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Latest Release from the Design Studio: The Windsor Candelabra

The Candelabra Story – from the Ancient Egyptians to Modern Day Technology

The Candelabra Story begins, we think, with the Ancient Egyptians, although it is also claimed the Romans’ version pre-dates this. The candles created in around 3000 BC bared little resemblance todays’ versions. Melted animal fat or beeswax candles lit events even in those days.

The need for using several candles at once to create more light resulted in the first candelabra. The word Candelabra is actually derived from the Latin word Candelabrum. This literally means candle tree. This of course is due to the design being a central stem with several branches. Candelabras date from as far back as 400 BC made from clay. The Romans, known for their decadence were soon making them from precious metals.

windsor candelabra table art
The Windsor Candelabra

A Splendid New Design from our Studio

You might think the Candelabra Story hasn’t evolved much since then. However even now, we at Table Art are always moving forward. Our original acrylic lit candelabra first came into existence in early 2011. These were completely revolutionary allowing a candle centrepiece that was also modern and elegant. Lit from below, the edges of the candelabra could glow in any colour.

Traditional Candelabra
Our Original Acrylic Candelabra

Health and Safety

Understandably, in more recent years, venues have tightened up health and safety policies. A naked flame, slightly drunk guests, card menus and possible other table decorations may add up to a potential disaster! We, at Table Art, decided that we needed to pioneer the way for high quality LED candles. It has not been that straightforward though. We did not want to cheapen the elegant good looks of our candelabra but finding realistic artificial candles has been a struggle.

windsor candelabra centrepiece
New Tapered Candles

In recent years we have utilised a small church candle made with a latex cover. This hid the glowing warm, white, artificial flame beneath the top of the candle. The flame on its own simply wasn’t realistic enough. This method works well with hotel staff even trying to blow out the candles at the end of events.We did feel however that we should adorn our elegant candelabras with tall, tapered candles with the flame in view.

windsor candelabra centre
A Truly Mesmeric Flicking Effect

The Windsor Candelabra

So we have spent years researching a better option and we now have the answer. Our new 270mm tapered Windsor candles. The perfectly-shaped natural looking flame flickers realistically. The body of the candle is wax giving a thoroughly authentic look. A real life looking candle without any of the risks of a naked flame. With these new beautiful candles, we decided to give our candelabras a makeover too, making them taller, slimmer and all round more elegant.

table art candelabra
Close Up: New Tapered Candles

It obviously comes without any of the fire hazards of a naked flame but with al the good looks of the original real candles that everyone loves. We felt that the clear acrylic candelabra needed and design update to do justice to the candles so they have had a makeover to make the taller and slimmer than our original candelabras. Light colours of the Windsor candelabra body can be altered by radio DMX control if required but the candle flames will stay illuminating your event constantly until the end. Great for any special event when you want to just make a venue look extra special or suits a number of themed events like 1920s, Great Gatsby, Royal party. Masquerade, Moulin rouge etc.

If you would like help creating your next event, then get in touch with the styling experts at Table Art for a free consultation.

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