Blog / Alternative Wedding Table Centres: Unique Wedding Ideas

Alternative Wedding Table Centres: Unique Wedding Ideas

Alternative Wedding Table Centres: Unique Wedding Ideas

Make your wedding as stylish and unique as you are with our alternative wedding table centres…

Brides and Grooms are stepping away from the cookie cutter weddings of the noughties and looking to style out a new decade with a unique approach.  Leave behind all notions of the traditional wedding décor and take a leap of faith into a world of creativity, beauty and whimsey with our alternative wedding table centres.

Table Art are the leading centrepiece company here in the UK, specialising in LED centrepieces. We have had the honour of working on a select few weddings, with couples who have dared to be different! The results of which have been spectacular… even if we do say so ourselves!

Inspire Bride & Grooms with our Alternative Wedding Table Centres

This blog highlights our favourites when it comes to Alternative Wedding Table Centres. Occasionally drawing in styling elements that perfectly compliment a look. This blog aims to inspire Brides and Grooms looking to make a statement at their wedding, wanting to reflect a sense of their personality rather than a replication of thousands of other weddings that have gone before.  

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The Earth Globe

“To live will be an awfully big adventure.” ― Peter Pan

Travel has always been a big trend in the wedding industry. It can often be a well worn area for event décor and theming and so to avoid the pitfalls of a cookie cutter approach, take the Table Art approach.

Our Earth Globe Centrepiece is made from the finest crystal with an etched mapping of the earth. Pairing this with a floral wreath around the base has proven to be a must-have centrepiece for the travel loving Bride and Groom. Keep things simple and light them white, enhancing the wreath surround.  These centrepieces have been the perfect addition to barn, bar and outdoor wedding venues. These types of venues are known for their trestle table layouts and the Earth Globe lends itself beautifully to that. Combining the globe with the wreath gives you a rustic and romantic look that will have guests reaching for their phones to capture an ‘Instagram-able’ table arrangement.

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Tiffany Lamps

“I wish I had done everything on earth with you” Great Gatsby

The Twenties was a glamorous decade of opulence and romance. It is little wonder that it proves to be the inspiration for many a vintage loving couple. Here at Table Art we are specialists in twenties styling, and we have a sumptuous collection of Tiffany Centrepieces that are perfect for a wedding. Picture an historic venue, tables dressed in gold and black linen, what could be a better centrepiece that a Tiffany Lamp. Completely wireless, there is no need to worry about the power available at the venue. A flick of the switch and the lights set a warm romantic light across the table.

When considering which of the Tiffany Lamps you want to opt for, consider your colour theme and motif. For instance, if your bridal gown features pearls, why not mirror that with our Pearlescent Lampshade. Or perhaps you are a couple that love colour, looking to focus on more graphic elements- then we would recommend the Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp.

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Cabaret Lamp

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” Moulin Rouge

Inspired by the romance of the Moulin Rouge, we bring you the Cabaret Lamp! Similar in styling to the Tiffany Range, these low-level beauties are a sophisticated choice for your wedding table. Available in a rich red, these work particularly well at a Winter wedding. Well suited to historic or opulent hotels, they will mirror their surroundings and enhance the atmosphere. Also available in a crisp white shade, the white can be a great choice looking to keep things simple with a pastel colour palette.

white cabaret lamp


“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” When Harry Met Sally

Selecting a unique centrepiece for your wedding does not mean you have to compromise on the romance. Floral arrangements do not corner the market in romantic style, the Candelabra is another fantastic way to reflect the passion of the bride and groom. Our classic Candelabra is far from the traditional metal Candelabras you see across thousands of weddings. Ours are made from acrylic which has a glass like look to them. In daytime light, they appear as glass candelabras but as the light dims and the candelabra begins to illuminate- the LED candles appear to float.

