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Table Art World Series: Rio de Janeiro

The Table Art World Series: Rio de Janeiro

Table Art World Series: While we are restricted in our travel, let us bring the World to you.

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People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…

That is certainly true of travel. Now our movements are restricted, many of us are pining for an escape. Here at Table Art, we feel your pain.

What we want to share is our Table Art World Series of Event Styling, giving you a slice of travel every other Friday. We appreciate this isn’t a remedy but hopefully it gives you a moment of inspiration and calm amid the chaos.

rio event theme
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Rio de Janeiro: Event Theme

Where to start? Well we wanted something a world away from the situation we currently find ourselves in. Picturing the warm shores of Copacabana Beach is a much-needed balm to our reality. What could be better than a moment to picture a yourself in Rio de Janeiro.

A city renowned for its vivacious Carnivals, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes and samba dancers. It is widely considered one of the best Carnivals in the World. Other calling cards to the iconic city is its sprawling favelas and mighty Christ the Redeemer Statue. With Sugarloaf Mountain on the mouth of Guanabara Bay, the backdrop to this city is truly breath-taking.

Olypmic Dreams…

In 2016, Rio became home to the Olympics. It will be no surprise to learn we became inundated with enquiries that the year leading up to it. Event planners looking to bring a flavour of Rio to their event. Unsurprisingly, we are always more than happy to oblige! Working closely with the design Studio, Gary worked on preliminary sketches. Looking to build a distinctive set of props and centrepieces. The aim, to produce a range a world away from what our competitors had to offer. 

A very big year for us at Table Art. In 2016, We rode the Olympic wave and found ourselves delivering Rio Styling on almost daily basis. Obviously, trends come and go and since it’s height, the Rio theme had slowly faded into the backrooms of our Warehouse.

Now to 2020… well no one could have predicted the situation we find ourselves in. As day to day life seems to blend all into one huge grey chaotic mess. As part of the Table Art World Series, what could be lovelier than spending a moment in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. For the moment, this is a simple look at the Rio event styling range.  But the wider ambition for this case study is to inspire you. Igniting the need to party post Covid. Celebrating the end of a dark period of history with a riotous party of colour!

rio event style
rio themed event

Event Styling: The Concept

There is no party like a Rio Carnival. Colours abound at this lively event, with the sounds of people enjoying salsa music. Palm trees frame the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. Guests are transported to a Brazilian fiesta with decorations and festive table centres. A great opportunity to inject colour into a corporate event. Attendees will be rushing to the event. Excited to be greeted by feathered carnival goers and to drink Caipirinhas (Rio’s National Drink). 

This gives an event planner such scope for creativity. It’s almost criminal how fun it could be in both the planning and execution. From those initial invites, setting a vibrant tone right from the start. To the photo backdrop that will prove popular on Social Media. Picking every element will be a blissful experience, especially when you choose Table Art as your stylists. We will cover everything from the décor at the heart of the table to the bunting draped around the room.

Let’s start with what we can offer you. Look at a list of key props and centres that we guarantee will liven up your Event!

rio event styling
rio statue hire

Event Styling: What we have to offer…

Christ the Redeemer Statue

Starting with the most recognisable landmarks, Gary, keen to create a Christ the Redeemer Statue. The key strength, to develop something easily flat packed and transported in a flight case. This brief meant that the design team had to tackle the overall structure. Pinpointing the structurally sound parts to divide up.

Another key component to this design would be the ability to replicate it. As I said, in 2016, Rio theming rocketed in popularity. As a result, we had multiple bookings for the statue. Thus, illustrating the need to create duplicates. Working with a sculpture, we created a mould. Carefully considering the points of construction, the team worked with fibreglass to bring the structure to life.

2016 saw the creation of no less than three Statues, finished to the highest standard. Nailing the brief, each statue is easily stored within a single flight case. An absolute blessing when it came to the installs and derigs. Rolling a flight case into a room beats lugging a statue about the place!

Once of the most memorable events that the statue featured at the Summer Season at The Brewery Venue. With a glass like marquee at their entrance, dressed in tropical, the Statue made a fabulous feature in the heart of it all.

rio brazil statue event

Rio Printed Panels

Standing at 2.4m tall and 1.2m wide. The panels lend themselves well as a series of panels, they are easily joined with a concealed bolt. This offers tremendous scope for our designers, allowing them to create series of designs that work just as effectively as a single panel.

