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Throwing a Chic Baby Shower for the Modern Mother-to-be.

Throwing a Chic Baby Shower for the Modern Mother-to-be

Hosting a baby shower that is fun and modern in equal measure…

Whether you are organising a friend’s baby shower or thinking of your own upcoming party, this guide introduces you to the world of Table Art – the perfect alternative to the traditional baby shower decorations. There is a sea of cookie-cutter baby shower décor options out there. So there is no better time to go for something truly modern to celebrate the new arrival.

A Growing Trend

A long-held American tradition. The Baby Shower has well and truly landed here in the UK. We Brits love an excuse to party! What better time to celebrate with a little one’s imminent arrival. Mothers-to-be have high expectations thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicky Hilton throwing their own lavish showers. As the trend surfaced, event agencies took to copy those high-profile events.  Balloon displays and living wall backdrops became the norm. The trend truly exploded in 2015 and has shown no sign of slowing down since. This popularity has meant the décor is starting to date and a modern approach is required.

Here at Table Art we are specialists in Event Décor. Never failing to blow away guests with our eye-catching installs. Here we are highlighting the use of our DMX system and how it can elevate your upcoming Baby Shower.

Cherry Pick Your Favourite Designs

The usual baby shower sees guests milling about. Picking at a buffet. Lining up to get their photo taken against the ‘Insta-Worthy’ backdrop. What if you took a more tasteful approach? A formal dinner setting is the perfect excuse to dress up! Plus has the added bonus of getting the Mother-to-be off her feet. Tables laid out across your event space. Each with an LED Centrepiece illuminating the room. With a centrepiece at the heart of every table, you have made multiple ‘Insta-Worthy’ photo opportunities that will guarantee a flood of fabulous snaps on your social feed.

Believe it or not we have over 120 different centrepiece designs. Every style is catered for. From the more classic approach like the Low-Level Crystal Globe to something a little more themed like our Greatest Showman centre. No matter how picky your Mother-to-be is, we will have the perfect centrepiece for her. We can even customise a centrepiece. Add the parent’s initials or the child’s name if that’s been decided. All you have to do is speak to our team and they can happily draft up your design.

Putting on a Light Show

For those of you new to Table Art, all our centrepieces are lit by our DMX system. This smart lighting allows us to change the colour of the centrepieces at the touch of a button. This is invaluable events as it allows for easy and quick changes to the look of the room. We can also pinpoint colours so if your baby shower has a particular colour theme. Just let us know the pantone reference and we will program the lights accordingly.

Incorporate the DMX system into the games and announcements made at the Baby Shower. For example, perhaps your Mother-to-be knows the gender but has yet to reveal it? Get your guests to make their predictions. Then with the simple use of a remote, guests can change their centrepiece to be blue/pink. Once the Mother-to-be is ready to reveal, she just lets our technician know. Then they can change the centrepieces to the appropriate colour. It’s a nice feature that could really help build excitement at the party.

A Day to Remember

For the Mother-to-be she will approach her shower with both excitement and trepidation. Often pregnancy leaves you feeling a little self-conscious while being super excited for the new arrival. She will want to be celebrating but perhaps she will not want the attention solely on her. For that reason, Table Art décor will be a great option. The lights and centrepieces will really draw the eye. Plus guests will be blown away by the immersive experience being delivered.   

As much as we would love for this to be all about the centrepieces, there are other details to consider. Why not add in chair sashes in a mix of blue and pink? The combination always works well with Baby Showers and will solidify the look across the event. Also why not consider a dress code for your guests? Everyone could be picture perfect with a pastel dress code.

A New Approach

Pregnancy is a truly magical time in a persons life and it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate. Do a baby shower in style and welcome the new arrival with a colourful light show! Our team are ready and waiting to quote for your upcoming event. Just call us today for a free no obligation quotation! 

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