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5 Ways to Make Events More Sustainable

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At Table Art, we work on events up and down the country. We dress various types of events by providing lighting, props, table centrepieces and more. Something that is trending in 2024 in all industries is how to become more sustainable.

Making large-scale events more eco-friendly involves considering various aspects of planning, organisation, and execution. We’ve collated our top 5 ways to make events more sustainable. Some of these aspects we can handle for you!

The need to make events more sustainable comes from the growing responsibility we all feel to protect our environment. In recent years, there has been a real push to consider the environment in all industries – and events are no different.

Being more sustainable can contribute towards climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation. It also contributes towards waste reduction, which will also protect the environment.

It has become apparent that organisations finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint or be more sustainable are gaining the upper hand over their competitors.

So, how can we make events more sustainable? At Table Art, we’re here to help. Here are our top 5 tips on how to make your events more eco-friendly…

At Table Art, we have a vast inventory of props, decorations, table centres and lighting. We rent these out to our clients, sometimes on short-term hire, sometimes for months. Either way, they are always returned to us, thoroughly cleaned and ready to be rented by the next client.

Renting decorations and props instead of buying new ones for your event reduces the demand for new materials and minimises waste. It is also far more economical as you don’t need to buy anything new.

We can cater for many different themed events – take a look at some of our options here.

You can arrange for eco transport for many aspects of your event. When it comes to décor, we have our own electric van that we use on as many event projects as possible.

Electric vehicles are a more sustainable option when it comes to transport because they release a reduced amount of greenhouse gas emissions and use cleaner energy sources than conventional vehicles.

Lighting is another essential part of your event décor. You are making the most environmentally friendly choice when you choose LED (Light-emitting Diode) lights over traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights. LEDs are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan.

At Table Art, most of our lighting options are LEDs. We have a selection of LED table centrepieces and decorative props, stools, tables and more.

Unfortunately, this is not one we can directly help with for your event, but sourcing locally produced, organic, and seasonal food is another way to make events more sustainable.

Choose catering services that use sustainable practices, eco-friendly packaging, and minimising food waste can make a big difference to the environmental impact of your event.

Many catering companies reuse crockery, cutlery, cups and glasses. If you are organising an event requiring disposable plates, talk to your catering company about ensuring these are recyclable. You can then make sure your event offers recycling stations.

To further enhance the sustainability of your event, you can use digital communications rather than printed materials. You can also encourage digital ticketing and event programs to reduce paper waste.

You can use social media and internet advertising to reduce printed materials further to spread the word about your event. This is useful as you can target specific areas through demographic targeting.

At Table Art, we are making it our goal for 2024 to be even more sustainable than ever before. We pride ourselves on our huge range of table centrepieces and props that are available for hire, ensuring they are used repeatedly.

For more information or to discuss your event – contact our team today.

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