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Table Art Dubai – An Event!

Table Art Dubai

Table Art Dubai have been celebrating supplying table centres to an event. Yes, you heard it. An actual real live event with people at it!!

With absolutely zero happening here and still no sign of anything changing, we are delighted that our branch in UAE have finally been able to do what we do best.

Yalla Group based in Dubai have become the first UAE-based technology unicorn to list on the New York Stock Exchange, A fantastic achievement. And one they wanted to celebrate in style.

Table Art Dubai

And, of course, there is nothing more stylish than LED lit flame table centres by Table Art Dubai. The venue looked spectacular and the event was a resounding success.

Well done Table Art Dubai.

Table Art Dubai

Hope for the Future

And this gives us some hope that we will be able to blow off the cobwebs, and have our centrepieces giving joy once again at some point. The events industry does feel bleak at the moment. Christmas is clearly not going to happen for us this year which is of course a huge blow. But seeing Dubai creating a fantastic event has given us all at Table Art Uk a boost. And a feel of hope for 2021.

We can’t wait to see the first booking confirmed. We are taking bets as to what will be the first centrepieces booked for a large event. Will it be flames like Table Art Dubai? Or the ever-popular Ice Melt? I am guessing it will be a Pixel Tube but Clare thinks it will be one of the Lamp range.

Whatever it is, whenever it is, we can’t wait.

Let us know how you are all getting on. Drop us a line with any good news stories you may have. Let all stay positive and look forward to a return for our wonderful industry.

Table Art Dubai

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