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Submerge your Venue for an Underwater Theme

An Underwater Theme Made AWESOME

A stylish new take on an Underwater Theme, our Atlantis styling is the modern and sophisticated approach. At Table Art, we’re all about taking a theme and elevating it to an entirely new level that will leave guests stunned. For help planning your next event, get in touch for a free consultation.
atlantis event styling
In the depth of Winter, a much needed remedy for gloomy days and nights – An Underwater Theme party with all the vibrancy of the Great Barrier Reef. The aptly named Rockitfish agency came to us with a Red Sea brief, looking for a wealth of props and centres to dress their events. Firstly, we were honoured to undertake the task.  With the help of Bubblehouse we delivered a plethora of Sea Creatures and a veritable field of Coral.

As a result, the Cambridge Corn Exchange was transformed into a new age Atlantis that guests won’t forget in a hurry.

atlantis event prop

Taking a fresh approach…

For instance, everyone loves an event with an theme. However over the past few years themed events have got more and more stylish. Gone are the old 2D painted props hinting at what the theme might be. Now when you walk into a themed event, you are immersed in a 3 Dimensional world of lit styling.

As a result, Table Art has chosen to specialise in transforming your venue and taking styling to a new level. 

For example, We were recently asked to supply an underwater theme for an event in Cambridge. Not content with regular theming, we decided to put the Table Art spin on it. Starting with a giant inflatable Octopus with tentacles spread over 7 metres! As a huge focal point, there was no doubt from the offset what the theme of this event was.

atlantis event style
atlantis event decor
Above all, bring the drama of the sea to the event with this magnificent beast! Our Octopus is a MUST for an underwater themed party. With tentacles reaching out greedily, you can guarantee that guests will be fast to get their phones out and catch a selfie with the creature.

To add to this 8 legged creature we also suspended inflatable giant Jellyfish from the ceiling. This gave the impression they were floating underwater. In 2 sizes, the largest has a 4.5 metre drop and 3 metre head!

underwater event decorations
Similarly our Gigantic Jellyfish Inflatable props will deliver all the charm of the ocean. Partnering these magnificent inflatable creatures with AV, they can be up lit in vivid hues to create an undeniably charismatic look.  With these inflatable beauties, alongside draping and coral themed table centres, we guarantee an underwater extravaganza that no guest will forget!
atlantis event props
coral table centrepiece

atlantis centrepieces

Inflatable Sculptures to Inspire

In addition to the props, a Balloons display floating upwards like bubbles and lit in blue waver around the room. Of course no underwater theme is complete without underwater plants and coral. We used lit table centres which depicted this perfectly. 
underwater themed style

Balloon Decor to Compliment the Motif

Meanwhile, a verified chameleon, the Winter Tree Design took on a new persona- a Coral Centrepiece. Decorated with delicate bead trim, these elegant tree sculptures was transformed for this underwater soiree.

On the other hand, could you be looking for something lower level? In the same vein of an underwater theme, check out our Coral Centre. Forged in the workshop, sculpting acrylic into this fluid yet complex silhouette, the Coral was born. A truly unique design, no two centres are the same and you can ask for no better when looking table decor with an underwater motif.

coral table centre
atlantis event decorating
atlantis centrepiece
Table Art have perfected the art of flat-packing theming making it possible to transport and fit with ease. Our inflatable props are also perfect to create a huge impact using lighting. Working in-sync with our table centre lighting, the whole room works together.
In conclusion, if you are looking to elevate your event from the traditional then Table Art is your one stop stop. We work in collaboration with the most talented agencies and prop companies to deliver magnificent events. Above all, we have a team that are dedicated to providing 5* service.  Contact the team now for a free quotation.

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