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Personalised Table Decorations for Your Brand 

Branding Brilliance: Tailored Table Decor for Unforgettable Impressions

Personalised Table Decorations That Set Your Brand at the Heart of Every Event 

When you’re hosting a corporate event, it’s about personalising everything to your brand.

With our personalised table decorations, you can incorporate branded elements right where your guests will see them all night!

At Table Art, we have a range of centrepieces which can be personalised or branded to your event theme. Make sure you contact us to discuss different branding options.

Branded table decorations are great for sponsorship and other corporate events as they serve as a marketing opportunity and make the brand more memorable for the guests. They can also add to the corporate image, making the event feel more corporate and formal.

We’ve selected our top 5 personalised table decorations. If you like what you see, contact us to discuss them for your event.

Our branded or themed lantern has a simple lit cylinder design that provides ample canvas for your design. We provide a template for your designer to create to ensure the sizing and resolution fit perfectly. We then print and apply the design for you to create these perfectly personalised table decorations.

Again, this simple table centre design offers maximum personalisation and branding opportunities. The Logo Block is a lit cube which, when partnered with DMX lighting, can be illuminated in brand colours. We can incorporate your logo onto all faces of the cube so your brand will shine at your event.

The Logo Sphere is a transparent sphere encasing a personalised logo. The sphere is on a transparent plinth, which makes the Logo Sphere particularly elegant – perfect for formal events, including award ceremonies and charity balls.

The branded display case centre piece offers more opportunity than a logo. The case has enough space to display products or something close to your brand. With your logo displayed at the top of the display case, your decorations are all tied into your theme. 


The logo disc stack is perfect for events with multiple sponsors or to showcase numerous brands. Each glass centre piece houses up to four acrylic discs, each printed with different artwork, including logos, simple graphics, or company slogans. The glass vase is then illuminated to highlight each disc and each branded element.

You may be looking into personalised table decorations for your brand for several reasons. Some of the top reasons we see regularly are;

Brand Visibility – Personalised table centres that feature your brand logo or theme contribute to brand visibility and reinforce brand recognition.

Enhanced Guest Experience – They can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the event by adding sophistication and cohesion to your theme.

Memorability – You could use your personalised table centres as a keepsake for selected attendees. They will serve as a tangible reminder of the event and create a lasting impression.

Event Customisation – Choosing branded table centres allows you to tailor the event experience to your brand or theme. This can make the event feel more exclusive and unique for your guests.

Marketing Opportunity – With social media being at the forefront of many people’s minds, there are likely to be photos of your event online – and when there are – having your logo in all the images can be a great marketing opportunity. 

Corporate Image – Investing in branded table centres can elevate the overall perception of your brand and the event itself. Giving your event a corporate image and professionalism. 

Sponsorship Opportunities – if you have sponsors for your event, then a branded table centre is the perfect opportunity. You can discuss this as part of our sponsorship packages. 

Differentiation – Personalised table centres can help your tables stand out in a crowded event space, creating a distinct and memorable presence.

At Table Art, table centres are our speciality. And our offering doesn’t stop there. We have a vast inventory of props and lighting to create any event theme you could imagine. 

Take a look at all of our event themes, table centres and props. Make sure you contact us for more information.

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