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Enchantment Under the Ocean 🐙

Coral centrepieces and inflatable props

Enchantment Under The Ocean

The Brewery Venue transformed into a fifties style prom with a charming underwater theme, featuring our Coral centrepieces and inflatable props.

Donning their corsage and glad rags, guests step back in time and walk into Chiswell High. A high school prom with all the vintage charm that you could wish for. Attendees had the chance to be part of the American Youth Culture we so often see depicted in films. Inspired by movies such as ‘Back to the Future’, this event was a real nostalgia trip for attendees.

The event creatives at the Brewery put this concept together back in the early part of 2019. Originally devised for their 2020 Christmas Parties, the pandemic pushed this into the 2021 Festive Season. As a result, the anticipation for this event was palpable and guests made the most of the experience.

Enchantment Under the Ocean features Coral and Twisted Flame centrepieces with sea creatures suspended above. With fabulously colourful draping and the Brewery quirky detailing, the theme was as enchanting as the name suggests. Here in this blog, we give you a look behind the scenes.

Coral centrepieces and inflatable props

Centrepieces & Props

With a theme such as Enchantment Under the Ocean, one centrepiece immediately comes to mind. The Coral centrepiece was originally commissioned for an even, hosted by the Prince of Monaco. The centrepiece has since illuminated events up and down the country, specifically making waves at Underwater themed parties. So, the Brewery had a no brainer of a decision when it came to centrepieces. However, they wanted to add in a second design to bring in an element of height. The Twisted Flame was a fantastic choice as originally, the design was based on seaweed. When lit in greens and blues, the centrepiece is transformed to perfectly match the Enchantment Under the Ocean theme.


As with the Coral centres, we also created Coral Chandeliers for the Prince of Monaco gala. Firstly, the Coral Chandeliers are a compliment to the centrepieces, mirroring the shape and style. Secondly, they add a real sense of drama to the vaulted ceilings of the Brewery. When paired in with the Sea Creatures and draping, the chandeliers really add to this vintage underwater style.


God of the Sea, Poseidon welcomes guests as they step into the venue. The first statue we ever produced, this prop is a favourite at Table Art. With such vintage, you can imagine how many events Poseidon has featured on but he had never quite looked this amazing! Thanks to the work of The Hybrid Flower Company, they created this sumptuous display of flowers. This show of flowers adds a richness to the statue and gives Poseidon a mount of Coral to stand proud on. Special thanks too for the strategic placement of the flower which gave Poseidon some much needed modesty.

Coral centrepieces and inflatable props

Bubblehouse UK

Gareth and his team are the masters of inflatable props and here they showed all their genius in installing the Octopus and Jellyfish.  Firstly, the Octopus was suspended above the bar in the Porter Tun Room. He has been expertly installed and lit to make maximum impact. Secondly, his placement is genius. It is the perfect photo opportunity for guests as they grab their drinks at the bar.

Jellyfish of all shapes and sizes are hanging above guests in the main space of the Porter Tun. Consequently, when added to the Coral Chandeliers and draping, there is a real richness to the ceiling installation. There is no rest for the eyes, guests are blown away by the décor above and below. Every inch of the Brewery is decked out in all its glory.

Coral centrepieces and inflatable props

Creative Draping

Each Christmas install sees Suzie and her team from Creative Draping, work their magic at the Brewery Venue. This year was no exception. With colourful streamers of blue, green and purple, the bar area of the Porter Tun is transformed. As guests look down from there to the main area, they will see more of Suzie’s fabulous work. In the main atrium of the Porter Tun, Creative Draping has expertly weaved white string tassels between sea creatures and chandeliers. This tassel-style bunting catches the light beautifully and gives a sense of waves and the movement of the ocean.

Coral centrepieces and inflatable props.

Enchantment Under The Ocean Continues

Thank you to Simon and the team at The Brewery Venue for entrusting us again with their vision. It is always a pleasure to help them bring their creative concepts to life and this event was no exception. Enchantment Under the Ocean featured some of our most beloved centres and props and it was a privilege to see them help transform this venue.

2022 is set to be another year of unpredictability. Let’s hope that this Omicron variant is the last bump on the road before a smooth transition back to normality. The team are directing their energies into improving our products and services so that when things return, we are better than ever. Keep an eye on our social media for the latest updates which this week include an overhaul of our office. Don’t miss the big office reveal in the coming weeks.

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