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What’s On The Horizon For Table Art?

What’s On The Horizon For Table Art?

With the world being a very different place in 2022 than it was at the beginning of 2020, what is the future for event supply companies? Let’s see what Table Art MD Gary Martin thinks.

There has been a speedy introduction of online team building and meetings post-pandemic. However, at Table Art we believe there is still a pent up desire for live events and interaction.

Events companies should be focused on what they do best and continue to innovate. That way, there will be a place for them in the newly shaped event industry.

With this in mind, Table Art are still investing in and working on some ground, breaking new products. These will give guests a range of new experiences that will help to give them a reason to attend events and award ceremonies.

LED centrepiece in UK
glow bubble table centres

Using DMX to make a difference!

We have all been to events that simply roll out the same old formulas that have been around for the last 20 years. But if you take some chances and introduce some décor that uses the latest tech and ideas, it’s possible to excite even the most sceptical of event attendees.

With the combination of radio control and battery power, event spaces can be completely transformed in an instant.

We at Table Art are working on a number of innovations that we think will keep us as an essential element to any event planners tool box. Bringing radio controlled movement to the dining tables enables us to create excitement around the table that has just won an award.

Bells can be chimed, cymbals crashed and whistles blown when a winner is announced. Bring everyone’s attention to the celebrating, winning table.

colourful awards table centres
colourful awards table centres

Our new products…

Following the recent success of the Table Art Exploding Confetti Balloons, we are using the controlled rotators to wind balloons up and out of the way of diners. We can do this for presentations and bring them back down again afterwards for the party. This is for a less explosive but still dramatic effect.

The effect of burning fire has always created a warm, campfire-like ambience. With our new Ignite table centres, guests can be mesmerised by truly realistic burning flames. These centrepieces are bright enough to light everyone’s faces up, yet are completely heat free and totally safe.

Another way of bringing atmosphere and traditional lighting to modern event is with the new Bright Idea table centre. Using a traditional filament warm white light bulb, you can bring back an element of the industrial age. This centrepiece is ideal for events with an industrial theme. Or even those that want to reflect the history of the venue that they are using. Venues like The Brewery, Victoria Warehouse, Titanic Hotel etc are fantastic examples.

light up centrepieces
bright idea filament bulb

Efficiency and value for money!

Efficiency and value for money is going to the main focus as staffing and fuel costs increase. With this in mind, we are expanding our range of flat packable and easily installed props that compliment our table decorations.

Inflatable Elephants and pop up Giraffes go perfectly with our range of Dream Circus table centres. This entire theme for up to 500 guests can be transported in one van. It can also be installed by just 3 members of Table Art crew.

Our Christ The Redeemer statue can be raised onto a mountain above guests, who are dining at tables dressed with DMX controllable Rio Twist centrepieces.

Flat packable Poseur Tables with printed oil barrel cloths and rustic wooden tops can transform any bar area without the need to transport actual old rusty barrels.

inflatable elephant hire
realistic inflatable elephant

Going forward…

In the future, we hope to take our designs further. We will use technology as it continues to evolve in a bid to bring new effects and experiences to event attendees all over the world.

We’re striving every day to improve our range. Not only for visual effect, but for ease of installation and to make our clients’ lives easier.

If you’re interested in a free quote on any of our products and services, get in touch today.

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