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Latest Design Release: New Warwick Vase Centrepiece

The Table Art Design Studio introduces the New Warwick Vase:

The Natural Look New Warwick Vase 

With the enduring popularity of Natural look table centres, Therefore, Table Art introduces the New Warwick Vase. A full and rich arrangement of eucalyptus, bay and peperomia foliage makes up this romantic bouquet. Like what you see? Get in touch for a free consultation.

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The De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre set the backdrop to the debut of our Warwick Vase. As a result, The Pallex Gala was a fairy tale dream with these Natural look centrepieces adding a magical charm.

Framed in a beautiful glass vase that has been hand crafted in the Netherlands, it is the perfect amplifier of the LED lights. Available with fairy lights for an added sense of drama, these natural beauties are designed to shine at Weddings and bohemian styled parties.

Moreover, fancy adding a signature flower? Or inject some floral colour. No problem at all, our team can source beautiful silk flowers to suit your aesthetic.

warwick vase table centre

Satureyes Media | Event Photography

Above all, we know the importance of capturing quality event imagery and so we have been working closely with Satueryes Media to make sure every new design is photographed beautifully. Our paths crossed annually at The Brewery Venue Christmas Install as they are the chosen photographers for this iconic set of events. 

Working with Rick and his team is always a pleasure and this Pallex event was no exception. Certainly, he always takes great care of photographing our products. He never fails to light them beautifully and capture the very essence of the centre. 

floral awards show centrepieces

5* Reviews

“Table Art did a fantastic job at our even!. The team talked us through all of the options and tailored the service to our requirements. The centrepieces were set up on time, taken down when needed and most importantly they looked amazing!”

Kate Marsh | Marketing Manager

“Just a note to say thank you for one again providing some fantastic table centres and props for the Pall-Ex Event.

Joe and Kevin were fab and made everything super easy!”

Abbey Langley | Marketing Manager

warwick vase table centrepiece

Natural Born Thrillers

Meanwhile, the creative talent isn’t limited to the design studio. All of the Table Art team have a keen artistic sense that helps make sure that every table centre placed is sensitively arranged to look it’s best. Subsequently, Joe and Kevin were crewing this particular event and were sticklers for detail as they installed the Warwick Vase.

As a result, with such a creative bunch, design ideas flow constantly and feeds our design team.The result of that? An ever growing range of centrepieces and props that are cut above the rest. 

warwick vase led centrepieces
warwick vase table centrepieces
warwick vase led centre

The De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre 

A modern hotel in the heart of Nottingham.

Above all, we couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect venue for the debut of our Warwick Vases. With spectacular AV lighting set in the suite, it provided a  wonderful ambiance that partnered beautifully with the vase. 

As guests walked into the suite, they were given the red carpet treatment. Sauntering down our luxury red carpet with DMX pixel posts lighting the way. So Consequently, It gave gave a bit of Oscar Magic to the De Vere East Midlands. 

In addition, our team also installed some branded LED Panels, seen above as part of the stage dressing. Placed centrally and back-lit in a white LED, they delivered a strong sense of brand to the proceedings. 

warwick vase table centres

Floral Arrangements

We worked closely with a supplier of high quality Silk foliage to get the very best selection for these bouquets. Utilizing a range of eucalyptus, bay and peperomia foliage – we made sure the vase had a mint green look that is so on trend it hurts!

Each arrangement was hand picked and assembled by our Table Art Team. The full set of 42 vases took 4 hours to assemble here in the warehouse and a further 2 hours on the event. Certainly, that kind of dedication to bring a centrepiece to life can only mean one thing, that Table Art delivered it.

floral awards show centrepieces

To Conclude

To sum up, we cannot wait to get the enquirers rolling in for this piece, perfect for Spring and Summer events. This vase isn’t limited to evening parties, strong both lit and unlit- we are use it will be a must have on day time functions. 

Most importantly, Our team are ready and waiting to quote for your next event call the offices now and we will fire across the quote within the hour! 

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