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Coachella Festival Party

Coachella Festival Party

Coachella is one festival that is so on trend it hurts. The hot ticket of the Summer, it is little wonder it has become a go-to theme for the Events Industry.

The Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert plays host to an annual music and arts festival. With every passing year, the festival grows and draws in crowds from across the Globe. Thousands of festivals take place every year, but Coachella stands out. Why? Partly in thanks to the growing number of celebrities that attend. It is widely featured in the media, performers and attendees alike highlighted for their fashion choices. Coachella is THE go-to place for creatives looking to express their festival style. It sets the trend for other festivals and its influence can be felt in every corner of the Globe.

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Instagramable Moments

Investing a great deal into their displays and art installations, Coachella proves to be the perfect backdrop for the ‘Instagram-able’ moment. They create showstopping structures that are distinct to Coachella. As you can see from the gallery of images, colour plays a dominant role at the festival. In fact, you can argue that with whatever festival you attend, colour is a huge force. Each festival emblazoned with a riot of colour, it celebrates the best the summer has to offer. Ultimately when considering a festival theme for a party, colour has to be front and centre to your styling.

The Next Big Event Trend

2020 will be known as the year the festivals died. Covid has seen to that with social distancing proving too restrictive to the laid-back feel of festivals. However, 2021 will be the year that Festivals rise, like a phoenix from the ashes. We imagine that 2021 will see both a huge resurgence in festivals and parties alike. People will want to shake off the grey isolation of 2020 and celebrate with style. For this reason, we thought it worth highlighting a festival theme. With many parties postponed to 2021, this will be a bumper year for the event industry. It’s worth now taking the time to get prepared and looking to see what the trends will be.

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Coachella Theme

For the event planner seeking out something fresh for 2021, we highly recommend a Coachella theme. First and foremost, it’s a fabulously fun theme that injects colour into traditionally muted corporate functions. Secondly, it’s a chance for guests to enjoy what was missed in 2020. With so many of us enjoying festivals every summer, we will be craving our glitter clad weekends missed this year.

Festival paper lantern table centre

How can Table Art Help?

We have a wealth of products to bring a Coachella festival theme to life. Having invested heavily into Inflatable Props, we have truly unique and fantastical inflatable creatures that can set the tone at your event. Take our Inflatable Unicorn for instance, this makes an inspired focal point to a festival theme. With its rainbow muted silver main and tail, it mirrors the glittery costumes now favoured by festival attendees. This could be that same ‘gramable’ backdrop that Coachella is so famed for. The Unicorn is just a single example, what about a giant Octopus or a family of elephants? We have some truly unique options.

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Festival Table Centre

For the more formal, sit down affairs you want to consider centrepieces. Nothing worse that attending a gala dinner and taking a seat at a dull and undecorated table. Bring the theme to the heart of the table with a Coachella inspired centrepiece. We highly recommend the Festival Lantern Table Art. Utilizing our classic Acrylic Stand, we have taken a paper lantern and illuminated it with our patented base light. Paper Lanterns feature so heavily at festivals that it was a no-brainer in choosing these for the Festival Lantern. The bonus is the choice of colour you have a client. You can either go for a single colour, perhaps to match you brand? Alternatively go for a mix of colours which in all honesty, would work best for a Coachella themed party.

Festival Lanterns

As with any Coachella themed party, you want to make sure you have some killer photo backdrops. Now if you have selected our Festival Lantern for your Table Centre, the Lantern Display could be a great partner to that. Utilizing those same paper lanterns, we suspend and illuminate them to make this eye-catching display. This has proven particularly popular at award shows as it gives a distinctive backdrop to those Winners Photos.

Other elements to consider are things like a Glitter Station. What is that you ask? Well popular at Festivals, they are essentially pop up make-up stalls. A veritable sweet shop of glitter and gems, these can prove an irresistible draw to your guests. Why not station one at the drink’s reception. Guests can then be transformed into a colourful collection of festival goers- all before the event officially begins. A fun addition to an event, guests will be queuing up to get their glitter on!

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Get your glitter on! 

Similarly, to the Glitter Station, consider your dress code. Difficult to pull off a festival theme with guests suited and booted. Why not invite guests to dress in the most outrageous and colourful way? It will be the talk of the office as guests figure out what they are going to wear. On arrival, everyone will be so excited to see their colleagues in all their festival finery. Importantly it also strengthens the events aesthetic. Photos taken on the event might even be mistaken for ones taken at a real life festival!

To Sum Up

If you are considering a festival theme for your next event, then seriously consider a Coachella twist. Heading up festival trend, Coachella is at the cutting edge of style. We appreciate not everyone will know of Coachella but anyone under 30 certainly will! Ignite the excitement of your younger attendees. They will be desperate to attend, getting a taste of celebrity life at Coachella. For those slightly older delegates, they need no excuse to party. 

Table Art has everything you need to host the ultimate Coachella soiree.



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