space theming

String Curtain Space Display

Event Prop: String Curtain Space Display With a space-tastic twist on our original string curtain display. This String Curtain Space

darth vader statue prop

Space Villain Prop

Event Prop: Space Villain  Who invited the Space Villain Prop? Well, what Star Wars theme would be complete without the

yoda statue prop

Green Alien Prop

Event Prop: Green Alien May the force be with you… throw the ultimate Star Wars themed party with a little

steampunk air ship

Inflatable Steampunk Airship

Event Prop: Inflatable Steampunk Airship An Inflatable Airship by Table Art. The Airship is a modern inflatable with old world

inflatable rocket space prop

Inflatable Space Rocket

Event Prop: Inflatable Space Rocket Take a journey to the moon with our Inflatable Space Rocket prop.   Inspired by an eclectic

inflatable moon space prop

Inflatable Full Moon

Event Prop: Inflatable Full Moon “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” Neil Armstrong   There

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