Throwing the Ultimate Nineties Party!

Throwing the Ultimate Nineties Party! 


A Nineties nostalgia boom is well and truly here, so we have everything you need to throw the ultimate 90s party!


Thanks to a combination of the sitcom Friends returning and the resurgence in Nineties pop music – there has been a growing trend for all things 90s. The fashion, music and games of the time are feeding back into todays generation. Many of us who lived through the 90s are doing a double take as teenagers wear Spice Girls and jelly shoes. Catching much loved classics being remixed on the radio and seeing Friends quotes everywhere, it looks like the nineties has returned.


Much like the popularity of the eighties theme back a couple of years ago, the events industry are seeing a growing interest in the Nineties. The popularity of this decade comes as no surprise. After what has been a very dark period for us all, we are harking back to simpler times. Who doesn’t want to relive a decade where the greatest debate was whether you were an Oasis or Blur fan? We need to bring back colour and joy into our events and so a nineties revival is the perfect theme.



Getting Started

A Nineties theme is such a versatile theme, it would work equally well at a birthday as it would a corporate awards show. The later can be a stiff affair so why not go for this fun pop theme and get your guests excited. What an excellent talking point it will be for guests as they take their seats! No awkward exchanges about the weather, you can get chatting about who your favourite Spice Girl was.


Obviously, you want to start with pinning down your venue. If you have the Nineties in mind, then a music venue is a perfect choice. Places like the Camden Roundhouse and the Eventim Apollo provide instant atmosphere. Also industrial styled venues or something with a brutalist look will work well, giving rave vibes. What you need to bear in mind is that the theme works best with great lighting so make sure you choose a place with the right facilities at hand.


nineties style

Table Décor

A Nineties theme can cover so many pop culture icons and stories so it is a good idea to focus on a more specific topic. A general cover of the theme would be something super colourful. Feature things like the smiling faces of rave parties, nineties dance music and some lazer style lighting effects. If you want to go for something more specific then consider a Brit Pop theme. What would that entail? Well you want to include Union Jacks, Music Posters and a soundtrack to match. When considering table centres for this, the best option would be our Union Jack stands with either a mirror or crystal ball. The Union Jack print instantly gives you Ginger Spice vibes and the mirror ball gives added sparkle.


The Nineties was all about having fun and celebrating with music. Our Cassette Table Centres would be a great fit for the theme. Early nineties saw boom boxes soar in popularity thanks to music videos and programmes like the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. You can channel that in an instance by selecting the Cassette Centrepieces. Make the theme even stronger by lighting these centres in neon tones. Limes and hot pinks would be a great way to bring the theme home.


nineties design


When I think of the Nineties I’m picturing warehouse raves, bucket hats and smiley face logos. With Lazer style lighting popular at the time, the Pixel Tube Centre is a great fit for a Rave look. The Pixel Tubes bring their own light show. Set them to any colour or pattern. They work brilliantly through an AV desk so if you have the right lighting team you could really make your event stand out!




What would be a classic Nineties colour palette? NEON is your friend here. Think pinks, limes and yellows. Contrast these bright colours with the use of a white highlight and you have a super fresh look. Lighting a Nineties event right is vital when looking to create atmosphere. You want a dynamic lighting scheme to bring the look of a ‘rave’ into the event. You can use blacklight and glow-in-the-dark bulbs to complete the effect.


One cost-effective way to get dynamic lighting at your event is to try out Table Art’s custom centrepieces. They come lit in a colour of your choice and can be remotely adapted to the mood of the room as the evening progresses. For the centrepiece you can include Nineties icons on things like our Logo Blocks or Display Cases. Or, alternatively, you can use more abstract designs such as twisting flames. These bring a pop of colour to the middle of every table. They can also be raised high to add texture to the room. For more centrepiece ideas, check out our full range here.



Ok, we can’t do Nineties without talking about Music. Music is absolutely key when throwing a Nineties party. The decade was all about Brit Pop and Girl Power. Make that your focus when structuring your event. Hosting an awards show? Why not break the evening up into distinct themes. Perhaps an R&B soundtrack while guests arrive and mingle with drinks. As the guests take their seats, you could blast them with a bit of Girl power to get them pumped up? Awards? Well now it is time to whip out some Brit Pop and really get the party started.


Take time to construct a playlist and think carefully about how the choice of music will create tone and atmosphere. Music will absolutely deliver if you get the planning right.


nineties party


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A Nineties themed event gives you plenty of room to be creative so you can create an event according to your exact specifications. Whether it’s for a corporate event of some kind or a party. Or even if you’d like some space themed centrepieces for a conference then Table Art can help.


Get in touch with us for a free consultation and we’ll help you create a stunning retro event that is going to get you up and dancing!