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9 Table Centrepieces To Make Your Corporate Party A Success

9 table centrepieces to make your corporate party a success - triple ice bucket

9 Table Centrepieces To Make Your Corporate Party A Success

Making a corporate event memorable is difficult. Many of your guests will attend several every year. They can become a blur of networking, bland venues, and bloated speeches. A survey carried out by Reward Gateway found that 54% of employees dread going to their annual Christmas party.

Your task is to turn the perfunctory ‘work do’ into an experience that guests will look forward to. A party that will let them know what type of organisation they really work for. A company that respects their time. One that knows how to incorporate its values into an event while remembering that it’s still a party. 

A centrepiece is the perfect way to transform any venue space into a different world and to effortlessly create an electric atmosphere that will spark life into your guests. They can work to tell a story that unfolds over the night and become the focal point of any table they are placed on.

Here we’re going to look at nine table centrepieces and how they can help to make your corporate party a success. To get a full look at our range of table centrepieces you can visit our gallery.

1. A True Ice Breaker

ice table centres

One of the most valuable aspects of a centrepiece is the way that it can start conversations at the table, especially if your guests aren’t already long-term colleagues.

Here is one of Table Art’s most audacious centrepieces: a real block of ice that melts throughout the night. Our unique lighting system adds a spectacular look. Inside you can place your organisation’s branding or even the packaging for a launch product.

Getting guests rushing to their tables to see if the centrepiece is real is a fantastic way to start the evening. Who is going to forget the office party with the ice sculpture?

2. A Tropical Retreat Centrepiece

tree table decor

If your goal is to transport guests away from the office for a few hours, then where better place to take them than a tropical island?

Our Table Art palm vases work their magic as a source of energetic light while casting a relaxed and fun feeling over the evening. It’s all the fun of a Hawaiian-themed party but with a sophisticated twist.

3. Keep It Simple And To The Point

table art table numbers

Not all parties need to have a fantastical theme and sometimes you want to add a unique flair while letting guests know you understand why they are here.

This illuminated table number can immediately cast a cosy or glamorous feel to your event while highlighting what’s on offer to your guests. It’s different but it fits in perfectly with almost any party.

4. Take Your Guests Back In Time

parisian lamp centrepiece

If you want your party to be an historic event, then don’t be afraid to take guests back in time to get them lost in the romance of the past.

This Venetian-style street lamp gives the event a quaint and sophisticated feeling that will welcome guests to a meal before asking them to sit back under the candlelight.

5. Embrace Your Corporate Party Theme

xmas martini centrepiece

The best themes are the ones that guests can easily role-play and get involved in. They will always have the most impact when you run with them.

If guests are going to be in black-tie, then a James Bond theme is a natural pairing. It gives guests permission to let loose even in a more formal environment. It’s the perfect compromise between corporate and party.

If you are planning an international super spy themed event, then you might want to check out our 11 secrets for a perfect James Bond night.

6. Enhance Your Venue

cabaret lamp centrepieces

One of the best ways to use a centrepiece is in enhancing the venue you’ve settled on. This art deco centrepiece casts a compelling figure across the table. It melds well with any ballroom or art deco style function room.

Your venue doesn’t need to be just the place for you to hold the party. It can also be a part of the action.

7. Know Your Audience

jukebox fifties rock centrepiece

One of the biggest issues with a corporate event is when guests wonder whether their employees understand them at all. Using a centrepiece that speaks to their interests and understands the company culture is a fantastic way to celebrate colleagues and their achievements.

This Rubik’s cube centrepiece is a perfect example that will connect with those working in STEM fields.

8. Let Your Guests Relax Around The Table

buddhism centrepiece

A corporate party needn’t feel like a work event. Your centrepiece can work to quickly set a more relaxed and subdued mood.

Our Moroccan-style lamp casts a delicious warm light around any table. It puts dazzling shadows against the wall to invite your guests to unwind.

9. Pick A Colour And Run With It

pink flamingo table centre

It’s not always obvious what a theme should be at a party. Sometimes you can let an element such as colour lead the way.

This flamingo centrepiece folds some hot pink into the mix. As soon as your guests step into the room they can feel it crackling with energy.

Table Centrepieces: A Successful Corporate Party

A centrepiece, as its name implies, really is at the centre of all great events. Getting the right one designed for your party can transform the way people interact and how they experience the day.

There are over 1.3 million business events held every year. Remember, getting yours to stand out is an excellent branding opportunity. It’s also a brilliant way for the workforce to see how much you appreciate them.

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration about what type of centrepiece you want to have at your party and how it can bring an atmosphere all of its own.

If you are interested working with Table Art to create a unique statement using table centrepieces at your next event, then feel free to contact us for a consultation.


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