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Tips For Large-Scale Event Planning 

Mastering the Art of Epic Events

Proven Strategies and Insider Tips for Flawless Large-Scale Event Planning 

At Table Art, we work with clients for large-scale events up and down the country. We know that organising and running events on a large scale can be daunting and complicated. Each puzzle piece has to fit perfectly for the event to run smoothly.

At Table Art, we are well equipped to dress events on a large scale for any theme. We have hundreds of props and table centrepieces to make your event extra special for your guests.

We’ve provided décor for large-scale events in the following iconic venues in the UK

  • Science Museum London
  • Sheffield Arena
  • Celtic Manor, Wales
  • Exhibition Centre, Liverpool
  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Blackpool Tower
  • Natural History Museum London

And many, many more; see our Recent Events page for more locations.

You can see from our images that we offer complete dedication when dressing large-scale events. When you work with Table Art, you can guarantee your guests will be blown away!

Having worked in the events industry for several decades, we know a thing or two about event planning. We even have a blog on the top event planning companies in the UK – check it out if you’re looking for an event planner.

Here are some of our top tips for large-scale event planning:

1. Choose the date wisely – the first thing to do when planning your event is to nail down a date. Make sure you choose your date wisely and avoid public holidays or busy times within the industry. For example, if you’re planning an event for a Formula 1 team, don’t pick a date in the middle of race season. Make sure you also check the dates of any local events or festivals so that you don’t clash with them. The last thing your guests want is to get stuck in traffic for a local event happening on the same day.  

2. Select a Suitable Venue – how many people are you aiming to have attend? Are they all based in a similar area? Are you planning any entertainment? These are the types of questions you should consider when selecting your venue. Choose somewhere that is the right size, in a good location and has enough space for you to host the way you want to.

3. Book in Advance – Large-scale events take a lot of planning, so make sure you book things in advance. Once you have a date and venue secured, you can book your props, centrepieces and decorations with Table Art. We take bookings (years/months) in advance so you can ensure your event décor is in place.

4. Choose Your Theme – nothing makes an event more memorable than a well-planned and executed theme. Consider what your guests may enjoy and how you can make it work. At Table Art, we can cater for a variety of themes for large-scale events. Take a look at our 150 event theming ideas here. Focus on creating a positive and memorable experience for attendees through engaging programming, comfortable accommodations, networking opportunities, and excellent customer service.

5. Communicate With Your Guests – depending on the type of event you are planning, you may already have a guest list, in which case you can communicate event information with your guests effectively. If your event is more public and you are selling tickets, then communication may look a little different. You may want to market your event online – either way, it’s important you use suitable communication methods to connect with your guests.

If you are planning a large-scale event and would like to enquire about props, décor and table centrepieces, then contact the team at Table Art today.

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