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Vintage Themed Events – Add Elegance and Class for a Vintage Ambience

Planning a Vintage Themed Event?

cabaret lamp centrepieces
vintage themed event

It will look elegant and classy. However, you need to be careful about all the little details to give the right ambiance to your venue. Finding the right décor items for a vintage themed event can be a daunting task. After all, not everyone pays so much attention to each detail for a vintage themed party.

Table centrepieces are very important for any setting. However, they become even more important when you are organising a vintage themed event. You need the best centrepieces on each table to create the perfect vintage atmosphere. But where will you find these vintage centrepieces? Of course, you need the ones with the best quality so that they look elegant and classy.

Don’t worry. We can help!

At Table Art, we have an entire collection of vintage-themed centrepieces to create the perfect vintage ambiance for your venue. You will be spoilt for choice because we have an extensive range of centrepieces. Here’s a glimpse of the collection we have.

feather centrepieces
feather centrepieces

1. Cabaret Lamp

Our Cabaret Lamp centrepiece will take your guests back to the era of lust and liquor. These are perfect for creating a beautiful theatrical experience for your guests. Cabaret lamps have gilded stands and delicate trim. They come in a seductive shade of red. These lamps will not only add colour to your venue but will also give the perfect hedonistic twenties feel.

table art’s cabaret lamp

2. Manhattan Lamp

Add a touch of elegance and grace to your event setting with our Manhattan Lamps. These stunning and intricate Tiffany lamps will lend a touch of sophistication to your event. Carefully designed by our experts, Manhattan Lamps can be used for any event throughout the year. From formal events to casual ones, these lamps are perfect for all kinds of events with a vintage theme.

twenties cabaret lamp
twenties cabaret lamp

3. Rotating Cake

What’s a better table centrepiece for a birthday party than a rotating cake centrepiece? Our Rotating Cake centrepiece is one of the most popular table centrepieces for birthday parties. These cakes come in a two-tier design, and an additional layer can be added at the client’s request. Decorate the tiers as you like. From motifs to birthday messages to photographs, you can decorate the rotating cake any way you want. The stunning design and perfect execution will make these centrepieces the centre of attraction.

bar mitzvah cake
cake design table art

4. Showman

Add the perfect vintage look and feel to your event with our stunning Showman centrepiece. Inspired by the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’, this table centrepiece is perfect to add a little drama to any event. These centrepieces are ideal for a vintage-themed event as they have the right amount of drama and exquisiteness. These glowy pieces have all it takes to make an event the talk of the town.

greatest showman table art
greatest showman table art

5. Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp

Another popular choice from our Tiffany collection, the Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp is an epitome of grace and class. The stunning pearl-coloured panels are set to perfection with the delicate clear glass pieces. The bronze lamp stand adds more detail to the lamps. The result is this wonderful decadent lamp that will make your party an event to remember. The lamp lights up in a warm white glow that comes from a filament bulb. Perfect for vintage styled parties, weddings and event intimate dinners, choose them and add a touch of class to your event.

stained glass centrepiece
stained glass centrepiece

6. Birdcage

Elegance, grace, sophistication, this is what defines our stunning Birdcage centrepieces. These birdcages ooze with vintage glamour. They are perfect for weddings as they add a romantic touch to any table setting. These are low-level centrepieces which are truly one of a kind. Place these birdcages on their own or add flowers in them. Our team will light these up with the perfect amount of light. Nothing compares to the elegance and beauty of these stunning pieces. Your guests will talk about the décor even after years of attending your vintage-themed event.

birdcage table centre
birdcage table centre

7. Flower Air

Stunning and sophisticated, the Flower Air table centrepieces are perfect for your vintage-themed party. These centrepieces use orchids in a way that makes them seem like they’re suspended in the air. The cylindrical glass holder creates a flawless ambiance with the perfect amount of lighting. Ideal for vintage-themed prom nights, weddings, and any intimate event, these Flower Air centrepieces will turn heads and make your event memorable for the guests.

flower air centrepiece
flower air centrepiece

8. Hurricane Lamp

Another stunning vintage-inspired table centrepiece, Hurricane Lamps are ideal for the Twenties or a Moulin Rouge inspired event. The centrepieces consist of a hyper-realistic candle that flickers on a bed of crystals that sparkle brightly. Imagine what the venue will look like when you have these stunning Hurricane Lamps flickering on each table. It will be nothing short of mesmerising.

hurricane vase table centre
hurricane vase table centre

9. Martini Glass

Our Martini Glass table centrepieces are a popular choice for corporate events. They are classy, elegant, and simply stunning. These martini glass centrepieces can be customized to fit any theme and any event. They give off a vintage look and feel with the perfect lighting and just the right amountof glamour and extravagance. Add these to your vintage-themed décor, and you will see how your guests will love these beautiful centrepieces.

xmas martini centrepiece
xmas martini centrepiece

Do you love vintage themed events and parties?

Searching for the right table centrepiece options for your next big event?
Look no further than here! UK’s bespoke décor experts at Table Art have the most stunning event décor to light up your events. We not only offer stunning table centrepieces but also have the best vintage themed event decor, furniture, and prop options. Choose what suits your theme and budget the best. Our event decor and styling will make your event an affair to remember. 

What are you waiting for? You will not find these vintage themed event table centrepieces anywhere else.

Get in touch now to know more and talk to our experts about your event decor needs. 

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