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YouTube: Where the Action is!

YouTube: Where the Action is! 

Get in the heart of the action and watch the latest YouTube videos from Table Art!

Did you know that Table Art has their very own YouTube Channel? A creative platform, it gives us a space to share our event footage. With videos being so rich in information comparatively to a photograph, our YouTube channel is a great place to get a better sense of our products and services.

In this blog we highlight a hybrid of our most popular and innovative videos. Our footage captures a veritable spectrum from the events world. An impressive feat when you think about the shear scope of the industry. We have videos of everything here on our channel. Starting with the obvious, we have a huge selection of event set-up videos- showing rooms fully dressed in our products. We also feature our product developments from the studio.

Upcoming Trends

A great way to communicate upcoming trends to our client base, these videos are particularly popular. Then there are the videos we like to call ‘highlight reels’ which are usually professionally shot and are taken throughout the duration of an event. These are jam packed with information as they illustrate how a product looks on a live event, giving both a sense of sale and atmosphere. This proves to be a vital tool for our team when upselling to clients.

Table Art is ready for its close up…

Current Affairs

It feels important to start with the current situation. Our YouTube channel has morphed into a platform where we can communicate direct with our client base regarding the Covid Lockdown. For those of you who know our MD Gary Martin, you will know that his personality is what drives the business. It was for this reason we felt it was important for him to talk direct to our customers. His aim in these ‘Covid Update’ videos is to inform and bring comfort. The first, to inform is to simply explain where we are as a business and how we intend to drive forward post Covid. The second, to comfort is to reach out to other businesses in the same predicament. Having been in the events industry for well over three decades, Gary wants to reach out to those friends in the field. Wanting to communicate that they are not alone and that we will get through the crisis together.

These videos have been featured across all our social media platforms and have proved a popular feature on our weekly newsletters.


Exhibitions are a vital part of our business and we are delighted to be involved with the Event Production Show annually. This is a spearhead exhibition for us and forges us into a new year. Exhibitions are invariably run by our team and so we encourage them to take footage on their phones as the exhibit progresses. The footage varies, from those quiet moments before the exhibit doors open, to the jam-packed stands where the crew manage to take a cheeky bit of video. 

The office buzzes with excitement as the download links land for the footage. A glimpse into the exhibition we are missing, we run through and pick the best. A quick upload to YouTube and within minutes, we bring a slice of exhibition life to our channel. This is such a great way to bring a sense of the exhibit to our customers who are unable to attend. Often, we premier new products on the stand and so this way, all our clients can a chance to see the latest from Table Art.

Event Set Up

This is what the bulk of our channel focusses on. Why? Because this is the World we primarily operate in. We are the unseen magic makers that come in and deliver spectacular event styling for an event. Once everything is in situ and signed off by a client, we leave site and wait until the early hours when we are called in for the derig. So as a result, our own footage tends to focus on the set-ups of an event. For the YouTube channel, having such footage delivers a strong message to the viewer. It illustrates both the prolific workload and our professional service. It gives the viewer a look at exactly how an event looks before guests walk in. This is often helping relieve the anxiety of an event planner who is new to Table Art as the level of professionalism is obvious from the get-go. 

Another important communication that comes from the Event Set-up videos is the illustration of the product. It shows a product in its truest sense, often showing this that a photograph cannot. For instance, here is the Triple Ice Bucket. Here we clearly show its rotating capacity, fantastic for a drinks bucket. This is something that is not easily communicated with just images, footage delivers the message clearly.

A Bit of Personality

The Table Art team are a lively bunch. Whiling away the hours waiting for an event to finish can be a dreary experience but not when you work at Table Art. With the help of a WhatApp group, the crew find themselves spread across the country on various events but all able to communicate and share laughs. Every evening the WhatApp group gets filled with funny videos. From the guys trying out our scooters, perfect for exploring the cities. To the goings on of van life, capturing the candid moments of life driving up and down a motorway.

On occasion we get some absolute gems on the group which we are keen to share on YouTube. We encourage personality and want to show our customers that Table Art are a friendly, professional and lovable bunch that will deliver your event with ease. Showing videos such as Gary installing centres on a swegway just gives the viewer a solid sense of our team that can only go to help in making a booking.

Behind the Scenes at the Warehouse

Arguably one of my favourite parts of the YouTube channel, this is a peak behind the curtains at Table Art. The warehouse is a veritable laboratory of ideas and every day is unique. One day you can stroll in and be presented with a giant inflatable elephant. Another day and you will find the warehouse yard filled with all manor of inflatables as the team do checks. It’s hard not to grab your phone and capture these moments and so we actively encourage it here at Table Art!

The result is a rich set of videos showing the product developments and the general goings on of the business. Videos like this one showing a new flight case construction perfectly illustrates the enthusiasm the team have for design and innovation. We only hope that the enthusiasm watched in these videos rubs off on the viewer!


We all know that an Event Planners time is precious. Gone are the days when people have time to read great tomes of instructions. As a business, you need to find an effective way to communicate your products that does so in a timely manner. Our MD Gary knows the importance of this more than most. That is why he has invested in informational animations that coherently communicate his most important messages.

A perfect example of this is our DMX animation. It is one thing to chat things through on a phone but quite another to send this video link. Once watched, an event planner will know instantly how DMX works and how they can make it work for their event. We believe this video alone is the reason that clients are asking to upgrade to DMX more and more.

Highlight Reels

A sleek and professional set of videos, featuring footage taken throughout an event. These are often videos we have had specially commissioned with a photographer. Working with our clients, we commonly request this when we have a new product launching. There can be no greater sales tool than seeing an event in action, dressed in the best from Table Art. That is why 2019 saw a huge investment in these styles of videos. MD Gary worked closely with Satureyes photography to make sure our new products were captured. As a result, we saw enquires increase ten-fold when a video was released.

The Wrap Up

Although 2020 looks to be a bumpy year for the events industry, we will continue to invest in these videos as we know how invaluable they can be. They communicate so much that it is hard to quantify. Currently they deliver updates during this unprecedented time, giving our customer base reassurance that Table Art is staying strong. They show how we are working through this period and our plans for the future. Beyond this, the channel features our products, events and staff- giving a good rounded sense of the business and what we offer.

Our YouTube channel is arguably one of our most important communication tools. It is one we will continue to enrich and develop because we know the true value of it.

If you have an event coming up and want to see what we can offer, contact our team today.


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