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World Earth Week: Honouring Our Ocean Environment

World Earth Week: Honouring Our Oceans

An Event Case Study: Cambridge Corn Exchange

Did you know that certain endangered species are showing signs of recovery? The Covid Crisis is has set a hard pause deforestation and offering up quiet moment for the environment. As a result, certain species are pulling back from the brink. With World Earth Day this week, we thought this would be a good moment to highlight this sign of hope.

This week we wanted to highlight our Underwater styling. Honouring World Earth Day by illustrating the importance of our Ocean Environments. With the environment being an ever-present concern for the industry, we all need to strengthen our environmental policies.

ARTICLE: Major review reports recovery of marine life but a redoubling of efforts is still needed | The Guardian
An Event Case Study: Cambridge Corn Exchange

Venue: Cambridge Corn Exchange

Client: Rockitfish Ltd

Date: 20th December 2019

This Underwater Event at the Cambridge Corn Exchange became a real highlight to our 2019. Taking an ultra-modern approach, a popular event theme turned on its head. Making it a standout event that exploded all over social media.

This is the latest Event Case Study from our team. Keen to illustrate the exciting new props that featured on this event. This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight how well the combination of props and centrepieces worked together.

cambridge corn exchange whats on

The Venue:

Corn Exchange Auditorium

In the heart of historic Cambridge, the Corn Exchange Auditorium is the largest event space available in the centre. One of many architectural gems in the city, the Auditorium offers a real sense of history. With its vaulted ceilings and industrial look, it is a veritable chameleon when it comes to hosting events. From conferences, exhibitions, receptions and awards ceremonies- this venue offers the very best service at every level.

A fantastically unique room with a vast capacity for guests. The combination of arched windows with vaulted ceilings makes for light and airy atmosphere. However, illustrating its versatility, the venue also has black out blinds to accommodate evening soirees that are looking to make the most of lighting design. Inarguably one of the best staging sets in the city, you have ample opportunity to make the most of your staging area. A real focal point to the room, this is a great way to bring your entertainment/ brand to centre stage.

The Auditorium comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art event technology. A dream venue for AV groups, there is a plug-in and play attitude here that makes event installs a breeze. With access from street level, the accessibility of this venue cannot be trumped. Ideal for both suppliers and guests alike, it’s a real venue favourite in the events industry.

cambridge corn exchange auditorium

The Agency:

Rockitfish Ltd

What do they offer? Well simply put…total event management. Rockitfish Ltd are leaders in the field of event management. They are a creative team that deliver some of the most artistic and complex events in the World. In fact, they have been delivering the same astounding service across the globe for almost a decade. Any opportunity to work with this group is always a thrill. They share our same passion for creativity and innovation. Working with a team that have the same priorities as us always breeds exciting events.

We have had the pleasure of working with Matt Green, Senior Project Manager at Rockitfish for years. Every year the call comes in from Matt and his team, you can always guarantee an exciting brief. No truer of when he called last year. From the off, an underwater theme set, but keen to avoid the traditional approach and go for something sophisticated. No wonder he came to us!

cambridge corn exchange av
cambridge corn exchange venue

The Concept:

The end of 2018 saw the release of Aquaman and with it, a trend for all things ‘underwater’. When 2019 rolled around, it came as no surprise that an Underwater style became the must have theme for an event. The beauty of a reinvigorated trend is that often, you will already have a selection of props/ centrepieces to suit. Certainly, the case in this instance, we had a plethora of products to suit the theme.

Back in 2017 we worked on the Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean. Unsurprisingly, they wanted a Sea motif and approached us to make a set of installations inspired by Coral. The result, our Coral Chandeliers and matching Coral Table Centres. Constructed from acrylic, each element hand sculpted into organic shapes, replicating the real form of Coral. Being acrylic, these designed lit beautifully. Following a newsletter, we published featuring images from the event, Matt got in touch expressing interest in the same look. 

A New Take on a Classic Theme…

With a keen interest on the Coral Centrepieces, Rockitfish wanted us to build a proposal around this design. The perfect centrepiece for the event, they then looked to the additional elements. Wanting to bring in statement props for the ceiling and staging area. They liked the look of our inflatable range, intrigued by the flexibility of the install. Having also seen our Organic Balloon Collection, they wanted to incorporate some elements of this too. A full brief given, Gary and the design studio set to task putting together a package to suit.

The proposal, a vibrant collection of Inflatable Jellyfish, a giant Octopus, blue organic balloon garlands and our Coral centrepieces. It proved to be a winning combination as the client gave the green light and made a booking.


The Warehouse

Often on events like these, we partner up with other suppliers. Drawing in their expertise- we make sure that only the best crew work an event. For this booking, we worked with our partners at It’s All Glow to bring in the Organic Balloon elements. Ollie and his team have a long history of working with balloons. By contracting his services, we contracted his skill and knowledge in all thing’s balloons.

