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Table Art Design Alert: Ice Point

Table Art Design Alert: Ice Point

A new Table Art Design Alert, Father & Son team strike again to bring a new design to the range:

“When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son.” -Talmud
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Father Like Son…

Inheriting Gary’s creativity, son Joe is a keen craftsman who works primarily with acrylic and forges unique sculptures that are admired globally. Having worked with Table Art for many years- he has created some of our most iconic pieces- most notably the Twisted Flame, Swirl and Coral.
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The Martin men combined their creativity and enthusiasm over the Summer and set to task creating the Ice Point. A centrepiece that combined both sculptural ice elements with easy to adapt branding components, it’s a culmination of weeks of design development and production. As a result, we have another design to add to our range.
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Bringing the Ice Point to Life

Certainly this is not the first time the father and son team have combined their efforts. First of all, Joe was the mastermind behind the Twisted Flame. Originally designed as part of a college project. Consequently, having seen the sculptures at the final show, Gary worked with Joe closely to create a silhouette that would work well as a table centre.  As a result, the Twisted Flame went on to become one of our most popular designs, featuring at prestigious awards ceremonies across the globe.
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Also, for more about how the Ice Point was created, take a look at this blog post:

Ice Pyramid Blog

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Forged in Ice & Acrylic

Huge thank you for providing the frozen…

Huge thank you for providing the frozen tech ice centre pieces for our event 06.06.19. EVERYONE commented on how amazing they were and completely had the wow factor that we was after. looking forward to working with you again in the future

Hayley Aguda June 2019

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Similarly to his father, Joe also shares an immense passion for travel, having just returned from a two-month long trip to the Philippines. Certainly, It was this trip that reinvigorated Joe’s passion for design and meant that on his return, he was keen to fire up the kiln and get sculpting! Likewise, Gary always welcomes that enthusiasm and had plenty of ideas to keep Joe fired up.

Gary Martin: Designer Extraordinaire

While Table Art grows, so do the orders placed with Joe for new designs For that reason, . We are sure that in years to come, the list of his design achievements will be vast. For the latest news from the design studio, keep an eye out for the latest blog posts! As a result, you will never miss new design releases!
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HOT TIP: Looking to brand your table centres? We have customization options on all our table centres. First of all, you have simple branded wraps that can be fitted around the light box. Or for something a little more bespoke, Gary can sketch out options unique to the brand.
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Above all, with Table Art Design Alert – we make sure every client knows when a new design lands. From our weekly newsletters to blogs, anyone who follows Table Art will not miss out on the Alerts. Above all, make sure you sign up and follow us across the platforms to keep informed.
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In conclusion, We thank you for taking a look at this most recent Table Art Alert. Finally, to make sure you don’t miss out, make sure you sign up to our newsletter and follow us across the socials.

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