Blog / Outer Space Event Decor – Table Art Will Take You To The Moon

Outer Space Event Decor – Table Art Will Take You To The Moon

Outer Space Event Decor – Table Art Will Take You To The Moon

Here at Table Art, we have a massive range of space event decor to hire. From Inflatable Rockets to Planet LED table centres, we do it all.

With our range put to use, your guests will be transported to outer space and feel amongst the stars!

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the Table Art collection of space event decor. Hopefully you’ll see something you want for your upcoming show.

space event decor
rocket table centres

Mirrorball String Curtain – Space Edition

An extra-terrestrial twist on our Mirrorball String Curtain, this space event decor product is simply gorgeous. Not only does it look good, but it provides fantastic photo opportunities for your guests. This adds a layer of interaction to your party.

The vibrant colour of Saturn’s rings will catch the eye from across the event space. We most often see these hung as a backdrop on the stage, or either side of the entrance area.

space event decor
decorate space party

Lunar Glow Centrepieces

Table Art are the best when it comes to lit table centres. It’s been our forte for decades now and our collection is ever growing. The Lunar Glow is no different and is a brilliant piece of space event decor.

Powered by an internal battery, the Moon itself products its own light. The beautiful acrylic legs are illuminated by our powerful LED light boxes. They’re even better with DMX control. Click here to learn more.

lunar glow centrepieces

Inflatable Rocket

“Fly me to the moon”! Our inflatable props always make jaw drop, but this takes it to another level. Space event decor has never been the same since we added the Inflatable Rocket to our range.

Again, this prop will encourage your guests to take photos and selfies. This gives your show and sponsors even more promotion via social media. Perhaps you could run a ‘best selfie’ competition to really ramp it up!?

space event decor
rocket inflatable

Star Fountain Centrepieces

A cascade of stars in the form of an LED table centre. The Star Fountain is one of our older, yet ever popular centrepiece designs. It’s our most popular product when it comes to space event decor.

They are so intriguing to look at, especially when powered by our stunning LED boxes. The water bubbles in the lily vase will shimmer in the light and really catch the eyes of your guests.

space event decor
star fountain table centrepieces

Rocket Centrepieces

Our lit centrepieces never fail to impress. The hard work that goes into each design is so rewarding when we see clients’ and guests’ reactions to them. The Rocket is a really popular choice amongst event planners.

If you’re looking for space event decor, look no further. These LED centrepieces will blow your guests away and make them feel like they’re on the Moon!

space event decor
nasa rocket decor

We hope this blog has given you some space event decor ideas ahead of your next show.

We always tell you about the excellent service we provide, but don’t just take it from us. Click here to read our Trustpilot reviews. Every single one of them is 5 stars!

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