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10 Best Decorations for a Halloween Event

10 Best Decorations for a Halloween Event

stripey clown prop
stripey clown prop

Are you planning a Halloween event?

Looking for décor that will blow your guests away?

You’ve certainly come to the right place.

The night of All Hallows’ Eve is fast approaching. Up and down the country and across the world, celebratory events and parties will be taking place.

However, it’s important that yours stands out and is one that guests will remember forever.

In today’s blog, our industry experts will advise you on how to do just that with Table Art’s brilliant centrepieces and props.

1/ Cobweb Candelabra Table Centre

Give your guests a dose of the heeby jeebies with Table Art’s LED Cobweb Candelabras. A spooky twist on the original Acrylic Candelabra, the centrepiece is wrapped with funky cobwebs to give a creepy effect. This is exactly what you want to achieve with a Halloween event.

event hire halloween
halloween candelabra

2/ Hell’s Angel Prop

Take a ride to hell with our Halloween Hell’s Angel Prop. Table Art’s spine-chilling, motorcycle riding skeleton is designed to bring a frightening atmosphere to the room. No Halloween event will ever be the same again.

skeleton halloween events
skeleton halloween events

3/ Steampunk Copper Lamp Table Centre

A throwback to Victorian England, the Steampunk Lamp from Table Art provides a more subtle hint of creepiness for a Halloween event. This dynamic table centrepiece makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time and really sets the scene for an old-fashioned scare fest.

steampunk copper lamp

4/ Shadow Candelabra Table Centre

Again, a subtle, yet important addition to your Halloween event would be our Shadow Candelabra. Another twist on the iconic Acrylic Candelabra, this centrepiece is much more mysterious and compelling; perfect for ghoulish parties and events.

candelabra shadow table centrepiece
shadow candelabra table centre

5/ Creepy Clown Prop

Bring the nightmare to life with our Halloween Creepy Clown prop. This truly terrifying statue is the perfect entrance feature for any Halloween event and will definitely keep your attendees on edge. His frightening gaze will really set the tone for the rest of the evening and help you to achieve that eerie atmosphere you are looking for.

stripey clown spooky
spooky clown prop

6/ Skull Connect Table Centre

Powered by LED lighting in your colour of choice, this sinister centrepiece will keep guests captivated throughout the evening. With this table centre, they won’t have to use their imagination to be frightened – the fright will be right in front of them all evening.

skull connect halloween centrepiece

7/ Animated Frame Prop

Another revisit to Victorian England, our Animated Guild Frame prop can display any video you want throughout the entirety of the event. Why not prepare a spooky, supernatural animation to play during the party – something to keep delegates watching their backs all night.

Steampunk Victorian Event props
animated frame steampunk

8/ Mini Skull Prop

The classic addition to a spooktacular party, skulls are a typical, yet always frightening way of creeping your guests out. Table Art’s Mini Skull Prop can feature multiple skulls to implement a real daunting feeling onto party-goers.

9/ Halloween LED Panel Prop

LED Panels are an extremely popular choice for events country-wide. For a Halloween event, why not decorate them with skeleton, pumpkin or even clown prints which will watch over the room all evening?

halloween led panel hire

10/ Giant Clown Prop

The ultimate addition to a Halloween event. The Giant Clown Statue from Table Art will certainly make your party a memorable one. Standing at a menacing 3m tall, this bewildering statue brings the Hollywood Horror your event needs.

table art stripey clown
table art stripey clown

If you’re looking to make your Halloween party the talk of the town, Table Art are the people to talk to. 

Our reviews on Google & TrustPilot say it all – we offer the best service around.

Get in touch today for an obligation free quote.

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