Tall Table Centres for your event

Tall Table Centres can be a fantastic option

No event can be complete without the perfect table centrepiece. With a huge range you may be spoilt for choice. For some events, it is a good idea to opt for tall table centres

Finding the right centrepieces which are tall enough but not obstructive, can be challenging. Luckily, you can rely on Table Art to provide you with the perfect ones. We have years of experience in managing and hosting events. Our event management services also include providing the perfect tall table centres.

Over the years, we have successfully built a large inventory of decor pieces. This means that no matter what theme you have in mind, we have the perfect tall table centres. The following are our top picks of tall table centres for any event:

1.    Logo Spire

A unique mix of futuristic as well as modern styling, the Logo Spire is perfect for corporate events. The simplistic design consists of a metal body. It has a very distinctive pattern that is laser cut. Laser cutting gives a smoother and refined finish to the overall centrepiece.

The tall table centrepiece features a spherical window for your brand or logo. The white body of the metal spire comes with a light base. This allows you to create a unique back-lit centrepiece. Additionally, the design is so simple; it is usable without a logo too.

tall table centres logo spire

logo spire table art

2.    Ritz Lamp Tall

Nothing says glitz and glam than our Ritz lamp centrepiece. But if you truly want to stand out get something taller. The taller version of the Ritz lamp gives you the same glamorous ambiance as the shorter version. Moreover, the lamp features a metallic lampshade. This is available in two colours, Silver or Gold.

To make it look more elegant, it has diamante droplets which delicately balance on the frame of the lamp. The best part is that the lamp has a lit base and also lights up at the top too. This gives you the opportunity to mix and match colour schemes! It’s perfect for corporate events, weddings or glamorous themes.

Tall Table Centre Ritz Lamo

tall level silver lamp design

3.    Pixel Tube

One of the most versatile and innovative centrepieces in Table Art is the Pixel Tube. The tube features pixel lighting which is adjustable to different colour schemes. The flexibility it offers is truly unique because with the touch of a button, you can emulate any element. Whether you want some snow, wind or fire, the Pixel Tube will imitate this effect with ease.

The Pixel Tube also has a small base in a neutral colour. This only helps to highlight how beautiful the centrepiece itself is. Its ease of use and flexibility of colour also means that you can use it for any event. Regardless of the theme, you can seamlessly fit it in with almost any decor piece.

pixel tube tall table centres

pixel tube bognor regis butlins

4.    Windsor Candelabra

Want to add a touch of elegance and mystery to your event? Then get your hands on the Windsor Candelabra. These beautiful items are not only tall table centres, but it is also avoids the mess of melted wax. The candles on this are artificial but look amazingly real.. This means that you get the ambiance and beauty of candlelight without worrying about any wax.

Made from clear acrylic, the classic candelabra stand reflects light easily. Due to this, you can have it seamlessly blend in with almost any event. The Windsor Candelabra is a favourite for weddings and masquerade balls in particular.

tall table centres windsor candelabra

5.    The Tall Swirl

Want a tall table centre that is artistic and one-of-a-kind? Then get our Tall Swirl centrepiece. This is a towering sculpture made from frosted acrylic. It has been specifically hand-crafted by Table Art in-house designer Joseph Martin. His attention to detail and craftsmanship is visible in the finished sculpture.

The Tall Swirl also has one of the most iconic silhouettes of all our decor pieces. Its distinctive look is further amplified by adding a light base to it. This makes it easy for you to pick and choose any colour for this centrepiece. It is usable in almost any theme ranging from futuristic to winter wonderland.

tall swirl tall table centres

tall swirl table centre

6.    Circus Parasol

Bringing a Victorian or circus theme to life in a unique way can be tough. Luckily, at Table Art, you can find the perfect Circus Parasol centrepiece. These tall table centres is large enough to sit above the eyeline of all at the table. It also has an extremely distinctive red and white colour scheme that is fun and vibrant.

The design of the circus parasol makes one feel nostalgic over the circus coming to town. The centrepiece goes well with different themes as well. It’s not only perfect for circus themes but also for Alice in Wonderland as well as beach themed parties too.

circus parasol tall table centres

7.    Keyboard

Musical themes can be challenging but our Keyboard centrepiece is perfect for this. This beautiful curved centrepiece has a frosted design of a piano keyboard on it. Complete with a light base, you can switch between different lighting options.

The funky design emulates how fun music can be and is perfect for musical themes. Whether you’re hosting a show for musicians or are celebrating music, this centrepiece is the one. The different light options also make it easy to mix and match and create a colour scheme with ease.

keyboard tall table centres

keyboard centres

8.    Pixel Crystal Ice Bucket

Matching functionality with aesthetics, our Pixel Crystal Ice Bucket is a must-have. It not only looks beautiful, but it also ensures that all drinks are properly chilled. The pixel crystal ice bucket has quadruple, clear acrylic ice buckets at the base.

The tall post has delicate crystal diamantes draped on top. It is also compatible with our state-of-the-art DMX lighting system. This gives you the flexibility to customise the colour scheme. It also makes the centrepiece breathtaking.

pixel crystal ice bucket tall table centre

Let Us Make Your Events Special

At Table Art, you can expect to get the best tall table centrepieces. Whether you need for corporate events, weddings or themed parties, you can find everything you need. We don’t just offer centrepieces but other decor items as well. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about decor and party hosting services.

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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