World Flair Association is a true feather in Ace Bar Events’ Cap. As a majority shareholder for the association, Ace Bar has access to the best bartenders in the World.  The true foundation of the business is the team. A strong group of individuals that have all been handpicked by the director. Every member chosen for an engaging personality, reliability and unquestionable skill behind a bar.

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What they can do for you…

Bar Hire | Mobile Bar Hire

Ace Bar Events have developed a highly efficient bar system that is the envy of the industry. Prioritising easy install, they have fully flat packable Bars. Ensuring a hassle free, mess free and lightning quick installs. Each bar comes fully equipped. Including speed rails, ice wells and self-contained sinks, this absolutely ensures a high-end service from the bartenders.

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Styles & Themes

The event industry is ever evolving. Trends change almost monthly and so the value of any successful event business is their ability to adapt to changing styles. Here Ace Bar Events excels. With their fully customisable bars– no theme is unobtainable. A veritable sweet shop, you can mix and match Bar-Tops, Bar-Fronts and Back-Bar styles to realise your dream look.

Stocking a range of panels, Ace Bar have partnered with us here at Table Art. The combination of stock across the two groups makes for an unparalleled collection of prints. Between us, there is no theme we cannot accommodate.

ace bar events game of thrones


Utilizing custom print panelling, each panel comes with full LED surround. Resulting in a fully illuminated bar that proves to be an effective beacon to an event. Drawing the eye, an Ace Bar is THE way to inject a strong sense of brand into your event.

ace bar events branded bar


Flair Bartenders | Time for a show

Flair Bartending combines the fundamental need for Bartenders with event entertainment. Ace Bar Events never shy away from an opportunity to blow guests away. Usually working in tandem, an insanely cool bit of chorography from the bartenders results in a ten-minute stage routine.  Not simply showcasing their cocktail making abilities with a couple of trick throws, these guys utilize digital effects and even throw fire!

This is every event planners dream. A chance to truly engage your guests with the event. Delivering a showstopping moment that guests will be talking about for years to come. There is no better way to get a part started. Ace Bar will deliver the feel-good atmosphere you are looking for.


Intrigued? Us too! Ace Bar Events have an army of Mixologists ready and waiting to transform your event. These talented individuals can concoct magical cocktail combinations that will blow your taste buds off. Delivering each drink with an engaging story, guests get an experience as well as a tasty tipple.

Bar & Service Support Staff

An event is as strong as the support staff. Ace Bar Events know the importance of delivering a five-star service at every level. It is for that reason that they have an exceptional group of professional support staff available for you. From bar backs, glass collectors, wait staff and even hosts- Ace Bar has your back.

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Why not move away from the usual Team Building Experiences? Step away the assault courses, gladiator helmets and bungee cords. Do something a little more sophisticated that everyone will enjoy…

Cocktail Experience

Headed up by Andy and Miller, Ace Bar Events run cocktail masterclasses. A fantastically immersive experience. They cover cocktail making from the very beginning. Welcoming you with a drink and settling everyone with a demonstration. Teaching you to create, shake and flair a cocktail. Ace Bars bring a healthy bit of competition to their masterclasses. Everyone loves a bit of competition, right? What follows is an exclusive experience that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Spirit Tasting

Not everyone wants a ‘sex in the city’ moment, enjoying the process of making Cocktails. Don’t worry, there is a fabulous alternative in a Spirit Tasting experience!

Held for groups of up to 60 people. Ace Bar hosts Spirit Tasting events, a great way to find out more about whisky, gin, tequila and rum. Guests will be given a sense of history from each tipple. Learning how each spirit is made. Taste comparisons will make for interesting group discussions and bond a team. This is another fantastically unique way to approach Team Building- a step above the ordinary.

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Event Highlights:

An almost impossible task to pick out some Event highlights from the past year. Ace Bar Events have worked their magic on hundreds of events but here we take a look at an exclusive few. Giving you a clear example of the quality of work they produce:

Event: Mad Hatters Tea Party

We would be tempted to say that the pictures speak for themselves… BUT let us lay out a little more detail. Working with their long-standing clients at Vanilla Bean- they catered for a staff Party. With an instantly recognisable Mad Hatters Tea Party Theme, Ace Bar Events brought all the quirky charms needed for such a theme.

The event featured a 4 metre bar with Steampunk back-lit panelling. Highlighted by a grass effect bar front that really made the bar panels pop! The Bartenders looked every inch the part by wearing Victorian garb topped with top hats. The guys served up Earl Grey Old Fashioned cocktails in charming china tea pots.

Event: Circus Themed Birthday Party

Ace Bar Events cater to any size of event. Whether corporate or private- the same exceptional service is delivered. Private parties are always a great opportunity to bring cocktail services to a special occasion. Certainly the case in this instance, a private client looked to throw a circus themed soiree.

Installing a 3m bar with decadent gold mirrored fronts- it worked beautifully with the retro circus theme. Back panels taken from our Dream Circus range, the bartenders had a striking backdrop to work against. Cocktails adorned with candy floss and admittance tickets set a whimsical tone.

During Covid:

We are all experiencing a working life from home. Andy is proving to be a welcome relief from the mundane by providing a ‘how to’ video on a chosen cocktail. Knowing that we are all struggling with supplies, he has been highlighting cocktail’s that can be made with what you may already have in the cupboards.

With sales in alcohol rocketing during the crisis, the demand for a calming cocktail is clear. Ace Bar Events are on hand to make sure you make something truly special.

The Wrap Up:

We hope you enjoyed this first blog from our Supplier Spotlight series. Ace Bar Events are a strong opening act to the series. Much admired across the event industry, this blog highlights their exceptional services. We know with absolute certainty that once the industry is back on its feet; Ace Bar Events will continue to pave the way and lead in the field.

Now that you are completely smitten with all things Ace Bar Events… it’s time to contact Andy and his team! Click here to contact Ace Bar Events. 

More Supplier Spotlight blogs to follow…

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