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What is Next for Table Art? Future Technology

What is Next for Table Art?

We are often asked “ What is Next for Table Art? ”

Our revolutionary innovations transformed the way tables are dressed for events.Firstly, we brought reliable, controllable lighting to the middle of dining tables all over the world. We, then designed a unique range of table centrepieces that made the most of that lighting. Once we had created efficient systems for both transporting by pallet and also installed delivery, we were ready to go. Although we knew we had created something spectacular, no-one could have predicted how we would change event decoration forever.

Since those first days, Table Art have been consistently looking to make things better and better. Never a company to stand still, we have made developments in all areas. From more efficient cleaning methods to using unusual materials like recycled acrylic and paper to diffract the light in new ways.

table centre light bulb

New Technology

Now with technology moving at such a pace, we are poised to make some of the biggest steps forward since we began. Our new system will have the latest LED, battery and radio technology rolled in together. However, the big difference will be that the batteries and radio receiver will be just one unit. Everything else will be interchangeable, enabling quick and easy change of functionality of the power units. This will allow us to fully control a whole new range of decorations. With them positioned in the centre of every dining table, just 1m from guests, all eyes are on them.

LED centrepiece


Adding movement is the next big thing to get guests talking, especially if it is completely controllable. A rotator can start up showing a logo just at the right moment in an awards ceremony. Or a balloon can pop out of a box, rising slowly above guests’ heads. We can then bring it back down again to table level. All this can be achieved along with synchronised flashing or pulsating lighting.

What is Next For Table Art?

We are now working on our very latest design which incorporates style, branding opportunity, practicality and the latest technology. The new phone charging screen can sit in the middle of the table showing whatever imagery you choose. Not only can your guests charge their phone during the event, the same unit can display videos, branding or promotional offers. We can even transmit these live if required. Imagine an auction where you can see the items up close on video!

So, what is next for Table Art? The plan is to make even more of that key spot available at every event, the middle of the table. We are creating opportunities to have products that we can change and upgrade to bring new ideas to wow guests over and over again as technology and innovation moves on over the next years.

pixel string table centre

If you would like help creating your next event, then get in touch with the styling experts at Table Art for a free consultation.


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