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Natural History Museum London – Event Case Study

A Closer Look: The Natural History Museum London 

With the irresistible combination. A new table centre at the Natural History Museum London- this is an event we are excited to highlight.

An Event Case study

Venue: The Natural History Museum

Client: Payne & Gunter

Date: November 2019

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The Venue:

The Natural History Museum is a true architectural gem in the heart of the Capital. Steeped in Victorian History, you can marvel at t the vaulted ceilings of Hintze Hall. Given the added drama of the suspended skeleton of the largest mammal on the planet, this venue is one that event planners are keen to utilize.

We have had the pleasure of working at this iconic venue several times and let us tell you, the magic doesn’t fade. From awards shows that selected our Star Fountains to Charity Galas  that the Low Crystal Globe illuminated. As a result, we thought we had done it all at the Museum.  That all changed when Payne and Gunter Group got in touch.

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The Client:

As with many venues, the Natural History Museum work closely with specific agencies and catering companies. Payne and Gunter are event caterers that have been working in the industry since 1786! Impressive right? With that kind of experience and expertise, it’s no surprise that it’s the preferred catering supplier for the venue. 

Sales manager Jayne Denneny got in touch with our team. Looking for a cabaret lamp to dress the tables of an event in November.  Consequently, the call became a perfectly timed enquiry, our design studio busily working expanding our range of Cabaret and Tiffany collection. Certainly, following the unprecedented success of the Rouge Cabaret Lamp in early 2019, it became vital for us to build on the trend. As a result, we had  five new Tiffany concepts to offer. 

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The Design:

Making its debut at the Natural History Museum. We couldn’t have wished for a better launch venue for our new Botanical Lamp. In vivid purple and green hues. An eye catching table centre with a wisteria motif.  For Cabaret Lamp options, Table Art is quickly becoming the go to company with an unrivaled range. From a Peaky Blinders do, to an Art Deco Soiree- we have something for every theme.

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The Warehouse

As the Botanical Lamp is a new design, production went into overdrive the moment the order confirmed. Not simply the construction of the centrepiece that needed consideration. In addition, the transport of these fragile pieces. For anyone who has worked with Table Art before, you instantly recognise the sight of smartly dressed crew arriving on site with slick branded grey cases. Every case is carefully considered, designed internally to protect the centrepieces. The Tiffany range became a particular concern.  For Instance, the Glass shade made in the same way a stained-glass window is constructed made for the biggest concern.

MD Gary worked closely with our engineer Jake Rheams to utilize every inch of the cases to protect the Botanical Lamps. Components have been broken up, allowing us to case up 20 bases in one case and a further 30 shades in another.

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The Event

Getting to see his hard work in action, Jake crewed this event alongside Joe Martin – one of our designers.  For those of us who work in events, we know that set ups on Museums and attractions can be tight. Rooms restricted from access until the doors close behind the last visitors. Not a problem for our crew, ready and waiting for the first signal- the team had the van ready to rock outside of the venue. Once the last visitor left, our guys unloaded the cases and rolled them seamlessly into Hintze Hall. From there, Jake and Joe put together the two-piece construction that made up the centre and then quietly walked them out to every table. As you can see from the images, museum staff made sure the hall a hive of activity, dressing the tables. Not a problem for our guys, use to working in chaotic environments. Meanwhile, Table Art crew will always be a bastion of calm in this typical crazy event atmosphere.


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The Photography

Being particularly excited by this event. To clarify, a new design at a fabulous venue, the team keen to capture the moment. Event photographer Rick Bronks stepped in. Satureyes event photography has been a key partner in the past year and this event is a highlight. Importantly, its vital to capture both a sense of fun and atmosphere and the centrepiece itself, images from this event are spectacular.

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In Conclusion

The event went smoothly- as always!  After that, with the evening finished,  the team set into swift action, derigging all the centrepieces and heading back to our offices.

Above all, we cannot thank the Payne and Gunter Group enough for their faith in ordering a product that they didn’t see physically until the event. Always a pressure when selecting a new or bespoke design but when opting for Table Art, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Have an event coming up? Looking for something different? Call our offices today and our design studio will get back to you with some initial concepts within 24 hours!

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