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How Has AI Effected Event Lighting

As the world moves forward in incorporating AI into various everyday processes, the events industry is no different. AI has had an impact on event lighting, and we’re only at the beginning of the journey.

In the events industry and beyond, everyone is using AI to streamline jobs, simplify processes and save time. So, how has AI affected event lighting?

There are several ways in which AI has affected event lighting;

The main way in which AI has affected event lighting is through the integration of music and light. AI can listen to music like a human, meaning you can now create a unique experience for your guests by using AI lighting tools. Previously, any lighting effects synced with music would need to be designed and programmed before the event. But with AI, with the click of a button, your lighting can sync to your music to create a unique experience that really wows your guests.

At Table Art, we use a programme called Madrix; the system picks up on the beats of the music and makes the lights in our table centres appear to ‘dance’ with the beat. This is particularly effective with our Pixel Tubes. This is a simple effect currently, but we hope that as technology develops, AI can get slicker and pick up on more nuances in the music, making more complex changes with the lights. Guests will be blown away by the sudden changes in lighting levels and colours and become entirely immersed in this multi-sensory experience.  

Like lighting can listen to music with the help of AI, it can also hear other sounds. This means it can react to different noise levels. This is particularly effective at events such as award ceremonies. Imagine the lighting racing as a round of applause is detected! This can certainly make for an evening to remember.  

Our Madrix system can “hear” and react to clapping. As this technology develops, we plan to make sure that big applause can be met with a flashing light on the table centres.

Now, with AI, lighting levels can be detected and adjusted based on how guests will feel most comfortable. Events can be made more moody by lights being kept lower or made more open but lights being brighter or lighter. AI can determine this to give the feel of the event you are looking for.

They can also adjust based on what the lighting outside is. During daytime, you may want your event to seem brighter to match the atmosphere. As daytime turns into evening, you may want your event lighting to adjust to lower or even colours such as blues and purples to give more atmosphere.

Because AI event lighting can detect the use of a room or venue, the lighting levels can be altered. The algorithms can also work to ensure they are energy efficient in their usage patterns.

This is another AI lighting development we are hoping to use within our lighting in the future. As a company, we are really focusing on being more eco and looking after our planet. We strive towards any environmentally friendly development in the events industry. 

Branding lighting is something we currently offer. As long as you know your Pantone reference, we can manually programme our lighting to suit your branding. Our technicians will manually program our lighting to create this effect. With the developments of AI, we are hoping that, eventually, lighting programmes will be able to read the Pantone independently and automatically bring your branded colours to your event.  

Integrating your brand colours into your lighting is perfect for events such as office parties or even awards ceremonies to enhance your branding further.

At Table Art, AI lighting is something we are starting to encourage and explore. We know how it can make such a massive difference to events.

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