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Table Art Staff Picks: Centrepieces

Table Art Staff Picks: Centrepieces

Centrepieces chosen by the people that know them best. The Table Art team highlight their favourite designs…

The collective experience of the Events Industry at Table Art nears a century. Drawing upon this knowledge, we thought it time to ask the experts. Speaking with our Table Art team, we tasked them with picking their favourite table centres for this year. As our team are such a varied and creative bunch, it comes as no surprise that the collection they have put together reflects a wide range of taste and styles. With a great selection box of products on offer, we are sure there is something to suit your event here.

With 190+ Table Centre designs, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the perfect design for your event. Our team have taken the hard work out of decision making and selected their favourite designs to share with you. You get the inside track on the Table Art Collection, getting a sense of what centrepiece would work best for you. With your convenience in mind, we have linked the product chosen alongside a wealth of pictures for you to look at.

Now onto the Staff Picks!

Pixel Tubes

“Pixel Tubes come with multiple DMX channels so as a light tech, this gives me free reign to get creative on an event! ” ~ Andy Rawlings | Technical Development Manager

Andy has selected our Pixel Tube, arguably one of the most prolific centrepieces from our range. We have well over 200 Pixel Tubes available, so this design is often chosen for the large-scale corporate events. One such event last year was the EE Conference held at the NEC Birmingham. We installed a mix of tall and low Pixel Tubes and synced them direct to the onsite lighting desk. The result was a centrepiece that seamlessly followed the surrounding circular screens. It was a real light show to behold!

andy centre

Windsor Candelabra

“I love the Windsor’s, a new take on the classic Candelabra. The tapered LED candles are really elegant.” ~ Clare Martin | Office Manager

Candelabras have long been a favourite of the sales team. So, it was no surprise that when the studio introduced the Windsor– it was met with unbridled enthusiasm! This slim line candelabra has all the elegance of our Classic Candelabra but with a narrower silhouette, giving it a more feminine tone. Proving popular at Weddings, these offer couples a touch of the tradition with an undeniably modern approach with the use of lights.

clare centre

Rio Twist

“I installed these for an event earlier this year and thought that they made a real impact on the room.” ~ Connor Jeffries | Social Media Strategist

The Rio Twists are a riot of colour that inject a real sense of fun into events that run the risk of being dull corporate affairs. Each Rio Twist boasts two light sources, top and bottom. Consequently, the lighting effects that can be achieved are remarkable. As with an artist’s pallet, colours mix, and the results are awe-inspiring. Connor recently installed these Rio Twists for a staff Awards show in the capital and fell in love with the look. One of the coolest aspects of the job is being able to take an order and then attend the event and see the centrepieces in all their glory. What a gift it is to be able to see your hard work through the ordering process pull off with such force at an event!

connor centre

Logo Sphere

“These were the first centrepieces that I worked on. Love it when a request for these comes in, the opportunity to cut out different logos.” ~ Jake Rheams | CNC Machinist

Our MD Gary loves nothing more than when a colleague takes absolute pride in their work. Jake stands out as an example of this, nothing leaves his workshop unless he is 100% happy with the finish. Often Jake will work late into the night and early morning to deliver an order. His drive for perfection is what has made the Logo Sphere so popular. As you can see from the pictures, the logos he is tasked with etching can vary wildly. However, one thing that doesn’t vary is his commitment to delivering above and beyond what the client expects.

jake centre

Ice Point

“Designed these last year and debuted them at the Grosvenor. The Ice Point is a great way to bring your brand to the table.” ~ Joe Martin | Artistic Engineer

Another example of the teams commitment, Joe Martin is a key member to the design studio and he has selected his Ice Point Centrepiece. Developed in the autumn of 2019, MD Gary tasked Joe with creating a Pyramid Ice Sculpture that could be easily branded. The studios development of the design became such a success that it featured at the Grosvenor House London earlier this year on a staggering 100+ tables!