We also worked closely with Gareth at Bubblehouse. He is the master of all thing’s inflatable, having made many of our creations. Specialising in inflatables, it will be no surprise to read that he supplied the Jellyfish and Octopus props. His inflatable sculptures make a real statement on an event, proving to be the focal point that draws guests in.

Release the Kracken! 

Our own team installed the centrepieces, a medley of the Coral and Winter Tree designs. With DMX lighting, Rockitfish chose to sync the lights to the AV desk. This is always a great move. It means an AV company, who are already running the lighting show can draw in the centrepieces to their lighting design. It gives a sophisticated look.

The result of working with trusted external suppliers is an opportunity to work with the best in the business. Importantly it makes an event easier for our team. Divide and conquer is their motto, often divvying up the installation to make it as efficient as possible. When we get the chance to work alongside other suppliers, the responsibility is shared.

cambridge corn exchange event
cambridge corn exchange corporate events

The Event

Headed up by Table Art’s Ben and Joe. They led the install and their leadership made for an impressive installation time of under two hours. Impressive bearing in mind the complex elements involved. So what did the event feature? Here is the low down:

Event Prop: Octopus

“Release the Kraken!” Bring the drama of the sea to your event with this magnificent beast!

Our inflatable Octopus Prop is a MUST for an underwater themed party. With tentacles reaching out greedily to the guests, you can guarantee that guests will be fast to get their phones out and catch a selfie with the creature. A wondrous addition to a staging area of drinks reception, you want to place it in pride of place to deliver your underwater theme clearly and brilliantly!

Event Prop: Jellyfish

Looking for something to liven up an underwater themed party?

We have what you need, our Gigantic Inflatable Jellyfish prop will deliver all the charm of the ocean. Partnering these magnificent inflatable creatures with AV, they can be up lit in vivid hues to create an undeniably charismatic look. Table Art makes it easy to deliver an Underwater theme that is a world away from the usual tacky selection of props and styling. With these inflatable beauties, alongside draping and coral themed table centres, we guarantee an underwater extravaganza that no guest will forget!

Event Prop: Organic Balloon Display

An event trend that shows no sign of slowing down. The Organic Balloon Display can been seen at events across the Globe.

For the very best in design, service and price then Table Art has your back. With a highly skilled team with creativity oozing out of every pore. We deliver outstanding balloon displays that elevate events to the highest level. With custom colours and prints available, these striking designs can be used to decorate your event and keep everything on brand.

Table Centre Hire: Coral

In response to a custom brief, our designer Joseph Martin created this Table Art.

Forged in the workshop, sculpting acrylic into this fluid yet complex silhouette, the Coral was born.
A truly unique design, no two centres are the same and you can ask for no better when looking table decor with an underwater motif. A stylish new take on an Underwater Theme, our Atlantis styling is the modern and sophisticated approach. At Table Art, we’re all about taking a theme and elevating it to an entirely new level that will leave guests stunned.

Table Centre Hire: Winter Tree

The Winter Tree is a magical choice for the season.

The charm of a Winter Woodland is brought to your table with this Winter Tree centrepiece. A seasonal choice that features frosted branches, delivering a ghost like silhouette. Take a contemporary approach to your table décor this Winter an select this table centre. A world away from the traditionally garish Christmas centrepiece, this is a modern design that will set your event apart.

The Photography

As the last event of 2019, certainly one to remember! We wanted to immortalise the event in photographs. Featuring so many dynamic props and centrepieces, it would be a crime to have no captured the moment. As always, Rick at Satureyes Photography stepped in and stepped up! Working with both Table Art and Rockitfish, Rick took into accounts both sets of briefs and delivered above and beyond what we hoped.


The Table Art photography brief is as you would expect. We wanted lots of product pictures, capturing close ups of the centres and wide shots of the event space. What Rockitfish wanted? A slice of the event itself. Capturing their clients in all their merriment. As you can see from the images shown in this blog, Rick nailed the brief.


cambridge corn exchange music
cambridge corn exchange

In Conclusion

For anyone who attended this event, the word fun immediately springs to mind. Guests came dressed for the theme. From Neptune himself to a cheeky shark, all creatures great and small attended the event. The atmosphere, vibrant with laughter and music. Mirrored with a lively selection of props and centrepieces. A gem of an event.

“Used Table Art to support with an under the water themed evening and the room looked amazing. The Giant hanging Jelly fish – a real highlight / wow factor, supported by 30 amazing winter tree table centres to recreate a under the sea coral experience. Thanks to all the team who supported on the night to help create a truly magical experience…”

Matt Green | Rockitfish Ltd

Thinking of throwing your own underwater soiree? Then contact the team now for a no obligation quotation on table centre hire and props.


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