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21 Outdoor Event Themes That Will Make Guests Go Wild


21 Outdoor Event Themes That Will Make Guests Go Wild

Many venues come with some fantastic outdoor space, but not all themes work comfortably indoors and outdoors. Having a theme for your event is supposed to make designing and planner easier: thinking of ways to make your casino theme work in a garden is doing the opposite.

We’ve made a list of 21 outdoor themes, that are sure to work both indoors or outdoors. This may be because the furniture is portable or because the open sky makes a natural backdrop for them.

Additionally, you change things up and have an outdoor theme completely contained indoors to really transform a venue.

At Table Art, we’ve styled both indoor and outdoor events and for extra inspiration, you can check out some of our recent creations and also take a look at our blog post on 150 event themes.

1. By The Seaside

21 outdoor event themes that will make guests go wild - by the seaside

The seaside is a light and fun theme for an event and it can be used to make the most of summer or to put a new twist on winter events. When styling the event you might want to take inspiration from traditional British seaside destinations such as Blackpool or Brighton. Make the most of pastel colour schemes, candy stripes, beach umbrellas, and sunny lighting.

2. Pool Party

Pool parties are the ultimate summer event and it’s a theme you can use both indoor and outdoor. When planning a pool-themed party, think of inflatable objects, water features, tile decorations, and a fully stocked cocktail bar.

3. A Night In The Woods

pixel vine dmx table decor

A woodland theme will fit well with many different types of events and it’s an excellent theme for when you want to transform a venue and tell your guests a story. Fairy lights, lanterns, ivy, flower arrangements, and a variety of woodland critters will make for a magical evening.

4. A Day At The Zoo

Animal themes are a designer’s dreams because there is a wide range of animal prints and textures that you can incorporate into an event. It might be a zoo, a safari, a jungle, or just an animal theme – all of them are sure to give you some brilliant inspiration.

5. The Himalayas

If you are looking to bring a sense of adventure or wonder at your event, then a Himalayas or mountain climbing theme can be an excellent approach. You can use a range of charcoal and stone colours that contrast with bright streamers and Tibetan prayer flags; for decoration, you can turn to vintage climbing and camping gear for a ring of authenticity.

6. The Great Outdoors

A general outdoors theme can be very strong – especially if it is an event celebrating an outdoor company or nature-focused event. You’ll want to focus in on a specific biome such as the woods or the mountains and consider incorporating tents, campfires, and rustic looking decorations.

7. Welcome To The Jungle

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A jungle theme gives you lots of opportunities to transform a space and to encourage guests to explore a venue in new ways. You can use a range of tree, plant, and animal decorations to create your jungle world and use a dappled lighting effect to create a rainforest atmosphere.

8. County Show

Across the UK every year, there are large events celebrating the countryside and local agriculture. If you are putting on an outdoor event, then you can use these shows for inspiration as you create a style that brings to mind wax jackets, fresh mud, quaint baking competitions, and farm animals.

9. Golfing Tournament

Golf clubhouses have a style all of their own and using golf as a theme gives you an opportunity for a playful but polished event. Your basic style can be modelled after elegant clubhouses and you can decorate the venue with golf clubs and putting greens to complete the effect.

10. Copacabana Beach Party


The Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro is known for its nearly year-round beach parties and a Brazil-inspired event can make for a festive but relaxed event. You can use the green and yellow colours of Brazil’s flag and a range of paper lanterns, palm trees, and Mardis Gras inspired decorations.

11. Teddy Bear Picnic

A teddy bear picnic theme makes for an adorable event and it is the perfect way to make a simple outdoor celebration. To create the full teddy bear picnic atmosphere you will want to use gingham-print picnic rugs, large hampers, and of course plenty of teddies.

12. The Halls Of Valhalla

Many parts of the UK have strong Viking heritage and it’s a fun theme to use when you want guests to get involved. You can use banquet tables laden with goblets, dragon-headed longboats, and the vibrant colours that Vikings wore on their shields and outfits.

13. Dinosaurs

If you are gearing your event for families or your venue has a rugged outdoor space, then a dinosaur theme will fit well. As well as the eponymous dinosaurs, you can create a volcanic or jungle backdrop that will help to transform your venue into the Jurassic period.

14. Olympics

It doesn’t need to be an Olympic year in order to host an Olympics themed event. It will go down well if your venue already has a sporty element or when you’re celebrating an achievement of Olympic proportions. You can decorate with elements from the different events as well as plinths, torches, and gold medals.

15. Secret Garden

Styling a garden party can be difficult given the natural constraints of being outside, so a secret garden theme allows you to work with what you’ve already got. The idea is to lead guests into a secret garden before reaching a party that appears to have magically appeared for them. You want to use subtle designs that give your event a twinkling and fantasy feel to it.

16. Barbecue Party

A barbecue is an event all of its own but you can take this further if you want an outdoor event that will truly impress. Take your inspiration from the American south with a large pit fire, gingham picnic tables, and the worship of grilled meats.

17. Funfair


A funfair makes for a winning theme because it contains elements guests will get nostalgic for and it’s a simple style to mimic. You want to decorate with candy stripes, circus-style tents, and include nods to the amusement parks and funfairs people grew up with.

18. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the most well-known beer festival out there and it’s a theme that allows you to encourage guests to have a good time while celebrating German culture. To style the event, try large benches and tent-style decorations to generate the feeling of a beer hall, and decorations that bring early 20th century Bavaria to mind.

19. Rodeo

An American rodeo is an ultimate funfair, and it’s a good theme to give guests something new when you are working with an outdoor space. To capture the rodeo feeling you can use cow prints, hay bales, and a general mix of Wild West and funfair decorations.

20. A Day At The Races


The Royal Ascot is one of the most well-known celebrations in the UK each year and it provides lots of inspiration for an event. You want to create a look that is well manicured with a strong emphasis on floral displays. Don’t be afraid to include designs of ludicrously sized hats.

21. Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland theme doesn’t just need to mean Santa’s grotto and Christmas trees; you can try to transform your venue into a beautiful snow-filled landscape that allows for a relaxed festive event. Your focus should be on a white and blue colour scheme along with snowflakes, candlelight, and seasonal flower arrangements.

Making The Outdoors Work For You: Outdoor Event Themes

Choosing an outdoor theme can really allow you to think creatively about your venue and it can lead to natural pairings if you need to book entertainment or catering.

Make sure you consider some of the difficulties with using outdoor space at your event, including getting power, dealing with bad weather, and making sure guests have all the facilities they need. But don’t forget the positives either, such as the ability to cater to a larger audience with fewer resources.

If you’d like help planning your next event, indoors or outdoors, then contact Table Art for a consultation


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