joe centre

Pixel String

“A Pixel Tube hybrid, these never fail to blow away a client. From the moment they are put on tables, all you hear is ‘WOW’.” ~ Gary Martin | Managing Director

A dynamic partner in the Pixel Tube Range. The Pixel Tube takes the simple concept of string draping and transforms it into this fantastic centrepiece. Our Tube was the brainchild of MD Gary Martin. Although it took a long time to develop, that time has paid off ten-fold with a range of variations now available within the collection. The Pixel String is one such variation that continues to grow in popularity.

gary centre

Botanical Lamp

“I love vintage things so this are just my cup of tea. It was hard to choose but this is my favourite from the Tiffany Collection.” ~ Helen Morgan | Client Liaison Manager

Newly introduced in 2019, our Tiffany and Cabaret Collection was the most popular style of last year. Delivering a vintage vibe to an event but not compromising on technology, we have a veritable rainbow of design options for you to choose from when it comes to the shades of these lamps. The Botanical Lamp is one of our most admired designs, partly as a result of the exceptional images taken at the Natural History Museum.

helen centre

Festival Lantern

“They remind me of a Garden Party, the paper lanterns are just so pretty. Love the colour combinations that clients come up with.” ~ Julie Whitehouse | Company Secretary

When looking for a corporate centrepiece but with a fresh summer feel, the Festival Lantern is THE choice for you. Simply yet effective, these delicate paper lanterns are illuminated on our classic acrylic stand. A highly adaptable design, you can choose the colour of lantern, perfect for those wanting to inject brand colours into their event.

julie centre

Full Moon

“Love it when a booking for the Full Moons comes in. They work so brilliantly with the DMX lighting system, great for award shows.” ~ Kevin Cooper | Warehouse Operative

Effective and reliable, the Full Moon design is a safe bet when choosing a centrepiece for your event. These illuminated orbs are an effective addition to any event, especially when you opt for the DMX upgrade. Nothing is more absorbing that watching a room transform with Full Moons flashing to flow with a performance. The performance of Emile Sande at the MOBOS is well worth a look, watch our Full Moons shine!

kevin centre

Ritz Lamp

“The Ritz Lamps catch the light so beautifully. They looked really great at the Battersea last Winter.” ~ Milly Rowley | Event Consultant

The design team truly struck gold when they created the Ritz Lamp. An awards inspired low level lamp available in gold or silver. Proven its popularity time and time again by featuring on a staggering number of events since its debut. Milly had the pleasure of working at the Battersea Evolution last year for a supplier’s gala to one of the nations departments stores. The Ritz Lamps sparked and set the event off to perfection!

milly centre

Speed Swirl

“I’m obsessed with race cars, so it has to be the Speed Swirl for me, especially the F1 Models we do.” ~ Gary Seeney | Maintenance Engineer

Clients often have a distinct theme in mind and it’s a fantastic gift to be able to offer them exactly what they are looking for. A common enquiry are ones from the automotive industry. The Speed Swirl is a great design to put forward to them. One because it hits the theme right on the nose and two, we can customise the car to suit the brand!

mos centre

Earth Globe

“The Earth Globe is just a real stunner of a centrepiece. Made from crystal, the centrepiece has a high-end feel.” ~ Rob Adams | Logistics Team Lead

The Earth Globe is one of the universal favourites amongst our team. Every year the Earth Globe finds itself chosen to light the most prestigious events. Often paired with a floral arrangement, they exude high end with the crystal orb shining bright. Last year they featured at the New York Gala for Save the Children and held their own on tables shared with Camila Cabello and Jennifer Garner.

rob centre

The Wrap Up

Well that’s a wrap on Table Art’s picks for this year. The centrepieces highlighted today range from the classics to the more contemporary. With such a small team, we often follow a booking from the ordering, preparing to the installation. Knowing a booking so intimately gives us an unprecedented insight into what centrepieces work best for an event. Although these centrepieces might not be to your taste, there are 100 plus more for you to consider!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Staff Picks for 2020. We hope we will be hearing from you shortly with a favourite centrepiece booking of your own!


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