When you think of Rio de Janeiro, you think of those vibrant and sprawling favelas. For this reason that we felt it so important to capture their image on our LED Light Panels. Also important, to feature a lively Carnival scene. Characteristic of those carnivals is dancers adorned with feathers. With the help of Shutterstock, we sourced a colourful collection of images. We applied a photoshop filter that gave the pieces a painted effect. The overall look is one of an art installation depicting scenes of Rio.

Art Installations….

These are such a versatile choice of dressing. Firstly, they can make a fantastic photo backdrop. A great feature on social media, this will instantly translate the theme as guests busily upload their photos to instagram. Secondly, they can be an effective backdrop to a staging area. With a LED strip internally lighting the panels, they illuminate a wall with minimal effort. Finally, they have proven to be a great feature behind a bar. The illuminated panels proving to be a draw to the eye for that guest looking to get the drinks in.

rio event styling table art
rio event hire

Oil Barrel Poseurs

Although the Olympics brought an economic boost to the region, the city is still working hard to get beyond its industrial roots. It is important to give a rounded depiction of Modern Rio and so we wanted to introduce Industrial elements. Here the Oil Barrel Poseurs came into play.

Obviously, it would be less than ideal to drag in real Oil Barrels. Beyond the awkward sizing, its also not the most hygienic of props. The solution? To create a flat packed table that looked like a stylised Oil Barrel. Using a standard poseur table as our base, the first task- to make some rustic counter tops. Made from pallet wood, our team carefully sanded each piece and constructed the countertop. Then working with our neighbours Tracy Adams Ltd (textile manufacturers), we developed an oil barrel print. Designing it in a cylindrical shape, the fabric cover just drops over the table. The result is something that looks fab and is easily moved to accommodate your aesthetic.

oil barrel event hire


One of the most cost-effective ways to inject colour into an event is the use of bunting. Step away from the expensive draping of old and opt for something truly modern.  Homing in on the rustic style that we have come to develop for the Rio Theme, bunting works brilliantly with that. Rough cut fabric ribbon in a vibrant selection of colours have been made into eye catching bunting. As you can see from our images, it looks particularly effective against a star cloth backdrop. The black background really making the colours of the bunting pop!

Not to brag or anything but we are quietly becoming masters of Bunting! With the help of Tracy Adams Ltd, we can create any style of bunting. Any colour, any shape. We can make a bunting to your exact specifications. Contact our team for a quotation.

rio event theming

Event Styling: Centrepieces.

We know the vital importance of getting the choice of table centre right. That is especially true when hosting a Rio themed event. However much you put into the props and furniture, if the table centres are a dull selection then the theme falls. But don’t fear. Table Art has a dazzling selection of Rio themed table centres for you to choose from. Here we take a look at the most popular choices for the theme:

Rio Twist

Looking to liven up your Carnival-themed event? Look no further than Table Art’s ingenious Rio Twist table centrepieces!  Available in a tall or low form, the Rio Twist has been transforming events up and down the country. What’s more, they’re equipped with two powerful LED plates – one at the top and one at the bottom, for ultimate control over colour and patterns with our exciting DMX lighting technology.

Masquerade Vase

The Masquerade Vase is a vibrant new design to the range. Let the Masked Vase ignite your love of a Fiesta! This centrepiece has all the life of a Brazilian Carnival. Featuring a colourful boa, this fluted vase takes on a vibrant look. No two designs are alike, with a different colour combination on every table. Beautifully accessorized with carnival masks and a crown of flowers. This design is packed full of character, much like the Carnival it honours. An injection of colour in the heart of the table, this is sure to make your event pop!

Pixel String

Following the immense demand for the Pixel Tube, the Pixel String is an answer to calls for more design variations to this innovative table centre. With iridescent strings descending the tube, the shape is softened by an intricate lighting effect created by the draped threads.

Feather Vase

With a crown of flawless white ostrich feathers, the Feather Vase is a decadent addition to our fluted vase range. From an Art Deco inspired Awards evening to a birthday celebration fit for a diva, this Feather vase is the ideal choice for the design conscious event planner.

feather lamp

Everything you need…

This blog showcases everything that we love about Rio de Janeiro. A city packed full of life and colour, all mirrored by a vivid selection of props. Table Art does things differently, investing into key developments. Our emphasis is always on aesthetic, service and ease of installation. The combination of those three elements is a winning one and sees our team dressing events across the globe.

As the lockdown continues, we hope you enjoy our World Series. Taking a moment out of the grey everyday to go on adventure.

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