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Pinterest: Trend Setter

Table Art Pinterest: A Trend Setter not to be Underestimated.

The influence of  Pinterest cannot be underestimated. Especially when considering the drive behind Event Theming trends. Here we look at the strength of Pinterest and how can make it work your event!

Pinterest has long been the go-to tool for Event planners looking for inspiration. With billions of images uploaded to the site, its easy use format makes it an irresistible resource. As a platform it appeals to a wide spectrum of groups, especially within the event industry. Starting with the client who is keen to get ideas on a theme. Following onto the event planner looking for ideas on how to deliver that theme. Finally, the event suppliers who use the platform to get a sense of the aesthetic both from client and planner.

Here at Table Art, we have fallen under the spell of Pinterest. Building our own account, we now have over 2500 pins and 28 Boards. All that feeds into the trends that are brought to the forefront on Pinterest.

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A Creative Ideas Laboratory

So, what is Pinterest? It is a veritable a laboratory of creative ideas. A creative platform that brings together a bounty of imagery that people can mine from. First founded in January 2010, it is aim is to offer a discovery and saving of information from across the internet. It is now commonplace to find a ‘pin this’ button on a website. Even our own here at Table Art, when you look at a product listing, you can ‘pin it’ to your own boards. It is this particular application that saw the service skyrocket in popularity. The ability to ‘pin’ you favourite images onto a collection of boards made it a fantastic working tool for a project manager.

Profile Settings:

Depending upon what profile settings you have in place, Pinterest can be a place to share your projects. A tried and tested routine here at Table Art is to share a particular Pinterest Board with a customer enquiring about the specified theme. For instance, if they are looking to throw an eighties party- we fire across our ‘Eighties Party Styling’ board.  In there a client will find examples of our products that work best with the theme. Plus a range of additional ‘pins’ that feature other suppliers work. Things like invitation ideas, costumes for guests and themed cocktails. All this ideas thrown together make for a great base to build an event from.

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Making Pinterest Work to your Advantage…

Pinterest has long been thought of as a place for craft enthusiasts but in recent years, it has had a rebrand. That rebrand has brought in a new and wide demographic previously untapped. This space now brings together people from across all industries. A great melting point for the Event industry. The ease of use and the abundance of ideas draws in the industry like moths to flame.

There are tremendous benefits for both the event client and supplier. Here we take a look at the benefits for both groups and how you can factor in Pinterest to your events.

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Benefits for Suppliers

Here at Table Art, we value Pinterest for it is two clear contributions to our business.

First and foremost, it is a platform for us to project our designs into. You write in ‘lit table centre’ into the Pinterest search engine and you will be quickly shown the best that Table Art has to offer. Our social media strategist Connor Jeffries implemented new systems with Pinterest that means the best of our events are well documented. With our practice of taking photographs at every event, Connor had a pool of images to work with. One morning a week, he pulls together the best images from the week and uploads them to a ‘recent events’ board. That board has been our most successful to date!

Table Centre Hire:

Drawing in an obscene amount of traffic to our Pinterest Profile, we have had exposure across the globe. Connor’s work on Pinterest has led us to having a glut of enquiries from America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia looking for Table Centre Hire. Countries which we had previously rarely heard from, now contact us weekly asking about our services. As a result of these international enquiries, our sales have increased exponentially. That is to say, we experienced the build before Covid, we hope that post the crisis things will get back on track.

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The second-best thing about Pinterest for us is the boards that the clients present us with. It is one thing to have a chat with the client about their expectations for an event. It is quite another when they present you with a Pinterest board. These boards often include the finest details of what a client is looking for. Everything down to the colours of their linens. This gives our sales team a good foundation to build from.

As a supplier, having these virtual mood boards is a blessing. It works brilliantly on two levels. The first is a way to group your own products and present them to a client. The second is to have this mood board handed to you by a client. It instantly communicates what they are looking for.

For those Suppliers that have yet to utilize the platform, we whole heartedly encourage you to do so. We have had a profile for years but in the past year we have really invested time in it and seen the benefits almost immediately. 

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Benefits for Clients

We have the pleasure of working both direct with an end client and working with event agencies. Both groups commonly use Pinterest.

Event Agencies use Pinterest in much the same as a supplier does. Highlighting products and packages they can offer from their preferred suppliers. Pinterest is a great shorthand for an event planner to use. Taking that meeting with a client is made simply by bringing out the iPad and showing them your ideas on the company Pinterest page. It even gives them the option of working directly with the client. Both the client and agent can set up a board jointly and work together on it. Bringing in ideas together and working collaboratively to make a board for an upcoming event.

End Client:

For the end client, Pinterest is a great starting point. Whether it is the tentative first steps of picking a theme or doing some initial research into venues, Pinterest is a valuable tool. Looking first at the initial theme, this gives a client a chance to explore their options. If they are working in a committee, it is a handy reference point that can be shared amongst colleagues. Once a theme is settled upon, clients can do a deeper mine into Pinterest and pick out the approach they want to take to their theme.

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As touched upon briefly, Pinterest can be a great way to explore a venue. With millions of images uploaded daily, images of your favourite venues are bound to feature. Getting these candid shots of the venue is a great way to get a true sense of what the venue looks like both dressed/undressed for the party. You may even come across reviews and notes which again strengthen your sense of what the venue offers. The same with suppliers, you can ‘pin’ a favourite table centre and then click through to find who supplies it.

A great tool and often unknown tool that Pinterest offers is a search function done through an image reference. Have an image of something but you want to see other variants or even the original source? Upload the image into the Pinterest Search and the website will cross reference it’s library to find you the best matches!

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The Wrap Up

Our love of Pinterest is now well documented. We hope that this blog has done one of two things. For those not aware of Pinterest, we hope it has stoked your interest and that you are rushing to build your own profile. For those who have used Pinterest previously, we hope this draws you back and gets you ‘pinning’ with gusto!

We will continue to grow and nurture our Pinterest page, so we encourage you to keep an eye on our Pinterest Boards. With new products added almost weekly, there will be something from the world of Table Art to excite you.

Looking for more? Contact our team today. We are ready and waiting to deliver your next event!


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