Event Styling / Velvet & Ice

Velvet & Ice

Event Styling: Velvet & Ice 

Giving your guests something they haven’t seen before with our Velvet and Ice styling.

The latest theme to come out of the Table Art Design Studio, this new theme is the ideal choice for an event planner looking to offer something different. Elegant and almost magical, the juxtaposition of the rich red velvet and cool frosted candelabras is a dynamic look that will take your breath away. The centrepieces are complemented with overhead suspended candelabras and velvet drapes. This unique style offers a traditional feel with a modern twist.

Taking a small idea and running with it can take your event in directions you never thought possible. If you want help organising and designing your event, contact us at Table Art for a consultation, we are experts in making the strangest of concepts into memorable events!


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