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Bring the Calmness of Bali to your UK Event

Bring the Calmness of Bali to your UK Event

So in this time of being unable to travel, why not bring the beauty of Bali to your UK Event.

Lush jungles, temples, dreamy beaches, and palaces are just some of the things that mark the beauty of Bali. We all can’t exactly live our lives Eat, Pray, Love style but giving your party a Bali theme is the next best thing.

buddha lantern centrepiece

For the true Bali essence at your UK event, the two blends of influences you need are culture and nature. The venue’s décor should probably lean towards green. The best thing about this Bali theme party is that you can decorate the venue with plenty of tropical foliage like palms, ferns, and bamboo. As for furnishings,opt for natural wooden topped tables.

You can incorporate some beautiful décor pieces such as lanterns, elephants, and tasselled umbrellas, also known as tedungs. These decorative umbrellas have deep roots in religious festivals of Bali. Moreover, they will look beautiful perched on top of the tables.

Inflatable Animals

One animal that perfectly depicts Bali is an elephant. Why not create a sort of an exhibit with a herd of elephants surrounded with greenery. This will also serve as a great backdrop for pictures.

If you want to light up this exhibit and take it to the next level, you might want go for the dream circus elephant. The decorative pattern on this life-size inflatable elephant lights up. And when suspended from the ceiling, it creates a mesmerizing sight.

Buddha Bar Event Styling

Creating the Foliage

There are plenty of ideas for creating the foliage such as:

  • An LED lit palm tree that you can place at the entrance , on the stage or around the room.
  • A climbing vine pixel tube, from the floor to ceiling, is another great décor piece that will completely change the look of your party. This pixel tube is available in two sizes:- as a table centrepiece and as full length pillars.
large palm tree led


For centrepieces at your UK event, here are a couple of Bali themed décor items:

Asian Parasol: Resembling a tedung, this Asian parasol is a fitting table centrepiece for your party. You can place them just inside the entrance on lighted poseur tables.

Bird Cage: Keeping in stride with the theme, a small birdcage filled with a few leaves and flowers will cast a calming glow on the guests with the help of the DMX lighting underneath the décor piece.

Art Deco Statuette: If you have already got too much greenery as the décor, then perhaps something light would look good as table centrepieces. Apart from animals and foliage, Bali themed décor also includes art deco statuette. This statuette is a little different as it is more than a décor piece. The simple statue has a ball of light raised high that casts a beautiful, hedonistic glow on the tables. 

You can choose any one of these décor pieces for the tables. 

Buddha bar event hire

The Giveway

Let’s discuss the last piece of your party: the giveaway. Here’s a great idea on what you can give your guests as a parting gift:

And that about covers every part of the party from decoration to furnishings and the giveaways! The best thing about a Bali themed party is that you can use just about any décor piece and it will fit right in.

If you are looking for more décor pieces like the ones we mentioned above, then visit Table-Art. The online service offers décor items and furnishings for large scale parties. 

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