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Timeless Events: 24 Themes That Never Fail To Impress

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Timeless Events: 24 Themes That Never Fail To Impress

Classic event themes are known as classics for a reason and if you want an event that guests will respond well to, then this list will help walk you through 24 classic event themes.  

The beauty of these classic themes is that designers will be familiar with them and suppliers will be ready-stocked to make organising an event that much easier. 

At Table Art, we love styling a classic event but we always try to elevate them to create unforgettable experiences that event guests will talk about. For extra inspiration, you can check out a gallery of our recent events.

1. Christmas Theme Event

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Christmas is a very robust theme, although naturally, it fits best in the build-up to Christmas. There’s an enormous variety available with a Christmas theme, from the colour scheme to whether you choose a traditional Christmas setting or a Santa’s grotto.

2. Halloween Theme Event

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Halloween is one of the all-time great party themes and it comes with a huge range of decorations, colour schemes, and costume ideas readymade. Typically a Halloween party will be held around October but you can take some of its spookiness and use it for a birthday party or product launch.

3. Black Tie Ball Theme Event

It doesn’t get more classic than a black tie ball, with its timeless sophistication and glamorous decorations. If you are planning an event which needs all of the elegance of a wedding, then the black tie is a safe option. It also benefits from the fact that black tie decorations will come standard in any party planner’s kit.

4. Science Fiction Theme Event

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Sci-fi is a broad theme that incorporates horror, space, and neon-lit industrial scenes but it’s a good starting point for planning a design and a popular theme for guests. You can narrow the theme down to a particular area of sci-fi and run with it. It’s a very good choice if you are looking to experiment with lighting.

5. 1980s Theme Event


We’re at a point in time where a large section of the workforce has very fond memories of the 1980s and it’s a decade that is well suited to theming an event. Neon lights, hot pink, sweatbands, and early video games work to make a lively backdrop.

6. Black And White Theme Event

Choosing a monochrome theme is a good way to make a bold statement. You can make designs that really stand out and it’s a relatively simple theme to implement. The idea is to have all of your furnishings in black, white, or shades of grey between the two.

7. Masquerade Ball Theme Event


Masquerade balls are famed for their opulence and are an excellent choice if you want a regal feel for your party. Traditional balls take their inspiration from Venetian and Italian design with chandeliers, balconies, and deep red and white colours.

8. Where’s Wally Theme Event

Where’s Wally parties are often a hit because the costumes are simple and relatively easy to assemble; however, they also make for a fun theme when styling an event. The theme will have the essential red and white candy stripes and can incorporate furniture and features that Wally would have collected on his travels around the world.

9. Moulin Rouge Theme Event


The Moulin Rouge or a generally 19th-century cabaret theme is a good choice if you are looking to create both a refined atmosphere with a strong party element. The most striking feature of Moulin Rouge is the dark reds and the use of drapes and satin. You might also want to use roses, candles, and lots of feathers. 

10. Circus Theme Event

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The circus is always a popular theme for events and parties aimed at all ages. When people think of circuses, they tend to think of those popularised by PT Barnum with candy stripe tents and many elements of a travelling carnival. One of the big advantages of a circus-themed event is that it will fit well with various types of entertainment.

11. Luau Theme Event

A luau is a Hawaiian-style beach party which creates a relaxed and open type of event. Tiki patterns, bamboo, flower chains, and palm leaves are all staples of a Luau themed party. A prominent Tiki bar is essential along with streamers and straw skirting.

12. Wild West Theme Event

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The Wild West is a classic theme of parties and pop culture. There are many icons you can include such as an old saloon, poker tables, desert landscapes, cactuses, and giant wagon wheels. The Wild West is an excellent theme if you are also using an outdoor space as a few hay bales and some bunting can quickly transform it.

13. Back To School Theme Event

A back to school theme makes for a playful event which will really get guests involved as they take a trip down memory lane. You can choose to do it in the style of a school disco or go for a total transformation into a classroom with chalkboards, wooden desks, and decorations from your school years.

14. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Theme Event

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Based on Lewis Carroll’s classic novel ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme allows you to have wacky and wonderful designs in order to create a fun but relaxed event. Designs and decorations will be inspired by classic Victorian tea parties with a mad twist. Teapots, playing cards, mushrooms, and top hats should be a familiar sight.

15. Ancient Egypt Theme Event

An Ancient Egyptian theme gives you true license to transform a venue into a pharaoh’s palace. Expect to use a lot of gold decorations, as well as sphinxes, columns, palm leaves, and hieroglyphics. This is a good theme if you are going to be hosting an event with indoor and outdoor space. 

16. Alien Encounters Theme Event

If you are hosting an event in an industrial or modern-looking venue, then an alien theme is well suited to parties or product launches. It’s a great opportunity to use lasers, neon lights, and lots of glow-in-the-dark decorations. You can draw from the wide history of alien pop culture including E.T., Area 51, or Futurama.

17. Under The Sea Theme Event

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There are two main approaches you can have with an under the sea theme. You can go for a more family-friendly aquatic adventure party filled with ocean creatures and seafloor scenery. Or you can capture the tranquil atmosphere of the ocean with a floating and light design that makes good use of deep blues and gentle lighting.

18. James Bond Theme Event


James Bond is a common theme for events as it’s a great way to get guests involved and it gives you a refined atmosphere without being too high-minded. Generally, a James Bond event will be similar to a black tie event but with some spy props and a fondness for martinis.

To throw a phenomenal James Bond party you can take a look at our 11 secrets for the perfect James Bond themed night.

19. Hollywood Theme Event

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A Hollywood party theme allows you to celebrate the greatest films of all time and there is a huge range of props and decorations to choose from. These include classic actors, film reels, director’s chairs, and clapperboards. For classic timeless events, you can’t beat a Hollywood theme.

20. Toga Party Theme Event

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Toga parties are a staple of the American college experience. This doesn’t mean you can’t put your own twist on a Roman or Ancient Greek theme party. Opt for busts of Roman emperors, large crumbling columns, and ivy twisting around door frames and centrepieces.

21. St. Patrick’s Day Theme Event

Even if it’s not near St. Patrick’s Day, an Ireland-inspired theme will always make for a lively event. You can choose to use emerald greens and shamrocks. Alternatively, you can opt for a more subdued design modelled on traditional Irish pubs.

22. Best Of British Theme Event

If your event is going to be celebrating Britain, then a best of British theme can be a good starting point. You can use the Union Jack colours as your main colour theme and make use of British icons such as double-decker buses, beach huts, and red post boxes.

23. Casino Theme Event

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Casino nights are a common theme for events. They are especially well liked as you can set-up a selection of your own casino games for guests to play risk-free. Dice, blackjack, roulette tables, and fruit machines should be your main well of inspiration.

24. Cluedo Theme Event

Cluedo or murder mystery themed parties are an excellent choice for timeless events being hosted in manors or a similar historical building. Typically they will be held in a 1920s setting and will include chalk outlines, obvious clues, and plenty of pipes and feather boas for decorations. 

A Classic Evening: Timeless Events That Are Unforgettable

When done well, you can take a classic event theme and turn it into a memorable occasion. A well-known party theme doesn’t have to be boring and there is always room for your own twist or further experimentation.

Don’t feel that there are any rules about what a classic theme needs to have. Instead try and look for interesting ways to tie the theme to your specific event. If you want help creating timeless events that are sure to impress, then contact Table Art today for a consultation.


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