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Bring the latest Technology to your Restaurant with The Dining Hub

The latest Technology in Restaurants 

Technology in restaurants is becoming more and more important. Restaurants and pubs are having their margins squeezed ever tighter and technology is developing at a faster than ever in history. Restaurant owners are taking the opportunity to take advantage of any tech that they can to gain an advantage. Online ordering is transforming the industry with some restaurants like Uber Eats and Deliveroo reporting that 30% of all sales come from online ordering. 

Dining Hub – the latest technology in restaurants

So the question is, what can restaurants do to improve their service while keeping costs down. They need to keep diners interested in actually going out and into high street diners. Young people want to order, eat and pay as quickly as possible. Therefore keeping the service as lean as possible matters and technology seems to be the only way to achieve this. With permanent pay at table systems expensive and iPad order systems still relying on staff to operate them, Dining Hub fills this gap in the market.

What does it do?

At a relatively inexpensive cost, any restaurant can have a stock of units. They can place them on prime tables or strategically placed tables near the front windows to attract passing trade. Diners can use the units to charge their mobile phone either wirelessly or with USB cables. Of course this is a really useful option in busy town centres or high footfall busy train stations or airports.  Additionally though they speed up service without the need to increase serving staff levels. In fact, often, restaurants can reduce staff costs and vastly accelerate customer service without the need for a member of staff to take payment. 

Dining Hub for technology i restaurants
Dining Hub for technology in restaurants


With a footprint of only 150mm x 140mm and standing at a height of 250mm Dining Hub only has a small footprint. (Very similar to a printed POS) on any dining table. Advertisements and video images can be displayed on both sides of the units bringing life and excitement to the table, just in front of diners eyes. Dining Hub makes the need for costly, printed table POS units a thing of the past. Studies show that with an electronic ordering device guests will order on average 10-15% more. Guests can also order faster and pay immediately! The world of dining is transforming and evolving before our eyes. Entrepreneurs and owners that innovate and try new ideas will prevail leaving competitors with old techniques behind.

Technology in restaurants is becoming so important in the dining market. Table Art’s Dining Hub will bring in customers, get them to spend more and make turnaround quicker. The perfect tool for a successful dining business.

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