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How Table Art Revolutionised Table Centrepieces At Events

How Table Art Revolutionised Table Centrepieces At Events

flame centrepiece

Table centrepieces at events have evolved. For several decades, when people thought of centrepieces the only question they asked was, “flowers or candles”?  

Outside of weddings, table centrepieces at events were often an afterthought. They were considered the finishing touch to a theme rather than the focal point of one.   

At Table Art, we wanted to change this. We still believe that few things are as captivating as a masterful floral arrangement. And that candlelight is a kind of magic, but we wanted people to rethink what centrepieces can do for their event.

Using dynamic lighting, high-quality materials, and meticulous detail – we started making audacious centrepieces that have revolutionised the ways guests interact with decorations and how we style events.    

In this post, we’re going to look at what sets our creations apart. Also how we’ve championed event styling as an art form.

Creating Dynamically Lit Centrepieces

Having lit centrepieces isn’t new. Centrepieces have been lit by various sources for a long time – typically by candlelight or simple bulbs.

However, Table Art’s centrepieces aren’t just illuminated. They can work as a powerful and cost-effective source of light on their own.

Working with Lumenradio, we developed a wireless LED light system that can wash the venue in a range of colours. They can also be changed to match the atmosphere of the room as the event unfolds.

candelabra acryclic legs

Using High-Quality Materials

Disposable decorations and centrepieces will always lack the refinement and heft of the statement pieces which we have built to last.

We wanted to elevate our centrepieces to new levels of sophistication. So we ensured that we built any decoration or prop using high-quality materials. We make the designs come to life in our eco-friendly workshop with our dedicated team of stylists and crafters.

With a high-quality centrepiece, we transport guests to a different world. Here they can see the level of care put into every detail of an event.

statuette vintage centrepiece

Taking Event Themes Seriously

Whether you’re looking for a wild west party or an opulent masquerade ball, we think a themed event is an excellent way to create fantastic designs that guests will remember for years to come.

With our centrepieces, you can keep your theme in focus at all times and sustain the perfect atmosphere across every inch of your venue.

Only your imagination can restrain the design of the centrepiece and we’ve had decades of experience complementing themes with our creations.

How Table Art revolutionised table centrepieces at events -a steampunk themed table centrepiece

Redefining Event Style

Whenever we begin working with a client to style an event we go through a precise consultation process. Firstly we find the right venue, discover what their needs are, and settle on the ideal atmosphere to create.

We think the centrepiece is the heart of a design so that it can anchor the style and everything expands out from it.

Events should tell a story with their style and decorations: Think about how guests use the space and how their eyes wander around the room.

We can truly customise our centrepieces and they can add new textures and put in height and attractions where otherwise there would be empty space.

tiffany lamp table centre

Creating Unique Branding Opportunities

The purpose of events has evolved over time and thanks to the widespread use of social media – they are now crucial parts of many marketing strategies.

Centrepieces will feature predominately in photographs and they can include logos, products, and many different types of branding. This makes them a unique way for people to view your brand.

We’ve immortalised brands in blocks of ice, displayed their merchandise in glass cases, and had their name up in lights.  

pixel tube table centres

The Future Of Table Centrepieces At Events

At Table Art, we’ve challenged what people think is possible with a centrepiece. They truly are at the centre of an event and not just another decoration.

One powerful centrepiece can wow guests from across the room and change the look and feel of an entire venue. These wild designs and remarkable statement pieces are available for events of all types and budgets. We custom-make for your style.

If you’d like to have the Table Art touch at your next event, then talk to us today for a free consultation.


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