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Top 20 Event Themes for 2024

Now 2023 has come to a close, we have spent some time reflecting on what has been trending in 2023 and what we believe will be the top 20 event themes for 2024!

earth globe art conference green

We have dressed a significant number of events this year and have found there to be some emerging trends that will spill over into 2024. These iconic event-theming ideas have been around for decades and are still going strong. Others are relatively new – which will you pick for your 2024 event?

At Table Art, we can provide all you need for your event, whatever the occasion! With our extensive inventory of props and our vast selection of table centrepieces, we are a one-stop shop when it comes to event décor.

Here are our top 20 event themes for 2024 and beyond…

Throughout 2023, there has been a real emphasis on being more eco-friendly and having more environmental awareness.

Being in the events industry, we have made some big changes to our organisation this year to become more eco-friendly. Firstly, we have invested in an electric van to use as our first choice of transportation.

We expect this to continue into 2024 as we see it affecting not only decorations and props but also catering and entertainment.

If you’re feeling patriotic, a London-themed event is always a great way to go. Especially with the Olympics scheduled for 2024 – a British-themed Olympic Watch-Party around this time will undoubtedly get people in the mood.

mirror ball union jack

Incorporate elements from past decades for a nostalgic feel. Anyone of any age can appreciate the retro event theme of the 80s, which is why it has made it onto our top event themes for 2024!

table centre mirrorball

We have everything you need for a dream circus theme! In 2023, we transported hundreds of guests to magical dream circuses nationwide. This theme grows every year as we add more props to our inventory!

Bring the excitement of exploration to your event. With our hot air balloon props and animals of all sizes, Travel and Adventure has been one of our top event themes for 2023, and we believe this will continue into 2024.

around the world

Garden parties are still all the rage. We have a selection of outdoor props that can transform any space into a beautiful garden party. Why not contact us to create a lush and floral atmosphere for a sophisticated outdoor event?

Who doesn’t love a masquerade ball? In 2023, many of our clients opted for this theme to wow their guests and provide an element of mystery to their night. To really make the event pop, we have many Venetian mask displays and candle stick table centres.

event mask prop

Capture the glamour and excess of the Jazz Age with our huge selection of Great Gatsby props. Being a century ahead of this event theme has only increased its popularity, which, we believe, will continue to soar in 2024!


This theme is perfect for indoor or outdoor events and will be great for 2024 events. You choose the dress code and colour theme; we provide the props! So whether you want your guest outside under the real stars or inside under our star canopy, you can create the perfect atmosphere for all!

Golden Star

Bring the fun of a carnival with games, treats, and colourful decor. The Rio Carnival package we offer has been selected time and time again by our clients, which is why it’s on our list of our Top event themes for 2024! The carnival theme is an excellent option if you are after a lively party with lots of dancing and celebrating.

masquerade vase centrepiece

This has been one of our broader event themes for 2023. With the use of lit furniture and props, we have dressed events to give a futuristic feel without relying too heavily on a theme which is too specific. The futuristic party theme goes great with any dress code, but we would always suggest black tie.


We’ve dressed many events throughout the years which have embraced the elegance and geometric patterns of Art Deco design. With our Art Deco panels, our Asian umbrellas and our themed drinks bar, this has definitely been one of the more popular event themes of this year.


Create a magical, snowy atmosphere for a winter event. With our snow-covered trees, snowflake panels and Christmas ice bar, we have everything you need for a winter wonderland. Of course, this is one of our most popular event themes around Christmas time, but we do get the odd booking at other times of the year. So, in 2024, we still expect this to be the height of popularity.

antler close up

Infuse your event with the colours and vibes of a tropical paradise. We have a wide selection of palm tree props which are perfect for the Tropical Paradise event theme. Your guests can attend the most perfect tropical soiree in the comfort of their home town.

led masquerade vase

Keep it classic and sophisticated with a monochrome theme. We have a huge selection of props and centrepieces for the perfect Black and White themed party. The best thing about this theme is the openness. Your guests don’t need to stick to a strict theme if they don’t want to. Everyone can enjoy the evening however they wish. Perfect for 2024 events!


Incorporate magic and fantasy elements into your event with our forest chandelier, foliage props and LED light panels. This will be perfect for your 2024 events – you can transport your guests to a beautiful, magical forest when they least expect it.


Whether it’s football, rugby, or any other sport, we have a range of themed centrepieces to suit your event! Tailor your event around a specific sport or a mix of sports with Table Art.

football boots display

Celebrate heroism and adventure with a superhero-themed event. With the classic and iconic characters still in the cinema, Super Hero’s are stronger than ever! This event theme can appeal to different generations and is the perfect opportunity for a fancy-dress event. From inflatable superhero-themed entrance tunnels to superhero drinks bars and statues – 2023 has been a great year for superhero-themed events, and we predict this will continue long into 2024 and beyond.  

Superhero low tablecentre

The Las Vegas theme has been on our Top lists for many years – you just can’t beat it! Through the use of dazzling lights, ice sculptures, and casino props, the Las Vegas event theme will provide not only the ‘WOW’ factor but also a night of great entertainment for your guests.

We expect this theme to remain popular throughout the new year, so make sure you contact us to book your event early!

Vegas themed event

Yet another destination you can transport your guests to! Our Ibiza package has been one of our popular event themes for some years now, and we predict this will continue to grow through 2024. With our vivid lighting options, light-up seating and tables, we have everything you need for an Ibiza-themed event at our fingertips.


If you’re thinking about your event theme for 2024 and are looking for inspiration why not browse our event theming page on our website.

You can also take a look at our Recent Events section to see what we have been up to recently.

If you want to discuss your options or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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