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Table Lamps to fit any Themed Event

Table Lamp Table Centres to fit any Event with Table Art

Table Lamp table centres to fit any event are now a very popular option. Lit wirelessly, they are the perfect table centre for any mood. 

Table Art have an amazing range of Table Lamp table centres but due to their ever increasing popularity, we have just added some brand new designs to our collection.

Sir Humphry Davy invented the very first electric lamp in 1805. It was a carbon arc lamp where two carbon rods were attached to an electric source. Cleverly, the rods were placed at a distance apart and the electricity would arc and create light.

Thomas Edison and Sir Joseph Swann invented the first proper electric table lamps. Thomas Edison’s version was to become the world’s first commercially sold lamp in the year 1879. Table lamps have certainly come a long way since then.

Perfect for your Art Deco event or in an Art Deco styled venue. Take a look at our newest Table Lamp Table Centres options below – 

White Cabaret Lamp

Sometimes, all you want is simple and elegant. Our new White Cabaret Lamp is the perfect solution. With no wires, this sits perfectly in the centre of your table to create the perfect atmosphere. It can also be controlled with DMX to make stunning light effects across the venue.

Art Deco Cabaret Lamp table centres Table Art
white cabaret lamp

Manhattan Lamp

The Manhattan Lamp is one of our own creations and the perfect for for an Art Deco style event. Classic, beautiful and stunning, this wireless DMX controlled centrepiece will get your guests talking.

manhattan lamp
manhattan lamp

Botanical Tiffany Lamp

This stylish Lamp has an intricate pattern of purple and green. Giving it a delicate but unique look, this lit centrepiece is perfect in a classical venue. We first launched this Table Lamp in The Natural History Museum where it fitted perfectly, When controlled by DMX,, this lamp turns from a classic beauty to an unforgettable experience.

lamp table centres

Ghost Lamp

This unique lamp gives a modern twist to the classical Cabaret Lamp. The silhouette frame exposes  the LED bulb which is controllable by DMX. A real ice-breaker, the individuality of this table centre will be a real talking point for your guests.

ghost cabaret lamp
ghost cabaret lamp

Ritz Lamp

The Ritz Lamp comes in a whole range of its own. It can be tall, low level, gold or silver. Or why not choose a combination for your event.  A mix of tall and low level give your room real depth. Perfect for an Art Deco event or in an Art Deco style venue. Create stunning effects with DMX to mix this classic design with modern technology.


Why not also check out our other lamp options – Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp, Pearlescent Tiffany Lamp, Tuscan Tiffany Lamp, Art Deco Statuette, Fluffy Lamp, Venetian Lamp Post, Fringed Lamp, Cabaret Lamp or a Custom Print Lamp.

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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