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The Guildhall London – Event Case Study

A Closer Look: The Guildhall London

Table Art know how to light a rocking good party! That’s why the Lord Mayor’s Appeal requested our services for their party last November. Lighting their event with our musical themed centrepiece, the Guildhall London was a vibrant host to this prestigious charity gala…

An Event Case study

Venue: The Guildhall London

Client: The Lord Mayor’s Appeal

Date: November 2019

rock god guitar design

The Venue:

The Guildhall London is one of the most spectacular historic venues in our capital. Having been a hub of city life since the medieval ages, this venue delivers gothic drama. As the home of the Lord Mayor of London since the 1400s, the very walls of this building oozes history.

A jewel in the crown of the capitals venues, an opportunity to work at the Guildhall London is one revered. In the buildings largest space, the Great Hall is designed to impress! A jaw dropping high-arched ceiling, gothic stained-glass windows flood the hall with natural light. Heroic Statues of Sir Winston Churchill and Admiral Lord Nelson stand watch as decadent celebrations take place night after night. The Great Hall isn’t some relic of yester year, it has been brought into the twenty first century, with all the latest technology to deliver the most demanding of events.

Table Art have had the privilege of dressing the tables of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Gala for the past two years and we must say, this most recent gala was a real highlight.

guitar table art detail

The Client:

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal is a charity, with an aim to build a better city for all. Hosts an annual dinner to raise much needed funds for the three charity groups this appeal spearheads. Events Manager Pauliina Lyttinen returned to the sales team with a new brief for the 2019 Gala. A Rock Musical Theme that had our team excited to get the proposal started.

Table Art are not short of Musical themed centrepieces, with the Guitar and Musical Note designs leading the range. Those two original designs first debuted back in 2016 and have gone onto be one of our most popular designs. The design studio, always looking to develop- added more to music collection over the course of 2018-2019. They produced the Violin, Saxophone, Drum and Keyboard, all of which proved popular through last year. Another key addition to the range was the Rock God Edition Guitar which we originally developed based on a custom brief set by the Boparan Charity back in 2018. With LEDs studded along the neck of the guitar, these centrepieces sparkle from head to toe.

guildhall london music event
light up centrepieces

The Design:

We love it when a client opts to mix up their table displays. That’s why it’s such a fabulous event to highlight. With a dynamic mix of the Treble Clef, Musical Note, Guitar and Rock God Edition illuminating the tables, we delivered the theme in one stroke.

The popularity of music shows such as the Masked Singer and The Voice show no sign of slowing down. We think it’s this trend that has bled into the events industry, making a musical motif a must for awards shows and galas. Over the 2019/20 period we have seen a huge increase in demand for these much-loved musical themed centrepieces. That is why we will continue to develop the range and make sure that we are ahead of the competition. There is nothing worse than a company that offers the same product year after year, with no look to improvement or development. That is why here at Table Art, we take great pride in our Creative Studio and their desire to be the best year on year.

music centrepieces

The Warehouse

Rob Adams and Kevin Cooper were the point men in the preparation of this order. From the moment the prep list hits our warehouse, Rob leads the crew and gets each order immaculately prepared for the events team. This one was a perfect example of that. The prep sheet illustrated a shortage of stock on the Rock God Guitar Design. Not a concern for our team. Firstly heading over to Jake Rheams our CNC Machinist, Rob set him the task of making the acrylic bodies of these designs. Once completed, the bodies were taken over to Gary Seeney and Ashley Thompson who diligently wired up the LEDs so that they worked seamlessly with the base light. Now that the design was completed, flight cases were designed to suit and loaded.

All set with the order, our team double check each box against the price list and then begin the loading of the van. A relatively quick process with the advantage of having each flight case wheelable.

Before the van doors are closed, a final check is done and the prep sheet signed off. Once the event crew arrive, they grab their event sheet from the office and head over to the van to do their own checks on the oil, water and tyres etc. Once satisfied they begin the journey, confident that they have everything they need to deliver an exceptional event.

The Event

The impact of the venue can’t be played down. The Guildhall London, with all its gloriously gothic architecture was a sublime partner, delivering an awe-inspiring background to our designs. The chandeliers that hang gracefully overhead only added to the overall look of the event, with the sparkling crystals reflected in the LED’s used in the Rock God Guitar. We were also gifted an AV team on site that worked tirelessly with their own lighting design, creating an event that was perfectly balanced.

event venues guildhall

The Photography

Connor Jeffries was new to the team last year, and from the moment he arrived- his enthusiasm for the business was infectious. It’s clear he has a natural talent for photography, clear from these fabulous selections of pictures. That is why, for this specific event, Connor won the ‘Photo of the Month’ for November. A real achievement bearing in mind that November is our busiest month and the competition is fierce!

What did he win I hear you ask? Well we give our ‘photo of the month’ winners an Amazon Voucher. Alongside that, we print posters of their work which then take a staring role on the warehouse and office noticeboards. The aim being that at the end of this year, we will be able to produce a calendar showing the best of the best from Table Art.


lit table centres

In Conclusion

I think we can all agree that the images of this event speak for themselves. They speak to a fantastic charity gala that raised much needed funds for the Lord Mayors Appeal. We cannot wait to work with them again this coming year as we are sure it will be another event to remember.

Playing with the idea of a Musical Motif at your next event? We are the company for you! Not some one trick pony. We have an unrivalled selection of centrepieces that develop year on year to be the best available globally. We also have a great range of Event Art to compliment such a theme. With our Jazz LED Light Panels making an irresistible backdrop, to our Rotating Vinyl Arcs. Not everything is featured on our site so if you want to get a true sense of what we can offer, contact the Sales team now for a free no obligation quotation.


musical note centrepiece

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