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Table Art Covid Update: Lockdown Week 7

A Statement from Table Art: Lockdown Week 7

A Look Back At 12 Months Ago:

MD Gary Martin | Dated May 18th 2020:

Welcome back to the Table Art Lockdown Latest on 18th May. This week I thought I would take a look back 12 months ago to the news of May 2019. What mattered then was so different to the news of May 2020.

Most of the news was all about Brexit of course. It was what dominated the news every day. Brexit talks between Labour and Conservative ended without agreement. Jeremy Corbyn said “Negotiations had gone as far as they can.” To be honest most of us were completely fed up with hearing about it.

It was May last year when Theresa May announced she would stand down from her post as Prime Minister. It was also May when Boris confirmed that he would run for leadership of the Conservative Party.

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Away from Politics:

♦ The Jeremy Kyle show came to a sudden end after the death of a participant.

♦ Jamie Oliver’s restaurant group went into administration.

♦ British Steel Limited entered insolvency.

♦ The UK came last in Eurovision.

On a more cheery note, the Duchess of Sussex gave birth to a new royal baby, Archie.

12 Months On…

This May, the only news we are really hearing is the latest Covid 19 news. Of course, we need to keep up with the latest information. Each snippet of news could impact our future health and business. Yesterday saw the lowest number of deaths in the UK since the day after the lockdown. Although this figure is deceptively low (the Sunday and Monday figures are always lower due to the way the numbers are collected at the weekends), we can still see the positives in this.. With Sunday’s toll at 170, the numbers are definitely coming down.

I have read a few articles this week that all have positive vibes. Of course we don’t know which ones are completely factually correct but there are some positives. We are told that the antibodies test is coming very soon. The test is ready to go and the government are just negotiating the financial side of things. This will help considerably, particularly if we know that people who have already had Covid-19 are unlikely to be infected again. We also have heard news that there may be a vaccine ready by September. Other reports dispute that it will be available so soon but this does give a glimmer of hope that the event industry may be able to get going by the end of the year.

It is now possible for anyone over the age of 5 showing symptoms to book a test. And with the new contact tracing about to start, it is really feeling like we may just get on top of things.

Table Art

12 months ago, the Table Art offices were buzzing. We were busy manufacturing new table centres for hire, preparing deliveries and taking new orders. See the picture above for just one of our May events last year when we installed Pixel Tubes to Heythrop Park. Today Table Art is closed. But we know it won’t be too long before we are back. And honestly we can’t wait!

Stay safe!

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