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VE Day Spirit: Our NHS Heroes

VE Day Spirit: Our NHS Heroes

Ahead of the 75th Anniversary celebrations tomorrow for VE Day, we honour our modern-day heroes in the NHS.

The men and women of the National Health Service truly are the best of British.

We have the strongest sense of pride in our NHS. No wonder with staff showing a tremendous amount of courage, fighting on the frontline to defeat this deadly virus. Everyday we are met with reports of their heroism, as a nation we have undeniable sense of gratitude. That is why every Thursday we all take part in the #clapforcarers, a small gesture of thanks that we can only hope lifts the spirits of NHS workers.

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Supporting our Heroes

Manufacturers all over the UK are frantically redirecting their production to much needed PPE. Sadly, protective equipment for the NHS is in short supply. The manufacturing industry are getting behind the NHS and supporting them in the only way they know how.

Windows across the country are transforming into festivals of rainbows and NHS emblems. The true achievement of these window displays is the moment of reprieve it must give the NHS as they drive/ walk by between their long shifts. For those of us doing a daily walk/ jog, we are kept smiling while we follow the trail of rainbows. Here is just a small selection of displays on show across the country:

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The artistic displays of gratitude aren’t just limited to household windows.  Incredible street art is springing up across the UK and Globally. The BBC recently published an article that illustrated a vibrant selection. Everything from Banksy like murals to life-size iron sculptures features. It’s a must read for all of us that need to break from the dark chaos that is crisis is creating:

“I think people just want to show their appreciation for the NHS and hopefully, I have, in some small way allowed that message to travel.” Mural artist Rachel List | Pontefract.

ARTICLE: Street art thanks NHS staff for tackling coronavirus | BBC News
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Staying Aware

For those of us living and working from home, it can be easy to momentarily forget the crisis. Yes, we have the stresses of restriction, home schooling and concerns over work BUT when the sun is shining, it only takes a moment to forget the world outside. For those frontline workers living and breathing the crisis, reprieve is not so forthcoming. That is why it is so important to keep informed, whether that is through daily news reports or updates across social media. Knowledge is power. Keeping informed will keep us safe. Knowing the strain, the NHS is under only pushes us to do better and support them by staying inside.

Social Media

Twitter has proven particularly effective in getting out stories of everyday NHS heroes:

Social Media has always offered a sense of community. For those NHS workers feeling isolated, they can take comfort in the show of support that comes through the platforms. Social Media has also supported the wider community. In isolation, WhatsApp neighbourhood groups have sprung up all over the country. Neighbours that have only exchanged smiles now support one another in this isolation.

Best of British

We totally appreciate that now is NOT the time to be planning a party, even though we all need one! Post Covid, we are all going to need a damn good party. More specifically, the NHS heroes truly deserve the biggest party we can muster. With that in mind, the events industry is looking to give back in the only way they know how. A collection of artists are currently putting together a range of shows, all free of charge keyworkers.

ARTICLE: NHS Free Concerts: Which Bands and Singers Are Offering Free Gigs For The NHS | Capital FM

Looking to thank them for their courage and dedication in the face of Covid. The Manic Street Preachers, Fatboy Slim, and The Script are all working on free shows for the NHS workers.

We can only imagine that once the crisis is over, the rest of the events industry will follow suit. Looking to give back to those that have given so much. The events industry will do its upmost to support NHS charity events and galas. Table Art will certainly do everything they can in supporting those events, offering table centres and props when needed.

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British Styling

In the aftermath of this, we will all look to celebrate the best of British. With a sense of pride in our nation’s stoicism, we will look to party VE style. The British event styling we offer here at Table Art would be the perfect aesthetic.

Taking a moment to look at our Best of British Range, here we highlight what we have to offer:

Table Art Centrepieces: Mini British Collection


Icons of the British Isles. Celebrate British achievement with our Mini British range of table centres.

Revel in the United Kingdom’s heritage with our collection of centrepieces featuring Big Ben, London Eye, London Bridge, A British Telephone, the Union Jack and many more. Accentuate the theme by setting the lights to a mix of red, blue and white. You are certain to make the Queen proud!

Table Art Centrepieces: Union Jack Mirror Ball


Flying the red, white, and blue, The Union Jack emblazoned on our tall acrylic stand makes for a patriotic table centre.

This centrepiece is the ideal choice for a ‘Best of British’ theme with its distinctive Union Jack stand. Holding aloft a Mirror Ball, the sphere vibrantly reflects the flag colours.

mirror ball union jack
Table Art Centrepieces: Sixties Print Lampshade


With all the iconic sixties imagery of Quadrophenia, get your MOD on with this print lampshade.

Take an ultra-cool approach to a ‘Best of British’ theme, this centrepiece encompasses the best of what the Sixties had to offer. The Swinging Sixties is brought to life with this printed lampshade. A great choice for a retro table centre hire.

Table Art Centrepieces: Big Ben & Spitfire Blaze


A patriotic pairing of table centres that moulds icons of the past with modern technology.

Our Blaze table centre transformed with a Spitfire plane model. A hero of WW2, the Spitfire takes pride and place at the centre of the table. Thoughts of the Blitz will immediately come to mind when you combine this with our Big Ben table centre hire design.


Table Art Furniture: Union Jack Poseur Table


Our popular LED poseur tables given the ‘British’ treatment with a Union Jack top.

The white poseur tables at table art are always a popular addition at an event. Giving you the perfect table for guests to mingle around. These are internally lit in your choice of colour, and the white fabric instantly takes on the tone. With the addition of a Union Jack topper, it’s a great way to emphasise the theme.

union jack poseur tables

Table Art Furniture: London Underground Curved Panels


Mind the Gap! Underground themed props.

The Iconic Underground brought to your event with these branded arc panels. Effective as a collective, and strong as a standalone prop. With baton up-lighters, these crisp white panels take on any colour you choose to flood them with.

The Wrap Up

We know that all of this seems trivial in the face of what we are going through Globally. To highlight events décor isn’t something that’s particularly needed right now. BUT what we do think is necessary is to get a sense of normality on occasion. This is our normality. We miss working with our clients and decorating events up and down the UK. We miss being creative and working together as a team. It is for this reason that we will continue to blog, tweet and report on the world of Table Art.

For the moment, the most important thing is to support our NHS heroes. Support at the moment is as easy as staying home. Going forward it will be support them in the aftermath, from parties to concerts- the events industry will do their best. 

Our team are ready and waiting for your call.

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