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Table Art: The Star Collection

Table Art: The Star Collection

Reach for the stars with a cosmic motif at your next awards show! Check out our Star Collection:

When it comes to hosting an awards show, one motif sings loudest. Celebrating the stars of your industry? No wonder it leads you to thinking of a Star theme for the awards. Table Art have an unrivalled Star collection of table centres. With every style, height, and colour imaginable, there is a design here to suit your needs!

Decades of Experience

Our decades of experience in the events industry has taught us many things and one of those is that award shows love a star theme! For this reason, our design studio continues to develop a range of Star Themed centrepieces for the awards market. Here we explore the range and look at what will work best for your event.

star vase

Star Fountain

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” ― Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

The original Table Art Star design, this was first conceptualised back in 2010. Firstly, looking to utilize a tall fluted vase, the design team created a cascade effect of Stars. Selecting a white star silhouette meant that they are better able to capture the light. No need to over complicate a design, by choosing white/ clear materials- the centrepiece will take on whatever colour you choose to upplight it in!

As one of our first Star Concepts, it has been one of our most prolific designs. As a result, we invested in our stock levels early in its formation. So, with over 50 in stock it has been chosen on some of the larger awards shows in the corporate field.  Most recently it was selected for an Awards show for Boots at the Principal Manchester. Playing with purple and blue tones, the Star Fountains cast a crisp light against the muted AV coloured backdrop.

TOP TIP: When choosing a colour for your centrepiece, opt for a contrast to your AV Lighting Design. Why? When you choose to ‘match’ the background, often a centrepiece will camouflage and blend into its surroundings rather than pop!


Star Globe

“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Following the success of the Star Fountain, the Star Globe was a natural next step. More complex in it’s construction, it takes advantage of our classic acrylic stand but with the addition of a Star decked orb. These stars are also painted white but have the added detail of silver glitter. The result of which is a sparkling capture of light that falls down to the table, a magical effect.

As one of our tallest Star Designs, this centrepiece is always on trend for the large-scale events. Corporate Award Shows looking to make maximum impact with the DMX Lighting system often turn to the taller centrepieces. Why? Importantly, with the taller choice you are guaranteeing that guests can see the centrepieces from every angle. Particularly effective when you choose to highlight winners’ tables with lights, you want to make sure everyone can see.

Triple Star

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.“ – William Shakespeare

One of our more recent inventions. Created for the Global Make Some Noise Awards back in 2018, it has gone onto be one our most popular low-level table centres. Working in high quality clear acrylic, the design is made up of three sharply cut stars. They are formed together to create a mirroring effect and when placed on a light, illuminate beautifully.

For tables laden with ice buckets, pamphlets and glassware, a low-level centrepiece would seem like an odd choice. However, if you consider the Global Make Some Noise Awards, you can see that the illumination of the Triple Star draws the eye and steers you away from the clutter surrounding it. Moreover, worth considering when you client has an endless collection of things they want adding to the table.

Growing Popularity…

Consequently, with its popularity every growing, we invested in the production and Jake here made 50+ pieces. This means that we can easily accommodate the larger corporate awards. Have more tables than 50? Not a problem. We can happily make more or perhaps a mix would be a more dynamic solution? Certainly, these Triple Stars look particularly effective when mixed with a Star Fountain.

triple star centrepiece

Ice Star

“The sight of the stars makes me dream.“ – Vincent Van Gogh

The Global Make Some Noise Awards received such positive feedback from the Triple Stars that they wanted to keep with a similar style and theme for their subsequent booking. Looking to offer something a little more opulent, they looked to create a version sculpted in ice. The result of those efforts was the Ice Star. Working with the PS Group, the Ice Star was carved and included an etched table number. Beautiful and functional!

HOT TIP: If you are looking to create package options on your event, a great way of illustrating that is with your choice of table centres. For those who select a gold package, give them an Ice Star centrepiece, instantly elevating the status of the table. Then onto the Silver Package with the Triple Star, a small but perfectly formed choice.  

numbered table centres

Pixel String Star

“Maybe that’s what life is… a wink of the eye and winking stars.“ – Jack Kerouac

If you are looking for a centrepiece with innovation and technology at its heart, then look no further than the Pixel String Star. Using our Pixel Tube as the base, it comes with 16 individual DMX channels as standard. Then draped over is a crisp white set of strings that play with the light and deliver a dramatic look. The final flourish is a pair of stars at the very top of the piece.

These centrepieces are commonly used on the high-end awards shows. Looking to invest, an event planner will choose these beauties so that the AV team can make the most of the DMX system. New to DMX? What these 16 channels allows you to do is pinpoint each and colour them to suit. With the help of an AV team, this creates an exceptional look for an event.


Star Vase

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Don’t let the simplistic look of these fool you, they are a fantastic choice of centrepiece for a star themed award show. Using the same fluted vase from the Star Fountain, the Star Vase is transformed with a pair of golden stars. Making the most of its height, the vase is filled with water beads to capture light.

A great choice for more intimate awards. The Star Vase looked particularly beautiful at a recent Table Art Scotland Event. Here you can see the client opted for a yellow uplighter to contrast with the purple AV background. When you upgrade to DMX you can highlight winners’ tables and really raise the anticipation of the big announcements!

centrepieces for corporate events

Floating Star

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” – Marilyn Monroe

Developed especially for Best Parties Ever, these Floating Stars are based on our Acrobat Table Centre. Changing out the Circus Performer silhouettes for a laser cut star shape. Again, the star is finished in white to capture the light most effectively.

These are unusual in the star collection in that they appear to have Stars floating in mid-air. A great illusion that delivers a magical look to an event, especially effective when a client chooses a low-level lighting for their event. Here you can see them at an event at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole. Here it is clear that they work well in a natural white light also but to get maximum impact, we recommend a darker background.


Star Clusters

“The Milky Way is nothing else but a mass of innumerable stars planted together in clusters.” – Galileo Galilei

Star Clusters are our most recent addition to the Star Range. Having invested in smaller fluted vases back in 2019, we had a client looking to replicate the Star Globe on a smaller scale. The new vases were the perfect base so it was down to downscaling the Star Globe top. Our design studio undertook this task and created a solid orb detailed with Stars. Simply placed on top of the smaller vases, the Star Cluster was created!

First debuting at the Battersea Evolution last Autumn, we have gone onto develop a low-level version. With both a low and tall version available, we recommend mixing the two to give a dynamic look across a room.

mini star globe centres

The Wrap Up

We hope you enjoy this run down of our Star Collection. The Table Art Studio aim to continue development and bring more to the range in the coming years. Music to the ears of event planners, we aim to have a new Star themed centrepiece annually. Perfect for an annual star themed awards show.

Contact our sales team today for a Star Catalogue.


star themed centrepieces

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