We have been lucky enough to feature these Candelabras at a fantastic section of weddings, including one at the Saxon Mill in Warwick. The LED bases of our centrepieces prove to be an effective indicator for the transition from the more formal afternoon dinner to the party fused evening. With the centrepieces programmed to ‘dance’ to the music, they even encourage Nan and Grandad onto the dance floor!

Glow Bubbles & Confetti Balloons

“I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Notting Hill

For those newly engaged, we are certain that you are seeing Pinterest in your dreams. Spending every waking moment scrolling through ideas on the website and making your own boards of inspiration. As wedding trends go, the balloon trend has reignited in the past five years and shows no sign of slowing down. We bet good money that some of the balloon displays have made their way onto your ‘boards’. Well here at Table Art we keep a firm eye on the trends to come and design centrepieces accordingly. That is why we offer the Glow Bubble and Confetti Balloon table centre.

Our balloon table centres inject whimsey and colour into the proceedings. A great choice of centrepiece and décor for the colour loving couple. Transform your wedding into a festival of love and dress the tables with a Confetti Balloon. The beauty with these is every element is customisable. Pick your favourite colours for the confetti and match it up with a glitter tail. All you need to do is contact our sales team and we can quote accordingly- even provide a visual ahead of your big day!

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Blossom Tree

“You are, and always have been, my dream.” The Notebook

Organising a wedding can be a stressful undertaking. Unsolicited family opinions coming in every direction, you will often feel torn between what you want as a couple and what the family expectations are. The two approaches can be wildly different- you looking to be unique with the family wanting you to opt for a more traditional root. If you are feeling torn between the two approaches, then maybe consider an aesthetic that has the best of both worlds.

The Blossom Tree is one such centrepiece. Featuring a floral arrangement of Blossom branches, it has the floral element that people have come to expect at weddings. The unique twist is the contemporary arrangement paired with an LED Uplighter. Keep lights off for the daytime ceremony and then as night descends, blow guests away with a light show right at the heart of the table.

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Flower Float

“It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together.” Sleepless in Seattle

Mirroring the same approach as the Blossom Tree, the Flower Float offers you the best of both Worlds. The unique element here being the submerging of an Orchid flower arrangement, it has a romantic look that is reminiscent of a Pre-Raphaelite painting. A fantastic choice for your wedding, especially if you opt for a venue at a waterside location. The way the light is reflected in the water casts a spectacular light across the table. An irresistible look for a wedding, it is both traditional and modern.

How it works:

As we said, planning a wedding can be stressful. However, executing those plans can be even more stressful! That is why we want to give you a run down of how our services work. If you select a Table Art Centrepiece, it will be a welcome relief to the worry. Everything we supply is easily installed and if you opt for our full service, you will not even need to install/ derig the centres- simply enjoy them on the day!

To start, get in touch with our team. Let us know your wedding date, venue and number of tables, alongside any mood boards or look books you are trying to draw from.  At this point our sales team will fire across a proposal for you to look through, covering the most suitable designs alongside the unit price and delivery options. Feel free to call the office to talk through your options if you prefer, we are on hand 24/7!

Make a booking:

Once you have chosen your design, and a booking form is filled out, we raise an invoice. We just need that paying before the big day so no pressure to pay wildly in advance! Then onto the big day, if you opt for a full service, our team will arrive a couple of ours prior to guests arrival. Set everything up to your specifications and they remain locally until the last dancer leaves the dancefloor! At this point the guys deconstruct and pack away the centrepieces, driving them back to our head office. No worries, no hassle, you are free to enjoy the centres on the day.

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The Wrap Up on our Alternative Wedding Table Centres

Thank you for reading through this blog and exploring what the alternative wedding table centres have to offer. We hope that you are feeling inspired and ready to decorate your own unique wedding. Our sales team are always on hand to walk you through your options and happy to cover the finer details. For those not quite seeing what they are looking for, know that Table Art offer custom designs. The process is simple, just contact our team. Our MD will work on some preliminary sketches for you to consider. Once approved we work on a prototype and take it from there!

Contact our team and let us make the final touches to your unique wedding!



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