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Centrepieces For Corporate Events – LED Table Centres From Table Art

Centrepieces For Corporate Events – LED Table Centres From Table Art

Event planners are always looking for centrepieces for corporate events. We have hundreds of options in our collection to suit every theme.

Our design team are always working on new products, so the Table Art range grows by the day. 

In today’s blog, we’ll delve deeper into our collection. We hope that you see something you like the look of, which might inspire you ahead of your next show.

centrepieces for corporate events
star vase centrepiece

Themed Lantern

The newest design in the Table Art range is the Themed Lantern. This was engineered to be the perfect choice when it comes to centrepieces for corporate events. 

With multiple prints available to suit a variety of event styles, you really can’t go wrong. You can also opt for our Branded Lantern to feature your company logo on every table.

centrepieces for corporate events
themed lantern table centres

Logo Block

Branded table centres are more popular than ever. Companies all over want to promote themselves or their sponsors at the dining table. With each centrepiece 1m from every guest’s eyes, they’ll remember who to thank for the big show!

These centrepieces for corporate events are even better when using DMX technology. This allows for colour changing, strobing, lighting patterns and much more. Click here to learn more.

centrepieces for corporate events
led block centres

Acrylic Candelabra

A Table Art classic. This is our modern take on the classic Candelabra table centre. Crafted by our talented team with clear acrylic, this centrepiece makes for beautiful arrays of light on every table.

The hyper-realistic flickering candles add a classy touch too. This mix of old and new centrepieces for corporate events will mesmerise your delegates.

centrepieces for corporate events
led candelabra centrepieces

Full Moon

Another old-school design in our collection. The Full Moon is still so popular amongst clients. It works brilliantly with our LED boxes, catching the light with ease and really setting the tone across the event space.

Sometimes the simplistic centrepieces for corporate events are the best. The Full Moon is proof of that. It was one of our earliest designs and is still one of our clients’ favourites.

centrepieces for corporate events
full moon led table centres

Earth Globe

If you’ll pardon the pun, this is one of our best travelled centrepieces for corporate events. Pre-pandemic, the Earth Globe featured in New York City for Save The Children’s 2019 Centennial Gala!

A glass sphere with the map of the Earth frosted onto it. This table centre is a great choice for those planning a travel themed event. Or maybe even a show for a global corporation!

centrepieces for corporate events
earth globe art conference green

Those are some of our favourite centrepieces for corporate events. And not just ours either, our clients’ too!

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