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#WeMakeEvents Red Alert Campaign

 #WeMakeEvents Red Alert

Support #WeMakeEvents. So today is an important day in the events industry. Nearly 2000 people have signed up to try and make a difference and to save the industry from collapse.

The #WeMake Events Red Alert campaign goes live today, 11th August 2020. The aim is to get government and press to back the industry and support everyone involved. We need their help to survive the COVID-19 crisis!!

Help The Events Industry Survive!

With many industries now returning, the events industry is still a long way off. Events have been out of action for 5 months now. It is reported that this effects the jobs and businesses on over 1 million people! Sadly, with still no sign of events being able to return, jobs are disappearing daily and businesses are collapsing. This business sector urgently needs financial support.


The #WeMakeEvents campaign is asking for more help –

  • Grants not loans, made available to businesses in the event supply chain
  • Furlough Scheme extended until the industry is back to work
  • Extension of the self-employment scheme tailored towards the industry

Politicians and journalists have been asked to get on board a boat at Westminster Pier. The boat will sail along London’s Southbank past the London Eye, Royal Festival Hall, National Theatre and the Tate Modern.

Get Involved!

Anyone who wishes to support the campaign can attend along the route. It s running from 8.50pm to 9.25pm tonight so get down there if you can. To show your support please wear red! You can also download an app that turns your phone red!!! If you have a venue, light it in red!

Of course you need to remain safe by standing at least a metre apart and to wear a face mask.

If you can’t get to the capital, you can still show your support by wearing red and campaigning locally and spreading the word across social media.

The events industry is so vast. It includes venues, sound and lighting technicians, caterers and crew as well as the live entertainment sector. It is not all about the well-paid artistes, it is about everyone behind the scenes too. The industry is not just live music events, it also includes weddings, corporate parties, award ceremonies and everything involved in putting these together. And of course Table Centres!!!

Support the industry tonight. Get involved at

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