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Travel Inspired Design by Table Art

Travel Inspired Design by Table Art

Here we explore how travel inspired design finds its way into the table art range.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide
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Intrepid Explorers

MD Gary Martin is many things, designer, entrepreneur, and explorer. Here we celebrate the later, exploring how Travel Inspired Design finds it’s way into the Table Art Range.

Gary knows the thrill of an adventure and in truth, is addicted to it. No five-star resorts, he craves an authentic experience, seeking out the truest sense of the culture. It is no surprise to learn that he was drawn to Marrakesh, famed for its rich heritage and deep history.

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The wheels have barely touched down before Gary sets off for the Souk, famous for its charmingly chaotic stalls and energetic people. The market is teeming with the life of Marrakesh, a sensory overload that visitors will never forget. Brightening the stalls are these charming lanterns, each with intricate patterns cut into them. Lanterns illuminate the night sky, an iconic feature of the Moroccan night scene. Like a moth to the flame, Gary is always drawn to the light and it was these lanterns that caught his attention.
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Living Life to the Max, Table Art Style!

Having previously visited with Andy and Robert, they had built relationships with local craftspeople to bring the Buddha Lantern design to the Table Art range. Hence why this year when Gary returned with Clare, the Operations Director they returned to the same businesses, sketch in hand – eager to bring his illustration to life!
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To read more about this particular adventure, read this blog:

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Top Notch Service at Heart of what we do!

Great service and lovely people

Recently used Table Art for some centrepieces for a recent 1,000 + pax event and the whole process from pre-event to onsite was really smooth, they understood what we wanted to achieve and ensured the event was a success for us. Would definitely recommend for any time poor event managers out there!

Sophie Renshaw June 2019

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What we are looking at here is the sense of adventure that Gary and the Table Art team has. The value of travel can be seen in our rich and varied range of designs, across both the centrepiece and props collections. it is clear that travel inspired design here. Consequently, if you don’t seek inspiration, your business will become stale, something you could never accuse Table Art of.
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From Concept to Reality

There are many things that set us apart from our competitors but one of the key elements is our willingness to plough profits back into the business. Spending well earned pennies on flights across the globe, confident that the money will come back ten-fold when we present new designs to the range. As a result, we keep clients engaged and excited!
A look at the Marrakesh workshop that works hard to bring Table Art designs to life.
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Finally, What’s next for our intrepid explorers? Following in the steps of Columbus and heading to the Americas. Not quite the path less taken but exciting non the less! With events in September taking place at Sin City Las Vegas and the Big Apple New York. As a result, we are beyond thrilled to start the Autumn off with two mighty events in the US. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!
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In conclusion, get out there! Explore the globe and drink in the richness of all that’s on offer. Table Art don’t shy away and reap the benefits of World Influences.

Have your own event coming up? Contact our dedicated team now.

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