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Table Centres that will transform the look of any event

Table Centres that will transform the look of any event.

Table Art have put together some of our most popular table centres that will transform the look of any event. Putting a decoration in the middle of the table has been popular since medieval times when people first started getting together for dinner. It brings a theme or idea to the position on the table that is always in the line of sight of every guest. Since the 1970s, table centres have evolved from simple bunches of balloons and candelabras to what they are today. Radio DMX technology now alters the colours and brightness from any lighting desk, making table centres an essential part of any lighting display. Table Art is the world leader in radio controlled, lit table centres. We always pushing the boundaries with new ideas and technology. We keep bringing new designs and experiences to the middle of dining tables all over the world.

 1. Showman

With its unbelievable success, the film Greatest Showman has massively influenced the event industry. I think everyone has found that they have had to meet clients’ demands by producing designs that complement the Victorian Circus theme. Our silhouette Ringmaster figures stand at 700mm tall and 400mm wide. Displayed on our Eglow light box, it has great presence and really brings the positive mood of the film to any event.


 2. Mini Cabaret Lamp

Sometimes when current technology and traditional designs and materials are brought together, beautiful things can happen. At 50cm tall this traditional looking table centre is small enough to be below the level of conversation across a dining table but grand enough to really make an impression. A warm white light glows from beneath the red silk fabric lined lampshade. DMX radio control can dim the lights or brighten them to change the feel. From a dim, warm, cosy effect to a bright or flashing program when giving awards on stage. Or you may want to increase the brightness for  your guests to be able to see more on the tables during dinner. 


 3.  Candlestick

The ever-popular candlestick has been used for centuries to dress tables at dining rooms all over the world. But now it has now been given a millennium makeover. It is made in the latest, clear acrylic and dressed with an incredibly realistic church candle. Over 1m in total height and placed on either our simple coloured Eglow 3 light without radio DMX control or on our Eglow 7 light with full radio DMX control. This is ideal for controlling the lights’ colour and brightness when it is important to clients and lighting controllers.


 4. Rocket

1m tall with a trail of lit smoke appearing to billow from the back of the rockets. These clever centrepieces look like they are heading to space from the middle of the dining tables. By simply using these rockets in a darkened venue with cleverly placed planet decorations and maybe an inflatable 4m rocket prop, we can transform any venue into an outer space experience. 


 5.  Crystal Candelabra

This candelabra comes in clear or hand frosted acrylic depending on the effect required. For extra glitzy bling, we can drape them with hanging crystals. The candles are completely safe twinkling LEDs but look exactly like real candles. They are often a cause of much embarrassment when venue staff attempt to blow them out at the end of events!!


6. Flower Fountain

When Spring is in the air, clients look for flowers to bring colour to their events. However, with current thinking, imported fresh flowers may be considered environmentally unfriendly. This is due to them being imported and transported from countries like Holland etc. The elegant Flower Fountain has a reusable contemporary white flower at the end of each stem. This catches the light beautifully from the lit lily vase with water crystals that creates the core of the design. The flowers move gently in any breeze at the end of the elegant rods of clear acrylic.


 7.  Blossom Tree

A tall elegant table centre standing at 1.2m tall and with a 60cm x 15cm straight sided vase to keep everything in place. Ideal for when sight lines are not a problem at the back or the sides of the dining room. Sparkling LED fairy lights can dress the tops to give a twinkling effect above the heads of diners. Ideally combined with lower level versions for tables to the front of the room or in front of the stage where acts will be performing. Check out the Efflorescence.


 8. Rotating Carousel

A modern, contemporary version of a Victorian carousel. They are 1m tall with interchangeable coloured panels around the top. They catch the light that projects up from the Eglow3 or Eglow 7 light at the base. For extra stunning effect, the whole table centre can rotate. With new technology, we can controll the rotation by radio from any lighting operators light desk using our new unique AR1 Art Rotator.

carousel crypt liverpool circus fun fair lit table decor

 9. Ice Melt

A great way to bring the ever-popular effect of real ice to the centre of the table. The 150mm ball of ice gradually melts during dinner. The ice water drips over the company logo or message hanging within the vase and collects within the body of the glass vase. The light at the base catches the effect beautifully.


 10. Victorian Carousel

A more traditional version of the original Carousel. This is a twisted gold central pole with an aged red and white canopy. Hanging carousel horses can be changed to fit the event if required. Of course, everything is lit by either our Eglow 3 or Eglow 7 DMX radio-controlled light. For extra effect, the carousel can be rotated on our AR1 radio-controlled rotator.

 11. Pixel Tube

The unique Pixel Tube table centre with 16 x individual, radio-controlled pixels that are visible from 360 degrees. Controlled with our laptop, we can create an unlimited number of effects across a venue. From gentle, white cascading snow to a pulsing dance program to a hot burning fire, the possibilities are endless. Control can be handed over to event lighting engineers when seamless coordination is required between the table centres and the event lighting.


 12. Exploding Confetti Balloon

At 900mm diameter and floating at literally any height above a radio DMX light box, these exploding balloons are a stunning decoration. Ideal for guests’ arrival or to create a huge impact when they are exploded at the start of the party or launch of a product. Watch in awe as confetti cascades down over the entire room at the touch of a button.


 13. Circus Parasol

Becoming popular as a large, high impact table centre, the Circus Parasol is perfect when in a large venue with plenty of space to fill. The shape of this red and white umbrella design is perfect for catching the light from our Eglow 3 and Eglow 7 light. Versatile, it can range in height from 80cm to 1.2m.


 14. Branded Display Case

Closely resembling a museum case. This all acrylic clear display case can showcase a product or logo in the middle of the table. Glow lights can sit either at the top or base or both for a brighter surround lighting effect. We can also add branding in numerous ways.


 15. Lunar Glow

This 3D printed moon is internally lit. Plus an additional Eglow lights its clear stand from beneath. At 20cm diameter, these moons will be sure to catch everyone’s eye suspended above the tables on a 800mm tall clear stand. Furthermore it also perfectly complements our Rocket and Planet table centres. For extra impact add an inflatable 4m rocket prop for the pre-dinner drinks area or on stage.


 16. Twisted Flame

This table centre has been and is still popping up at events all over the world including Dubai, USA, South Africa and of course London. Designed and made these in our workshop in Leamington Spa, we have the pleasure of seeing these displayed at some of the world’s highest profile events. We make each one by hand so they are individually unique. However they all are obviously from the same design so match perfectly. The organic look and differences are what make them a beautiful unique piece of contemporary art that bring modern design to the middle of any dining table.

twisted flame lit brewery bafta games table centre

If you would like help creating your next event, then get in touch with the styling experts at Table Art for a free consultation.

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