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Table Art Transformations: Prototype to Perfection

Table Art Transformations: Prototype to Perfection

Table Art highlights a selection of props and centrepieces that are true Table Art Transformations!

We all love a before and after pic, so here at Table Art we have created this blog. Showing a fantastic collection of before and after pictures of our designs. This illustrates the journey from prototype design to prop perfection. A Table Art Transformations Blog not to be missed! 

As many of you will know, we have a design studio here that is bursting at the seams with prototypes. Everyday something is newly crafted and developed for the events market. With MD Gary Martin at the helm, the studio is a never-ending train of creation. Table Art take great pride in it’s creativity, forging on with new concepts to excite the events field. Here in this blog we give you an exclusive look at the process of creation. Showing you how a prototype is transformed into a final product fit for the events industry.

table centre transforms

Circus Elephant

To begin, we look at our Circus Elephant. The latest inflatable model made by our dedicated team. Based on the African elephant, Gary sketched out his concept and presented it to the studio. With careful planning and with the crafting of some detailed CAD drawings, the team set to task making the inflatable. This first picture shows the prototype in all its rough and ready glory! Made from white material and printed eyes, the inflatable had a ghost like quality. The next step, vitally table art looked to transform the piece from a blank canvas to a show stopping art installation.

Image two shows the result of our endeavours. We worked collaboratively with an graffiti ace to bring the elephant to life. What may have struck you in the ‘before’ picture, the bag like fabric draped over the trunk. Whats is that?! I hear you muttering. Well we were keen to make the skin of the elephant and life like as possible. No elephant is as smooth as a balloon and so we wanted to add a drape like effect to the fabric. To do this, Gary focussed on the most striking elements of the animal and created additional layers of fabric. This extra set of layers drew the eye, a great foundation for the graffiti artist to work from. From the ‘after’ picture, the artist painted in the contours of the fabric to exaggerate the effect. I think we can all agree that the transformation on this piece is astounding!

table art elephant creation

Dream Circus Elephant

No, you aren’t seeing double, it is indeed another elephant! When the Dream Circus trend took over, the demand for inflatable elephants can be overwhelming. The design studio knew the importance of creating new and exciting versions of the Elephant and this, the second release from the range. Owing to its more simplistic shaping, when we inflated the prototype- the consensus? That it needed extra detailing to bring it to life. With the storm of ‘The Greatest Showman’ theming brewing, we thought branded draping would be a great approach. For those who have seen the film, you will know that the main protagonist rides in on an elephant fully decked out in the Circus Branding. Gary wanted to echo that with this inflatable.

elephant prop table art

Every prop company needs a textile factory parked up next to them. We have that advantage here at Table Art. Tracy Adams, led by MD John is a huge support for everything we do here at Table Art. When the need for draping arose, one man Gary knew he could go to. With John admiring the elephant in the warehouse, Gary shared with him the concept- supported by sketches. With those resources in hand, John set his team to task. They selected monochrome silks to suit the aesthetic of dream circus and created a saddle drape and head piece for the elephant. As you can see from these ‘after’ pictures, the results were effective. The draping worked fantastically with existing look of the Dream Circus trend. The elephant went onto be one of the most popular inflatables and has been featured as backdrop for many a selfie!

elephant prop design

Queen of Hearts

This project can be described as a real labour of love for Gary. With the rise of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ event theming, the Table Art team were looking to build up their existing range. Event Props is well worn ground with hundreds of suppliers across the UK. Our aim here at Table Art is to approach event prop hire differently and offer a truly unique product range.

table art queen

When we started looking at the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme, we wanted to steer clear of the most sighted characters. Ignoring the Madhatter, tweedled dee and tweedled dum- we looked at alternatives. What struck us first – the Queen of Hearts. She would make a great prop! A force to be reckoned with, she would make for a fantastic feature at event.

So to making her… Firstly, we chose the Queen as depicted by Helena Bonham Carter in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass films. Using imagery direct from the movies, we approached a sculpture to create an accurate depiction of the face. Finding our sculpture on Linkedin, Justin Pook jumped at the project with all the enthusiasm you could hope for. Working from his home studio, we received regular updates. As you can see from the ‘before’ images, the sculpture took on the likeness very early on. With the painting complete, we marvelled at the results.

table art queen heart

Then back to the guys at Tracy Adams Textiles Ltd. We asked our neighbours to create the skirt, making it big enough to hide the internal stand mechanisms. The resulting combination of sculpture and textiles- astounding! The Queen went on to debut at The Brewery Venue and stole the show.

table art queen of hearts

Dream Circus Panels

The Design Studio also includes two graphic designers that are on hand to offer visuals, branding and marketing at a moments notice. Here at Table Art, their primary work is on the Light Panels that are used most commonly on themed events. Making for an effective backdrop, we have thousands of panel prints to suit any theme. As we have said previously, the Dream Circus trend grows year on year. Thus, we have a demand for Dream Circus Panels annually. This past year saw a request for a monochrome set of panels that featured balloons. With the client looking to have Organic Balloon displays alongside their Dream Circus Elephant, they thought the mirroring of this in the light panels would be an elegant addition.

table art transform

The first step of our graphic designers is to scour Shutterstock. Selecting a wide range of images, they create quick visuals to present to both the team and client. Once a design is approved, it’s a simple process of downloading the appropriate imagery and working away on it in photoshop. For this design, the client wanted only the balloons coloured. A simple alternation, they set the images to black and white and then pulled out the colours from the balloon. As you can see, the result wasn’t a world away from the original visual.

If you have your own idea for light panels, contact the team today. We would be more than happy to put together a selection of visuals for you.

table art transformation

Rocket Table Centre

Another fantastic Table Art transformation, this focusses on the Rocket Table Centre. Created by Table Art designer Joseph Martin, designed specifically for the ‘Journey to the Moon concept created for the Brewery Venue. Joe’s specialism is acrylic and he has forged a great many of our designs, including the Swirls and Blazes. With the Rocket design, he wanted to create the smoke from a launch with the acrylic. Cutting out cloud like shapes on our CNC machine, he took the shapes back to his kiln for transformation. Here he places the pieces in the kiln and once removed, they are malleable enough to reshape. Once happy with the new shaping, now onto the Rocket. These simply sourced from a toy shop, they are sprayed silver.

table art rocket making

Combining the two elements and placing them on the trademark Table Art light is where the piece truly transforms. The separate elements coming together beautifully to make the Rocket Smoke centrepiece. This design went onto be the most popular from the space range of theming we have to offer.

table art rocket design

The Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed this selection of Table Art Transformations. This blog has aimed to illustrate the creative process and the dedication it takes from our team to bring these designs to life.  We also hope that this blog delivers a sense of the skill sets here at Table Art. For those looking for a custom creation, you can take confidence in your findings here. Seeing something from concept to creation, you know that Table Art will deliver the goods.

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