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Christmas Message | Table Art 🎄

Christmas Message Table Art

Christmas Message 2021

Firstly, I want to say thank you for your support. We truly appreciate every one of our clients and I hope we can all get back to events in 2022.

We appear to be entering a new phase of the pandemic. Consequently, a new phase for our industry.  I have moments of excitement, when I think we are being given the opportunity to reshape and come back stronger and better than before. Then I flip, panicked that Table Art aren’t going to survive another drought in events. Just when I thought we had woken from a nightmare 18 months, the events industry has been plunged into more uncertainty.

A Productive Autumn

The autumn saw events return. As I am sure many of you will agree, we hit those events with absolute enthusiasm. We were drunk with excitement at seeing our beloved industry return and dare I say it, we were glad to be back driving the M40 delivering Table Art! I thought that the COVID nightmare was going to be a thing of the past, where one day I would be boring my grandkids with tales of the dreaded lockdowns of 2020. 

During our busiest time of year, just when we are starting to recover – the government makes an announcement that puts hospitality and events back, yet again. As COVID numbers go through the roof, the government recommendation that everyone exercises “caution” in social interaction. It has all but put a lockdown on the events industry.

We end another year in uncertainty, and are bracing ourselves for a pretty rocky time. The best we can do now is to hold our nerve. Clients are understandably going to be nervous and confirming events will be tricky at best. Going forward, our ability to adapt and act quickly will be our ticket out of this mess.

To the Future

Over Christmas, I am going to try and curb my addiction to the news and watching the ever-changing COVID numbers. I will try and stay positive and prepare myself for yet another roller coaster year. For our fellow event businesses, stay strong, stay positive. For our customers, thank you for all your support. To everyone, have a great Christmas!

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