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Life is a Cabaret!

Life is a Cabaret!

A Twenties styled Cabaret Event at the decadent Café de Paris, London.

Taking a step back to February 7th, 2019 where we had the pleasure of working at the Café de Paris for the first time. A thrill on two counts, the first an opportunity to work at a new venue. The Second, to debut our brand-new Cabaret Table Centre!

cafe de paris event

The Venue

The Café de Paris is steeped in history that enriches the very walls of the place. First opening in 1924, it made the headlines for introducing the Charleston to London. The stage graced by the idols of the era, including Dorothy Dandridge, Marlene Dietrich and Harry Gold. The Cabaret pedigree of this venue was established from the get-go. It wasn’t simply the presence of the stars stage and screen that drew in the crowds. Café de Paris elevated to new heights when members of high society selected it as their hub. Most notably it became a regular haunt of the Prince Of Wales. Subsequently, with a royal seal of approval, it’s popularity soared.

Through the Blitz…

WW2 saw an abrupt closure of the Café de Paris when it was bombed during a performance. A bomb falling into the ballroom and destroying the stage. As a result, this led to the tragic deaths of 38 people including the stage performers. However one survivor when, on being carried out on a stretcher, he shouted to the crowd “At least I didn’t have to pay for dinner”. An example of the blitz spirit in its truest form!

Theatre Club

The Club was reformed in 1948 re-establishing itself as one of the leading theatre clubs of London. Presenting performances by Judy GarlandJosephine Baker and Frank Sinatra, this venue went onto be London’s premier cabaret venue.

Modern day Café de Paris sees the venue hosting decadent Cabaret stage shows on Fridays/ Saturdays. Plus they have opened their doors to private parties. Thus it is experiencing a growing popularity as an ultra-cool choice of venue for the event industry. This is where we have first experienced this extraordinary venue. 7thSense Events chose Table Art to light this fantastically opulent party. 

cafe de paris venue

The Agency

7thSense Events is an events agency that truly believes that life can be measured in the moments that take your breath away. So, they channel that belief into their work and deliver unique experiences for a huge spectrum of events. From Weddings to Global Conferences, they have proven that whatever the occasion, they organise unforgettable events.


A first booking from 7thSense Events for Table Art. From a suppliers perspective, it was a great experience from start to finish. Above all, their team set out a clear brief from the off. Wanting to mirror the aesthetic of the venue, they wanted a Cabaret Lamp to illuminate the tables. With a growing trend for cabaret Lamps, our Design Studio were already busy working on preliminary sketches. When 7thSense Events made their initial enquiries, it felt like kismet. With sketches ready to go, once shared the team at 7thSense were quick to confirm a booking.

cafe de paris london

The Centrepiece

An opportunity to bring a concept to life, the studio was thrilled when the booking was confirmed. As the excitement calmed, it was onto the task of bringing the sketch into reality!

The original sketches featured a traditional shaped Cabaret Lamp, with half moon shaping on the lower edge. It proved to be a tricky shape to replicate. Therefore, we needed to source a shade expert and get the template made. Delighted to find a UK supplier who had previously worked on the BBC production of Peaky Blinders. Consequently, following extensive conversations and sharing the supporting sketches, the supplier started production of the prototype.

Tiffany Lampshade

In the meantime we needed to look at the stand. Above all, we needed to be able to make the piece wireless. Taking an original Tiffany Lampshade, we made a mould of the stand. Casting multiple units, we made sure the stand was hollow so we could get the wiring tucked away. With the stand produced, our studio gave it a paint finish that gave it an old-world quality. The technicians then took over and worked their magic to bring the DMX lighting system to the unit. Utilizing a white filament bulb, the DMX system allows us to dim/ brighten and blackout the bulb.

Partnering up the shade and stand, the unit was complete. Furthermore, we took extensive pictures and footage to share with 7thSense. They were quick to confirm. Ideal as we could then start the full production to fulfil the order.

cafe de paris london balcony

The Event

As this was the debut of a new design, MD Gary led the crew. Alongside Jake Rheams, the two set out the new Cabaret Lamps. From the moment the lamps were set on the table, the client was full of praise. They looked better than they hoped and suited the event perfectly!

Often when we debut a new design, we look to get the event professionally photographed. When this booking came in, one of the first things we arranged was an appointment with Rick at Satureyes Photography. Setting him in the diary for the event, we were confident that he would capture these Cabaret Lamps at their best. The images did not disappoint! They made the most of this fantastically unique venue. The opulent draping providing a rich backdrop for the Cabaret Lamps. We truly believe here at Table Art that as a result of these pictures, the Lamps went onto be the most popular design of 2019. 

Lavish Party

The Cabaret themed evening was a lavish private party enjoyed by all that attended. Guests were treated to a Cabaret performance. As the act took to the stage, the lamps were blacked out so that the full attention of guests would be drawn to the stage. As the evening progressed, the Cabaret Lamps shone bright into the early hours.

cafe de paris events

The Wrap Up

This event is the perfect example of the symbiosis of a client brief and the Table Art Service. A client looking for a bespoke centrepiece was welcomed. We worked extensively with them to bring their concept to life. As a result, we had a new centrepiece that proved to be exceptionally popular. It bred a range of Cabaret and Tiffany Lamps at Table Art that are now lead a trend. 

If you have been exploring our Table Centre Hire range and cannot quite find what you are looking for then please get in touch. Our design studio is eagerly awaiting your call, set to deliver exactly what you are looking for!


cafe de paris london venue

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