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Table Art Event in Sharp Focus: Sneak Peak

A Table Art event- fit for P.T Barnum himself

A sneak peak behind the curtain of a recent Table Art event.

The Greatest Showman event theme shows absolutely no sign of slowing down in terms of its popularity. Why would it? Most importantly, with it’s vibrant style and positive messaging, its a much needed tonic. Especially in today’s uncertain times.

The Ultimate Party Theme

Therefore our own range of circus themed centres is ever growing to accommodate the demand. Here we take a look at a recent event that chose our Umbrella Table centres to illuminate the festivities.


Beyond the table centres, we also have an unrivaled selection of props and styling that’s well worth a look!

The Red and White Umbrella Table Centres proved to the perfect choice. Because the colours partnered perfectly with the draping, guests got the big top feeling. No small feat when the venue was a luxury boutique hotel!
recent table art event

Vibrant Choices

The Landmark London gave guests a chance to feel like they had stepped directly into the movie. With jaw-dropping performances, elegant draping and our own dramatic centrepieces, the Landmark was transformed!
Seven Events are always a delight to work with and here on this Showman Event, they really outdid themselves. Delivering this exceptional experience for The Alpha Club, As a result guests will talk about the Awards for years to come.


So then, with Charlotte Reah of Seven Events leading the booking for this Table Art event and kindly got in touch post event: “Just wanted to say a huge thank you and the boys for everything”. Read her full review below:

First Class Service

Best in the Business!


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Table Art for the past 6 years and it really is, always, a pleasure.

From the quality of their products, to their wonderful team based in the head office and on site, they really are a leader in the industry and I look forward to working with them over the years to come.

Charlotte Reah 22nd July 2019

“The noblest art is that of making others happy” – P.T. Barnum. A motto we take to heart here at Table Art. Thus we put everything in to delivering top class service at a Table Art Event.

Table Centres that make all the difference! 

Accordingly our own range of circus themed centres are ever growing to accommodate the demand. Therefore, designs such as the Umbrellas are proving to be the perfect choice for a circus party. Here we take a look at a recent event that chose our Umbrella Table centres to illuminate the festivities.
Besides that, performances are a great way to add excitement to a corporate event. Therefore it should be on an Event planners priority list. Including table centres and decoration *wink wink.


To begin with, London is a natural hub performers, the scope of whats available is truly breathtaking. Not sure where to start? For example, why not contact the venue manager and see what performances or entertainment they can recommend.  In addition to a great performance,  you have the added bonus of the artist knowing the venue.

Finally, keeping up to date with the latest Table Art event is easy! Most importantly, the team update the website daily with all the goings on of the crew. Why not take a look at the table art recent events page, you will be blown away with the varied selection of events we attend.
greatest showman table art
In conclusion, we thank you for taking a look at this recent Table Art Event with a Greatest Showman theme. We hope you enjoyed taking a peak behind the curtain and seeing the inner goings on of the team.


Have your own event coming up? Contact our dedicated team now.

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